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John Asks:
What did you consider your hottest scene?  I mean who turned you on the most and it was hard to hold out for the length scene?
What was your best of list? (BJ, anal, sexiest chick, best on screen partner?)  No holding back to protect friends or saying someone was the best just because you’re good friends with them.

I realize that this is purely subjective and I can say with honesty that they have all been good and better but lets address the real standouts:
Hottest Scene: For me was with Karina Sinclair, she was the Sin City contract girl and she moved here to Atlanta.  She had decided to get her feet wet in porn again and contacted me (we have been friends a long time).  She would ask me to come over and shoot content with her and it didn’t take but a couple of times before I realized that she was doing this as much because she liked the all day sex marathons as anything.  We did a lot of improvising but one scene stood out as intensely erotic to me.  We had shot some solo stuff and she wanted to do boy/girl, this was not uncommon but this day it was just she and I and we were just going with the flow so she took the camera from me and started shooting herself as we took turns making her squirt, which she is well known for. We passed the camera back and forth and I would film her as she would ride my cock in a cow girl position or whatever and bring herself to these body shaking orgasms, feeling her cum on my cock like that over and over was insanely erotic, she took the camera from me and said lets do a facial and she filmed herself taking a facial from me. What made it so hot was that we really quit performing and just started playing, having fun….So thats the stand out scene.  It will be available on on friday.  and Im not hyping it just to be hyping it it really is the hottest thing I ever shot, at least for me.
The second stand out scene was at a real rave party in Tampa Florida with Sana Fey.  She and I shot a full on sex scene at an open to the public rave, right in front of God and everybody.  Robby D told me that seeing that scene was his inspiration to get into porn. In all honesty though that scene was work, I was very proud of it and my crew for pulling it off but it wasn’t something that i got lost in the sex, I had to be on top of my game the whole time.  It came out in Mike South’s Georgia Peaches from Elegant Angel.
The best blowjob is a toss up Midori was the first girl in my life to ever completely deep throat me, some years later Anastasia Blue did it and took it to a whole new level, she was the first girl I had ever seen intentionally gag herself with a cock and it was her first porn scene ever….
Best anal and best on screen partner was probably Midori, she and I had a chemistry that came across well enough to get us nominated for best couples sex scene by AVN, she was also the first black girl I ever had anal sex with.
The all around most beautiful/sexiest would have to have been Paulina (one of the two wives I had at once) she was everything I had wet dreams about. She was 6 feet tall and a total glamor puss, very feminine and had no limits.
Wow that one was a trip down memory lane…..

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Ask any Question 11

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