AIDS Healthcare Foundation Complains To CAL-OSHA

AIDS Healthcare foundation is vowing to “never stop pushing” for condom use in porn and today they are filing complaints with CAL-OSHA against the following companies:

Anarchy Films Chatsworth, CA
Backend Productions Chatsworth, CA
Blue Pictures N. Hollywood, CA
Critical X (also: Unplugged/Critical X and Raw Flesh) Canoga Park, CA
Hustler Video (also: All Media Play/LFP Video) Beverly Hills, CA
Heatwave Entertainment Sherman Oaks, CA
Immoral Productions Chatsworth, CA
Latin Media Chatsworth, CA
Legend Chatsworth, CA
Mayhem Chatsworth, CA
Maverick Entertainment N. Hollywood, CA
Raw Flesh (Critical X) Canoga Park, CA
Sin City Chatsworth, CA
Top Dog/Magnum Productions Chatsworth, CA
Vivid Entertainment Los Angeles and Van Nuys, CA
Club Jenna (distributed by Vivid) Los Angeles, CA

There have been some moronic comments to the press like this one from Steve Hirsch: ” The industry has done an admirable job of policing itself”.  Ya right Steve, sure thing.

While I don’t think the industry deserves much more credit than to call AIM The Three Stooges HIV testing Center I do have a problem with the ideology here.

That being that government can take care of you better than you can take care of yourself.  This whole condom use in porn thing is just a facade, I mean lets face it, it has been tried and tried and it doesn’t work. partially because the consumer doesn’t want it but more importantly it is because the performers don’t want it, and guess what AHF, OSHA and the rest of you..THEY HAVE THAT RIGHT.

This becomes an encroachment on the civil rights of the performers involved. You can’t blanketly say that everyone must use condoms….what about a husband and wife team with a website that only do each other?  Does CAL-OSHA have any business in this arrangement?

The answer is testing, disclosure and education, then the performer makes his/her choices. Sadly as an industry we lack all three of those components.

28800cookie-checkAIDS Healthcare Foundation Complains To CAL-OSHA

AIDS Healthcare Foundation Complains To CAL-OSHA

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2 Responses

  1. I am really out of the loop on everything AIM. I need to do some reading because I always thought they were pretty good about being helpful, yet I read a lot of negative feedback concerning the organization. People should definitely have the right to choose. Yep. I need to read more about them.

  2. What is it about a bad economy that seems to unite the lawyers, goody-goody activists and bible-thumpers?

    Mike, you may not remember me, but I’m the guy who flew to Atlanta from L.A. just to take part in the Karina Bukkake. Call it a mid-life crisis, but I was bored with my “normal guy” life and just happened to find your site…the rest is history.

    Anyway, after Karina I was emboldened to seek out other opportunities for my “inner degenerate” and hooked on with several shoots for the “American Bukkake” series…This inexplicably led to a couple amateur shoots after that. My point in this is that I hoped someday to publish my adventures into an entertaining blog or memoir …. but I have a strong feeling that I’m gonna have to call it “The Last Days of Porn Valley.”

    This is real … I recently spoke with Dan, the head of “Immoral Productions.” He believes it’s real and he’s more pissed at his fellow producers than at OSHA. Last week OSHA held a hearing and invited all the studios from your list to attend and give their side….Dan was the only one to show up.

    Sure, there was a time when porn was a “bulletproof” cash-cow for the City of L.A…but the simple fact is that cow is not as plump and productive as she once was..and you don’t have to be from Wisconsin to know what happens to a former blue-ribbon winner once her production dries up..

    Another thing that no one seems to understand is that most Californians outside of L.A. couldn’t care less about L.A. tax revenue. To the ultra-conservatives, porn is “immoral.” To the Nancy Pelosi liberals, porn is “demeaning to women.” Meanwhile, OSHA is just another bureaucracy trying to justify its existence (and fat budget) by going after a high-profile target.

    Porn Valley has survived assaults from the ultra-conservatives and the ultra-liberals separately, but those two differing sides have joined together to combat a greater straw-man…And the government is all too happy to accept their support and increase their cancerous encroachment into private lives on their behalf.

    This is real. The blood is in the water. Read your history…The mindset that precedes the fall of every Empire is “we can get away with doing the same old thing, we just need to work a bit harder at it.”

    By the time everyone involved takes a moment to stop focusing only on their own profit, I have a feeling it’ll be way too late… Just like Cars, Steel and Computers you’re gonna start seeing more porn made overseas and a lot of idiots are gonna say to themselves “now how’d THAT happen?”

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