Unintended Consequences 2

In a letter sent by industry attorney he is asking the adult community to write letters to the judge on Max Hardcore’s behalf.

That is a very risky move and not a very intelligent one as more than one person has already used the address given to write the judge telling her that the industry despises Max and those like him, that they don’t consider Max to even be a part of our industry.

Personally I like Paul Little OK, he has always been cool to me.  I don’t like his movies and have been outspoken about the industry letting the likes of him and Rob Black choose our battles for us.

But at the same time I don’t like this whole obscenity thing, I don’t think Max should go to jail for obscenity. Period. Now if they wanted to charge Max with assault and battery, rape, sexual assault let them make that case but obscenity is a nebulous term and in this day and age shouldn’t even be a crime.

Maybe it is karma for Max but it still stinks.

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Unintended Consequences 2

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  1. Jeffery Douglas seems to think he has some sort of a voice for the industry. If hes effective as hes been with the FSC…then Max might as well ask for Xmas cards to be mailed.

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