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Joe Christ makes bad movies. Movies about girls who get off on cutting themselves and girls who enjoy drinking the blood (Communion in Room 410). Movies about “repressed memory” flashbacks (Amy Strangled a Small Child). Movies about men with no dicks and girls who enjoy fucking them (Sex Blood & Mutilation). Joe Christ also makes movies about Amish men who kidnap women and use them as “breeding stock.” Well, that’s the subject of his most recent flick, My Struggle, which was shot in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where he used local genetic mishaps as unpaid “extras.”

… from December 22, 1999 Joe Christ hung up his punk rock career in 1988 (aside from his occasional band, Bigger Than God) to pick up a camera, when a film student friend gave him all his old equipment. “I discovered quickly that being a ‘touring filmmaker’ was a lot more newsworthy, as far as the papers and other media were concerned,” Christ says. Since then, he has been terrorizing the small theater and club scenes with movies that he not only directs, but that he writes and composes all the music for.

His movies are usually described as “sick” or “immoral,” and Sex Blood & Mutilation in particular has been known to cause grown men to faint while viewing it. The sight of a real-life castrated penis may have something to do with this. It’s also the movie that gained him the most notoriety, thanks to the obsessive “serial MetaJournalism” of Mark Kramer. Kramer claims that Christ was himself the (anonymous) emasculated star, which Christ strenuously denies.

Christ’s movies are available online. He is married to horror writer Nancy A. Collins (Sunglasses After Dark and Swamp Thing) and they now make their home in Atlanta with their Boston terrier Scrapple.

For his official website go here!

5230cookie-checkBy Eve Rings in Scope Magazine:

By Eve Rings in Scope Magazine:

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