Is Hussie Models @hussiemodels recruiting UNDERAGE GIRLS?!!!!! It wouldn’t be the first time

You would think we could make it a whole 24 hours without having to write another story about the shenanigans of Hussie Models, but that isn’t the case.

Scarlet de Sade tweeted out a message accusing Hussie Models of recruiting underage girls.

Just had to block every single anything associated with Hussie Models. I’m all for freedom to choose but the fact they very clearly vetted a girl before she turned 18 (on 6/19/19) and already had her on their agency shooting basically that day fuck that. And she’s 7 mo pregnant.

I’m not saying she doesn’t get to make her own decisions or that because she’s pregnant it’s bad I’m saying for them to scout out a girl clearly in a tough situation and have her lined up before she even turns 18!!!! THAT is disgusting. Fuck that shit. People Like them…they are the reason for girls continuously ending up dead in our industry. They’re a HUGE reason society looks down on our industry. And to be clear, this isnt to shame the girl she deserves her own path and opportunity in this biz but it just shows a lot about them

However, this is not the first time Riley Reynolds of Hussie Models has been accused of such a thing. In fact, some believe that it was actually Riley Reynolds that recruited a then 17-year-old Holly Hendrix, back when he was working with East Coast Talent, prior to starting his own agency.

There is also some evidence that Hussie Models spoke to and eventually recruited a male talent who at the time was 6 months from his 18th birthday. Even if the talent in question didn’t do any porn until after he turned 18, it’s just one more piece of evidence to prove they lied. Because in his denial he said they have never represented or spoken to any minors about work in the adult industry.

Then there is Lenna Lux. She has provided proof to the Florida Labor Board that she was contacted by Hussie Models BEFORE SHE WAS 18.

So there is yet more proof that Hussie Models lied. They have in fact spoke to models PRIOR TO THEM TURNING 18!

The question is, did he do it this time? That isn’t so clear.

Indica Monroe is the young, pregnant performer in question. Yes, she is in fact 7 months pregnant.

Was she 17 at the time she first spoke to anyone from Hussie Models? She claims no. But that being said, it’s also in her best interest to lie.

There are also now some questioning where some of the video clips she is selling on ManyVids were shot prior to her 18th birthday, making those “child porn”.

She created her Twitter account on June 19th, at which time she offered her first video for sale on ManyVids where she claims she is “barely 18”. If she was in fact 18 that means she shot the video, edited it, created her accounts and uploaded it all in one day.

Doesn’t seem likely.

As far as Hussie Models goes, you would have to be an idiot to do business with them.

“A public records request from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office reveals the agent accrued at least eighteen criminal charges, including multiple counts of criminal mischief, burglary of an unoccupied structure, and grand theft.”

That right there tells you everything you need to know about the man who runs Hussie Models.

Is his new partner in crime “Ryan” even better? Perhaps we need to start looking into him and find out.



482410cookie-checkIs Hussie Models @hussiemodels recruiting UNDERAGE GIRLS?!!!!! It wouldn’t be the first time

Is Hussie Models @hussiemodels recruiting UNDERAGE GIRLS?!!!!! It wouldn’t be the first time

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11 Responses

  1. What? No comments? A prego who just turns 18 years old is ok with everyone? Even the porn industry has standards to go by if they are legit. This Riley guy seems like a real amateur and his posse. He needs to get a job at a car wash instead. Fast food joints wouldn’t accept him.

  2. Attention female and TS performers be sure to have your rape whistles while Near Riley and associates.

  3. I think someone would need more than a rape whistle when around Riley Reynolds, a gun and several clips full of bullets would be more appropriate. He likes to tie chicks up, lock them in dog cages then go looking for Peruvian Nose Powder and primo LSD laced weed for several hours, leaving the poor girl (in this case Charlotte Cross) tied up and locked in a dog cage all alone during that time. Riley also seems to like fucking guys up the ass (as a picture on this very site shows clearly) while his fuck buddy has his dick in an 18 year old virgin chick’s holes. That makes me wonder if he likes to do the same thing he did to Char Cross to guys as well. It should be noted that he is also accused of coercing an 18 year old mentally retarded boy into letting him and his friends suck his dick at minimum (and is strongly suspected of doing a lot worse to the kid), the kid’s mother was finally able to rescue him after several weeks of (essentially) raping the poor kid. I would love to see what bribes Riley and his friends had to pay to judges, cops, prosecuting attorneys, etc. to get out of that one. I bet their bribe budget for a single year would support me for the rest of my life and leave enough money left over to put my nieces and nephews through to their terminal (usually doctoral) degrees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I assume you did not mean “clips” as in clips for sale content right ?

    Seriously though the situation is significantly far worse than this article puts it. What about the 18 year old boy Riley personally recruited who is so seriously mentally challenged that he is functioning at a mind of a 12 yr old certified.
    Whats Riley do ? Pimps out the poor lad from Orlando to Big Bear California where he had things done to him in a cabin.

    I know most would have a difficult time digesting this dose of truth. Take comfort in this truth.
    Many knows it.
    A few female talents walked off set it was so weird.

    There is more but eh .
    It will come out in the wash or worse the rinse cycle

  5. Billy, this site already has more than one article up about the mentally retarded boy Riley pimped out (and probably fucked). If reporters rehashed everything about Riley (who appears to be mentally retarded himself — and not in the “special” way) articles would be ten pages long. Riley deserves to go to a Federal Prison and Ass Fuck Center, I hope he eventually gets that treatment. I wish producers could morally just not do business with Riley and Hussie Models but that would punish his models more than him so producers are essentially forced to do business with his skanky, rapey, chester ass — especially Florida producers because he is essentially the only game in town there unless you want to fly in all of your talent. Frankly, if Hussie Models got shut down Florida producers would be fucked in more ways than one!

  6. Even more disgusting than this cockroach is the industry as a whole which enables him to continue repping talent.

  7. Hop, as you already know it is nearly impossible for a producer or director not to deal with Hussie — especially if you are looking for “fresh off the bus” talent or produce scenes in Florida. As much as I don’t like Riley Reynolds, if you refuse to deal with him you are punishing his talent more than him. The fucker even has a California talent agency license (I checked a few weeks ago). What do you propose to run Riley out of the business that doesn’t punish his talent more than him?

  8. Mharris The Talents would just move on to another agency should Riley be ran out of town with license revoked papers

    Something is happening here Hussie Models the agency is in his Lawyers name now.

  9. Prior to working for and scamming East Coast Talent John. Riley Reynolds only job was working at Out Back as a dish washer.
    He certainly has moved up in the world.

  10. Matthew Harris: the talent should be punished (your word) for dealing with a worm with a rap sheet a mile long. If Reynolds is removed from the industry any model he repped can find themselves a new agent, go independent, or leave the business. Who gives a shit about girls who care so little about researching agents they end up with Reynolds.

  11. I would like to see Riley Reynolds’ California talent agency license revoked but what 18 year old deserves to be penalized for not doing research? That skill (evidently) isn’t taught until university nowadays, these girls simply don’t know how to research anything. Also, since he is licensed in California at least for that state (IIRC) talent are stuck in their contracts until Riley can’t get them a single job in four months. He will manage that just in “collector” jobs for these poor souls. They might be free to self-book or find a legitimate agent for Florida and Nevada jobs which may or may not sustain them (I am not aware of how that would work in those states and what the escape clause for those under unlicensed agency contracts there states or in the case of Nevada if they even license talent agencies although I am told that Derek Hay has some sort of license there, it could be a temporary employer agency license to cover his ass if someone went after him under that area of law, I know Shy Love had a temp employer license in Nevada for a while under her former agency name).

    Also, Hop, from what I can ascertain, you are a movie producer and director yourself. Are you going to tell me that you will not book any Hussie Models talent for your movies? Also, if your friend and part-time employer whose first name starts with “J” (or her boss, I will leave full names out of this because that would identify Hop’s nom de porn immediately, I realize that site policy does not require me to do so unless it is also his legal name but I will be kind enough to extend that courtesy to Hop) hires some young, fresh talent from Hussie Models are you going to tell her to fire the relevant talent or walk off set yourself, leaving her without a key crew person? If that is in the affirmative, you are either a much better or much worse man than I depending on how a person looks at this situation.

    As for Hussie being in Riley’s attorney’s name, that is concerning. There is either some scam job going on (probably to get that Florida license that Riley himself cannot get due to having 696969696969696969696969696969 felonies on his rap sheet) or the attorney has seized the agency because Riley didn’t pay him. I hope it is the latter, that would likely put the agency in more honest hands quickly and make this whole argument moot. Also, I guess if Riley has dishwasher experience (and in HGW he pointed out several restaurants and a car wash he had worked at) he might actually find a job if he loses his illegitimate (in 49 states) talent agency and somehow doesn’t end up someone’s bitch in a Florida maximum security prison, forced blow job, gangland dentistry ass fuck and prolapse center (with a gang banger knocking his front teeth down his gay ass throat after he tries not to suck his “owner’s” dick and swallow every last drop),. At least Riley has experience in gay sex (as a picture on this very site shows) so he won’t be completely confused during his first night in Hardee Prison, Forced Blow Job, Gangland Dentistry, Ass Fuck and Prolapse Center in Bowling Green, Florida. I hope you really love the dick, Riley Reynolds. You will get more than your fill at Hardee Prison!

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