A Big Thank You To Porners Who Have Helped

I got a nice email today from heather, the student writing the book as a part of her PhD , she told me that my readers had really kept her busy, that she has been doing 4 interviews a day and has even been invited on set.

This is good and its a great thing for us as an industry to do because it lets people from the outside see that despite the few scumbags here and there we are mostly good people, it humanizes us to an audience that usually considers us to be sub human.  We are all a bit wary of the mainstream press,  many times we have been bitten by people with agendas, but in reaching out and helping students, academia and even mainstream press it mostly helps us because they get to see that in the end we really arent all that different.

Heather didn’t say it but I would bet when all of this is said and done she steps away from it with a very different view than she had when she came into it, particularly when it comes to performers.

So thanks y’all for trusting my judgement and opening your lives up a little bit to Heather, no matter what happens, in the end it’ll be good for us.

87180cookie-checkA Big Thank You To Porners Who Have Helped

A Big Thank You To Porners Who Have Helped

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  1. What you do IS different…who you are…isn’t much different than any other community…——– have of mean spirited gossipers too 🙂

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