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I will refrain from commenting, personally I see both sides of this argument here, it comes down to whether or not you see this as a proper function of government.

Of course it doesn’t matter because the law is now on the books and it aint going anywhere so arguments about it are moot.

Heres the video link


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Kayden On Stossel

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  1. Kayden Kross made good agrument but have say other side made points to. Had wonder lawyer who used made mistake of tell Kayden how shame she should be in porn instead of stay in issue health safty condoms in porn which caused her lose debate.Kayden one debate became when lawyer turn kind turn in Shelley Lubben.

  2. “The government is supposed to protect us.”

    EXCUSE ME?! They’re doing a bang up job of it…yeah just look at how the FDA protects us from all those unsafe drugs on the market. they slap a warning label on them and give them to us along with a msg that OUR DOCTORS have weighed the hazards and decided this drug was safer than our medical problems. What a load of shit. Yeah our government really cares.

    And what in the world does “violent porn” have to do with condoms?!

  3. Ok that “four dead people” comment in which Kayden replied, “they’re not dead. I know them” was downright hilarious. Great to see that woman had all her facts straight.

  4. Kayden made some mistakes she told lawyer she knew lot porn stars that alive happy have Hiv in porn. Kayden fail say those porn star days in porn indusrty over there live might soon not very happy about it have hiv . There other mistake Kayden kind down play sexually STD what they are which did go over well one might think. Some respect she became for spokes person why AHF gone push for more condom use in porn.The lawyer call on fact 20 to 30 days of porn indusrty testing has fail stop some have become infect with hiv from give to those who do not have it. Kayden got very quite about who porn lawyer insider was did ask her who person was state facts she useing againts Kayden. Lawyer did some thing right when she pin down Kayden on question why was there rise sexually base std in main stream porn how come porn indusrty is testing stop spread of them.Lawyer made her share mistakes like being not able tell who where four people got hiv in porn. Other mistake try shame on you argument which never works in porn. Far debate go short one do not how Kayden would handle debate with some one like Michele Weinstein. Porn was loser in debate becuase like Mike all ready said condom law on books all ready debate how enforces it.

  5. I read somewhere that some porn producers intend to shoot scenes in Arizona this week – essentially threatening to move the industry from Southern California across the border. If so, it will create an interesting challenge for Arizona Republicans, who are among the most conservative in the country, during an election year in which that party is debating coverage for birth control and Santorum has said it wouldn’t bother him if states outright banned birth control. Do they embrace jobs in porn? Or do they regulate the industry like California?

  6. My gripe was with the statement that it’s “the government’s job to protect us.” that’s the same load of shit that has seen us losing all of our personal freedoms in the country one by one by one.

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