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Y’know, it’s gonna take me a while to sort through my “TAKE” on this story, but I feel joy right now.

Times have changed in 20-30 years in the office and workplace, for the better I hope. That’s subject to anyone’s experience.  Can’t stand liars, they’re still around. Can’t stand sexual harassment either, I hope it’s lessened. Hate discrimination. How’s the diversity where I work?


But this has GOT to be the most arrogant bunch of deserving scoundrels to come down the pike in a generation. Real Dick Cheney outfit.

I know: they kept inflation in check, made more goods affordable to more low and middle income people that any retailer or politician could dream of. They singlehandedly reinvented retail, made zillions of bucks for employees and stockholders, blah blahed the blah blah, blah blahblahblah.

I hate going in their stores, my heart sinks when I see ANOTHER GODDAMNED RETAIL DEVELOPMENT ANCHORED BY A WAL MART!! And delight in the slightest comeuppance.

So you go little man, you sell that stuff to the highest bidder, the most vehement litigant, the most politically motivated wacko chasing a payday out of these rapscallions. I’ll dress like a cheerleader on the pavement outside the courthouse.  Whether it’s your court date OR NOT!

There’s a Holiday Inn bar in every town with the sodden road peddlers muttering about the boss getting a phone call from Wal Mart wanting to know if the commission of the sales staff can be cutout; a company guy! There’s an empty brick building in every town that used to manufacture something, but that’s’ gone now. They got orders, half through production and Wal Mart calls and wants price concessions or they’ll cancel. And that AIN’T a myth or a story.

In China, they don’t care if the zinc wash flows out into the street where their kids play.

This here, boys and girls, is old news. And it’s not Michael Moore fantasy.

And how about those part time/full time hours?  Hummmm… ?

We WILL be entertained by these videos, we’ll learn a lot about this outfit, the individuals who worked there and behaved this way.


So be HAPPY shareholders! Show up at the annual meeting and look them in the eye. 

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Wal Mart meeting videos

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