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Ask a Question 13

from Richard:  If you could be the Donald Trump of porn who would you like say these words to… your fired??? Who be on your list of  people you see

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Ask us a Question 12

Okay, since I’m impressed with your other answers (and my wife says I have to make new friends to ask these questions to)  I have one for you.  : ) It

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Ask any Question 11

John Asks: What did you consider your hottest scene?  I mean who turned you on the most and it was hard to hold out for the length scene? What was your best of list?

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Ask me a Question 10

From detrol: Do u know what ever happened to Jake Steed? He seemed to be doing well in the early 2000’s when he was producing his line of videos and

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Dirty D Jailed

Tampa – Officials have arrested a third man they say was involved in filming a nude 17-year-old girl who simulated a sex act. Michael Allen Storm, also known as “Dirty

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Ask any Question 9

From Steve Hardeman: How far east can you go before you’re heading west? This ones too easy east and west and every other direction is relative to where you are

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Ask a Question 8

MHarris Asks:  If you were to gain ownership of AIM and Talent Testing Service, what would you do to improve them (besides fire “Dr.” Mitchell)? Hey who said you could

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Ask a Question 7

from PornLife:  If you woke up impotent and even Viagra didn’t work, what would you do (ie, keep doing porn…)? Well for starters I’d spend a lot less money and

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