Vice Industry Token Launches Touchit.Social

While everyone is busy talking about Tumblr banning porn as of next week, Vice Industry Token (VIT) announced the launch of their new social media blogging platform TouchIt.Social.

It works a lot like Tumblr in that you can blog about whatever you want, the only difference is unlike Tumblr, TouchIt.Social actually pays the people who post on their website with cryptocurrency.

Long story short, if fans read your blog posts and like it (by giving it an upvote) you earn Vice Industry Token (which is a cryptocurrency) which you can then sell for cash, just like you can with BitCoin.

If you click here you’ll see that I made a post about porn star Stephanie West. At the very very bottom of the post it shows that so far I’ve earned 1,043.98 VIT for that post, which is from 2 different votes. Basically, my post got 2 likes and it earned me 1,043.98 VIT. Which at the current value of VIT means I made about $3 for making that post.

Obviously, I’m not going to become a millionaire overnight with this, but hey, where else can you say you made a blog post and someone paid you $3 for it? Not Tumblr that’s for damn sure!

You can find me on TouchIt @kelli.

313400cookie-checkVice Industry Token Launches Touchit.Social

Vice Industry Token Launches Touchit.Social

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