Kid Vegas Makes the News:

(Chatsworth December 31) Slain Wayne says despite many warnings from friends and industry insiders regarding Kid Vegas’ bad reputation, he tried to be the nice guy and help him out. We all know what happens to nice guys:

That’s exactly what happened today in a Chatsworth courtroom as Kid Vegas sued the Sub-Vision Films producer/director/editor but the case was dismissed. “So many people tried to warn me and I didn’t listen,” said a victorious but humble Slain Wayne. “All I can do is hope they can forgive me.”

Kid Vegas claimed a Breach of Contract but the courts ruled otherwise. Although defeated in this case, Kid Vegas has vowed to bring an even bigger lawsuit against Slain Wayne in the near future. “Maybe it’s time to set up a Slain Wayne Defense Fund because when I got home he left me a message saying he had a better lawyer waiting and was going to make me pay a lot of money in a future case,” said Slain Wayne. “Considering all the warnings I had from people I know, it doesn’t surprise me that Kid Vegas is trying to bite the hand that fed and took care of him. Again, all I can do is apologize to all the people I should have listened to.”

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Kid Vegas Makes the News:

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