Reader mail: Was Holly Hendrix underage when she met her agent?

I got an email from a reader today about John O’Bryne from East Coast Talent and his rising star Holly Hendrix who was Best New Starlet at this year’s AVN Awards.

But was Holly Hendrix underage when she first entered the business?

Mike man, I don’t get why nobody is talking about the real Holly Hendrix story. It’s great that she won best new starlet and all, but the REAL story is that when she first met her agent John O’Bryne she was only 17 years old.

Rumor is, when they met she was under age, he took the photos of her when she was 17, making her underage at the time and technically making the pics child porn.

These were the photos he put up on his website and send out to producers to book her work once she turned 18. She even kinda talked about it in an interview she did.

Holly Hendrix

I’ve heard this rumor for months now, but I could never track down who the girl was. Specifically, I heard someone got hit up by their agent before they were 18. The agent took photos of the girl when she was underage and sat on them until her 18th birthday. I didn’t expect it to be John O’Bryne, from East Coast Talent (if this rumor is true). I would have bet money on it being Riley Reynolds from Hussie Models.

The original person who did the interview has since edited out that part of the story, but we got the screenshot of what she really said when the story first got posted.



153870cookie-checkReader mail: Was Holly Hendrix underage when she met her agent?

Reader mail: Was Holly Hendrix underage when she met her agent?

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  1. Anyone can anonymously report talent agencies for licensing violations in the state of Florida here:

    If your wondering if an agency is violating Florida Law, Check out the handbook here:

    Furthermore, Companies like Hussie Models, East Coast, and Black Rose are all unlicensed by the state of Florida and operate illegally out of Florida. A California license is not sufficient to book work in or from Florida. Florida Law States: “A person may not own, operate, solicit business, or otherwise engage in or carry on the occupation of a talent agency in this state unless the person first procures a license for the talent agency from the department.” and “a person may not advertise or otherwise hold herself or himself out as a “talent agency” or “talent agent” unless the person is licensed under this section as a talent agency.”

    Hopefully this information can help some people. I’m also curious if anyone reading this has reported or knows of someone who has reported any adult talent agency to the state of Florida?

    Also, as lawsuits between agents and performers increase, it seems that if an agent took a fee for work and they are based in Florida, or booked work in Florida and took a fee while not being licensed in Florida, like those mentioned above, that models may be able to sue for the return of those illegally obtained agency fees plus perhaps much more.

  2. She was so smart she went to college early and dropped out after 2 years and ended up in porn as soon as she turned 18? Its a wonder her parents didn’t have heart attacks.

  3. Karma, it is possible Holly attended a small school (maybe a one-room schoolhouse), worked at her own pace and competed her elementary education early (at least in my area the township schools were first through eighth grade — not first through fifth or sixth as is common today), putting her in high school at about age 12. Note that this is conjecture, I am not knowledgeable about Holly’s childhood. This was relatively common in my area before the one-room township schoolhouses closed in 1967-1968. I don’t know where Holly was raised or attended school but that could explain why she graduated HS and attended university at 16.

    As for Holly having pornographic pictures shot when she was 17 that is illegal under federal law (assuming the pics were actually pornographic). I don’t think someone is incapable of making the decision to shoot porn at that age (actually I think adulthood should start at age 16) but under current law that would make her agent and the photographer (again, assuming the pics are nude, topless or with her crotch naked) liable under this country’s child porn law. I don’t know if the agent just discussing the industry with Holly at age 17 would be prosecutable or not, I think that would depend on the content of the conversation. However, in the current political environment discussing entering porn with a 17 year old is probably unwise.

  4. Isn’t this the same agent that repped the 15 year old little black girl who shot a porno for some company in florida?

    How is this creep still around?

  5. wtf? How is this agent allowed to still be in business? how are the cops not in on this man?

  6. Yes I remember hearing about this John O’Bryne from East Coast Talent who represented a 15 year old girl who actually completed a full porn scene. Shortly there after the production company paid her. Several years later now over eighteen years old she is talking again and giving interviews. She names John O’Bryne as taking her to the set . She now has a baby.

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