Is The FSC Making Money Off of Testing…It Appears That They Are

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A few weeks back we talked about the performer who fell through the cracks. This performer was working for Kink and tested through an FSC-approved facility called STD Status. A few days after he tested and in the midst of last year’s moratorium, the performer received an email with an attachment containing LabCorp test results indicating he had tested positive for HIV. The tests were paid for by Kulbersh Health Screening Services out of Columbia, South Carolina and the email was sent by something called FPK Services. FPK Services is a Texas-based shell corporation owned by a certain Fiyyaz Pirani. Pirani owns several businesses – most of which are complete scams – including STD Status, as well as the similarly named STD Alert and STD Check. STD Status is marketed exclusively towards performers, while STD Check and STD Alert are marketed more for the “general public.”

Fiyyaz Pirani
Fiyyaz Pirani

The STD Status website features the logos of both the Free Speech Coalition and PASS. In addition, STD Status offers a “PASS approved performer testing panel” for an exorbitantly priced $200 bucks. That testing panel includes an HIV RNA test as well as tests for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, trich, and hepatitis A & B. At $200 bucks a pop, twice a month, that adds up – especially if you’re a performer paying for testing out of your own pocket. $200 is especially insane considering AHF basically offers the same services for FREE. So where is that money going?

At the bottom of STD Status’ webpage, there’s a link titled “Affiliate Network” that takes you over to STD Check. The message at the top of the page says, “Joining the Affiliate Program is a great way to turn your website’s traffic into cash. Our high-quality STD tests and reliable support team make our affiliate program the best online. You send traffic our way and we send you a commission on their purchases. It’s effortless.”

Further down the page, under a section titled “It’s Profitable,” the site goes on to say, “A high average order cost and unmatched 50% commission structure means higher profits for you.” According to the site, affiliates receive a generous 50% revenue share with the average order size costing about $200. Coincidentally, a “PASS approved performer testing panel” also costs about $200. Affiliate Program2 Affiliate Program3

An article dated February 27, 2014 and published to explains the Affiliate Program in more detail:

“Our affiliate program is pretty simple. Affiliates send traffic our way and get paid each time one of their visitors purchase STD testing,” said Fiyyaz Pirani, founder and CEO of, in his Houston, Texas office earlier today.

Benefits of joining’s Affiliate Program include an unmatched 50% commission, a continuous tracking system that allows affiliates to maintain and oversee their accounts in real time, and a dedicated account manager to provide creative materials and support. The program also offers discounts, codes, and bonuses for participating affiliates and their visitors.

“We just started the program and we have already had an incredible amount of interest. Our affiliates are enterprising and enthusiastic. People are recognizing that this is a really great way to make money,” said Pirani.

In December of 2012, the Free Speech Coalition announced STD Status as it’s newest PASS-approved testing facility. Diane Duke said at the time, “We are thrilled to be able to offer more options to performers for testing, especially performers that are located outside of the Los Angeles area… It’s exciting to welcome them to the program.” In a December 2012 interview with AVN, Fiyyaz Pirani clarified STD Status’ relationship with the FSC: “We are an authorized provider to [PASS] and the Free Speech Coalition; we are partners with both.”   Performer STD Testing

There is a clearly established business relationship between the Free Speech Coalition and STD Status. It appears the FSC may be profiting directly off of performers testing through STD Status as part of Fiyyaz Pirani’s “Affiliate Program.” Here’s how it works: The FSC refers performers to STD Status for a twice a month STD panel at $200 a pop. That’s $400 a month for performers paying for testing out of their own pocket. The FSC in turn collects a 50% commission for every referral they send to STD Status. STD Status bilks performers by overcharging for a standard STD panel and the Free Speech Coalition pockets half of performers’ hard-earned money. A studio like Kink (who pays for their own talent testing and whose CEO Peter Acworth sits on the FSC board) probably gets a discounted rate and can write off performer testing as a business expense. Everybody wins. Well… everybody except performers that is.

The question now is: How many performers are testing through STD Status? More importantly, where is all the money going? If it is indeed going back to the FSC then I would imagine that could threaten their non-profit status. Perhaps this clue from the FAQ section of Pirani’s “Affiliate Program” will shed a little light on how money is exchanging hands:

Q:How do I get paid? The answer: “All earned commissions are paid by check, direct deposit or PayPal. It is easy to set up a PayPal account if you do not own one.” Affiliate Program4

PayPal, huh? That’s pretty interesting, especially when you consider PayPal has very strict guidelines regarding adult services. PayPal also explicitly prohibits “transactions that show the personal information of third parties in violation of applicable law” as well as transactions that “support ponzi schemes, matrix programs, other ‘get rich quick’ schemes or certain multi-level marketing programs.” 

PayPal Acceptable Use Policy:

So there you have it. The Free Speech Coalition certainly have some answering to do, as does Fiyyaz Pirani. Unfortunately they will probably respond with what they know best; attacks and diversions while they skirt away from the real issues.

In closing, I would like leave you with a glimpse of what kind of asshole Fiyyaz Pirani really is. This is a notice for a pre-trial court hearing related to a speeding citation Pirani received in Meadows, Texas. He posted a copy of the notice to his Facebook page in what he described as an act of protest. The court clerk made a note saying, “Bailiff and Judge very angry he parked his Lamborghini in the police parking lot. He was also late and showed little regard for authority. Without saying a word, he left court.”

pirani ticket1

Sounds like a real class act. Performers, do you really want your hard-earned money going to some rich douche-bag in Texas who’s the type of person to double park his Lamborghini and brag about it on Facebook?


Talent, you deserve better.

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Is The FSC Making Money Off of Testing…It Appears That They Are

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28 Responses

  1. Performers don’t want their money going to some douche bag
    tard in Texas period. Texas has some turd tards scam artist. Schuckins.

  2. The fact is, there is simply no reason for the PASS system to even exist. There is a need for a verification process, because as we all know much to well, there are people who will take steps to get around the system in order to save a few dollars. This was the entire reason for setting up the testing system to begin with,,,to verify test results.

    But why does PASS even need to exist. The old TTS system of test verification is a perfect solution. It allows accurate verification, and also provides a legal, HIPPA compliant way to check tests. It allows the performer to give their information to anybody they want. There is simply no need to give any information to a third party(PASS), which allows unfettered access to anyone with a password.

    With the advances in technology that have come along since the inception on the testing program, there is just simply no need for a third party verification, especially a third party that represents the interests of producers, not the talent. And PASS has nothing to do with any quarantine lists or notifying performers of any results,,,there is just no need for PASS to exist.

  3. Wouldnt it be great to find out who all the affiliates are? Just imagine if say, someone like myself was partnered with someone who is an affiliate, and y name was nowhere to be found, but I was making money off of this? Wouldnt that be hilarious? ONLY IN PORN (it was going to come out sooner or later)

  4. This article has more “it appears that …” and “what ifs” and “probablys” here than an hour with Glenn Beck. But facts are never as exciting as questions and suppositions.

    For the record — and again — Kink pays for Kink tests itself. As I’ve tried to clarify, the whole SC doctor conspiracy stems from a misreading of a single performer’s form. (Somehow in the same article, you actually say that Kink pays for their own performer tests in order to get a tax write off. I guess that we and your Southern doctor have fight over the bill?)

    But if you want to be a birther about it, go ahead. I give up.

  5. Just clarifying, if a performer tested positive in your system, how would we determine who’d been exposed, and how would we alert the talent? Twitter? A mob with pitchforks?

  6. @Mikestabile,
    Do you thinkthe FSC will ever answer these questions?\
    Do you think performers have the right to know who is making money off of their tests, and whose pockets their money is going into? (Great that Kink pays for testing, but you know that Kink is in the major minority by doing this)

    Can you clarify whats happening here. What is the connection, if any, to the SC doctor, and the tests being done? While these tests certainly have some connection to the SC doctor, his name appears on the, I dont see that SC doctors facility being listed as an PASS provider. How do tests that go through this facility end up in PASS, or do they end up in PaSS? Having someone clarify this would certainly help put an end to any thoughts of impropriety.

    one simple question would be,,,is the FSC, or PASS, or any producer, in anyway a member or an affiliate who is recieving a commision on referrals? I think performers have a right to know where their money is going.

  7. If a performer tests HIV+ it is the legal duty of the ordering physician to do the notifications, If you beleive what PASS says themselves, they never reecieve actual results, and they dont know who the positive people are. PASS has NOTHING to do with partner notification or any quarantine lists.

    A better question would be,,,,Who notifies PASS of an HIV positive individual. According to PASS they dont get results,,,,the clinic doing the t.est just puts not available The last several cases,,,,did you see a quarantine list,,,did anybody see a quarantine list…..all you saw was the FSC saying that everybody got tested,,,,,where did they get that information,,,,seeeing as how they say they dont get any test results?

    How does the PASS system determine who has been exposed?????? I think performers have the right to know this!!! .

  8. You do have a right to know — and it’s available.

    How are moratoriums called?
    The doctor at the PASS facility that conducted the test checks to see if that performer has worked on adult film since 2 weeks prior to his or her last negative test. If he or she has, the doctor alerts the Free Speech Coalition, and the Free Speech Coalition calls an industry-wide moratorium. Production is halted while everyone can be retested to make sure no performers are exposed to the virus.

  9. You certainly have a right to know. Mike, did you bother to ask FSC if they were an affiliate of this guy? If not, publishing something like this is irresponsible at best and malicious at worst.

    As Mike has pointed out, I think, the SC doctor has multiple testing facilities. I haven’t looked at the test Mike posted in awhile, but would guess that it’s probably the difference between a corporate billing name and a facility name.

    But most of the time, I don’t even bother. It’s like Donald Trump with Obama’s birth certificate. At a certain point, you don’t even dignify it with a response, because no matter how much evidence you give, your mere response is evidence of some larger conspiracy.

  10. For the record as Lacey would also know paying for tests would be a likely tax deduction for Kink (as a business expense) as they are necessary to conduct business. However that means they get back 39.6% (assuming they pay at the top federal rate) of their dollar via a deduction on their end of year tax bill, it still costs them up to 60.4% of the cost of the tests in the end. As I haven’t ever filed California taxes I don’t know what the state rules are, I do know their top rate is 11% so if it is deductible there that would bring down the end cost to 49.4% of the original cost assuming they pay top rate. Spending money just to get a tax deduction is not good business as you almost never get 100% of that money back in the end and I cannot think of a scenario where a business or corporation would do so (the only thing I can think of is maybe the earned income credit for individuals where if you can reduce or increase your income at a certain point you may get more than what it costs you and that even seldom happens).

  11. Thank you Mike,,,and that is EXACTLY the problem….Check to see fi they have worked TWO weeks prior to the last test…..

    This is because you dont understand the ‘window’ or more accurately, the “eclipse” period of the test. This is exactly why they stopped the moratorium, and then had to reinstate it a week later.

    The manufacturer of the Aptima test does not claim to have a 7-10 day window period, The company that manufactures the test has NEVER made this claim. This 7-10 days is based on anecdotal evidence that the test CAN detect that early,,,it does no mean that it will.
    The exact same thing happened in 2004, when they claimed a 14 day window period,,,,,several of the infected performers tested negative at well over 14 days, only to test positive at around 32 or 33 days.

    Given the relationship between cameron and rod, it is a pretty good guess, and it is a guess, that cameron got the disease from Rod. And rods first test after finding out Cameron was positive turned up negative,,,again, showing that the test CAN detect that early,,,not that it WILL detect that early.

    FSC and PaSS have NOTHING to do with partner notification, and they NEVER get test results. And the moratoriums are a joke. Productions are halted,,,,and who enforces these moratoriums?

    “To make sure no performers are exposed to the virus” WTF,,,,the reason anyone is on a quarantine list is because the WERE exposed to the virus. That is the exact reason that a harm reduction program being used as a first line of defense is a joke. The testing system does NOT prevent anybody from being exposed. The moratoriums(jokes that they are) are called because people HAVE BEEN EXPOSED already. It is to make sure no MORE performers are exposed, that is the definition of a harm reduction program. And that is why, as Ernest Greene says, it is a poor excuse for policy.
    These doctors are independent, privately owned corperations, They are not PASS facilities. The PASS system is NOTHING other than a verification of the date that someone took a test,,,they do nothing more, nothing less.

    PS< Mike, does Kink pay for POST exposure testing, as is required by law? Good if you do, ore companies should, but for some reason I doubt it.

  12. I dont see any of the SC doctors facilities listed as PASS providers. And the tests list the good doctor and his associate as the referring physician. How do these tests end up in PASS, or does Kink not use PASS?

    Mike, do you know if kink pays up front for performers tests, or reimburses them after the fact?

  13. Yes i did and I have not gotten an nswer but since you are feelin all explain everything do tell

    whats the relationship with Kulbersh, Pirani, Kink and the FSC how exactly does all that fit together….seems nobody I ask even wants to acknowledge that Kulbersh and Pirani even exist

  14. Mikestabile: The point (at least to some extent) is that this testing company appears to be paying commissions for business sent. As a non-profit, FSC really shouldn’t be making income off of performer testing – or should at least be showing it as a funding income source for the organization.

    Worse yet, FSC could be paying full pin, and the good doctor in SC might be the one getting the commissions. Nice to have 100% markup built into the testing program, right?

    Either way, it’s a ton of performer / studio money that is going somewhere other than towards testing itself, and more onto lining the pockets or balance sheets of someone else.

  15. rawalex hit this nail right on the head. This company is charging every performer an inflated fee in order to pay out a commision to a third party, And what about all the paitents that dont come from a third party referral???? These guys pocket all that extra money,
    I am not sure what the laws are regarding these internet testing sites, but in California it is illegal ot solicit or accept any type of renumeration for a paitent referral,. THis need to be reported to the OIG(Office OF Inspector General).

    PERFORMERS, how do you like knowing that a PASS approved facility is charging YOU extra money so they can pay out commisions when you test there? If they pay as advertised, a 50% commision, what does that tell you about how much you are being overcharged for the tests provided. This is a joke, and unfortunately the joke is at the expense of performers.

    I wonder if FSC,any producers, or LATATA are affiliates? What about tranperency,,,PASS shoud demand that any affiliates be publicly named so performer know where THEIR money is going. Peformers have the right to know where THEIR money is going.

  16. When did the FSC start alerting the talent?
    They’re not even supposed to know what performer has tested positive in the first place…
    This is like the dumbest shit ever….

    Here’s an idea. If you trust the performers enough to practice safe sex off set for half the month then trust them to allow their doctor to alert the FSC of an HIV positive diagnosis so a (fairly pointless since it’s impossible to enforce) moratorium can be called.

    The FSC is supposed to have absolutely positively 100% NOTHING to do with partner notifications. Notifications are done by the doctor, NOT the FSC. The FSC’s ONLY purpose in this whole ordeal is to release a press release calling for an (unenforceable) moratorium on filming which they are informed of by the doctor…

    How are they going to do partner notifications if they aren’t even supposed to know the identity of the infected performer? Please explain.

  17. Nice revenue stream..with or without PASS participation it’s possible to get the affiliation income.

  18. This is why I don’t bother to come here. And I assume why no one else wants to feed the animals. One actual factual answer launches a ten other “possible” conspiracies built on “could bes” and “what ifs” and “mights” and “how do you know” and “I wonder” all built with ideological opposition. It’s pointless, and frustrating. But have fun, kids. And call me when you have actual evidence, as opposed to McCarthyesque supposition.

  19. Now theres a dodge the question if I ever saw oine…its the same shit I keep getting from the FSC they bitch and moan and say you got it wrong BUT they wont answer the pertinent questions about Kulbersh and Pirani and all that…there is NO DOUBT something there that they are hiding….and if it aint money somehow I will eat my hat

  20. What is wrong with asking questions? For example, does kink, as required by law, offer POST exposure testing and treatment? It a simple question with a yes or no answer. Just becasue the answer may make you look bad doesnt mean its a McCarthyexques question.

    Is LATAT, FSC, PASS or any producer an affiliat with this prgram? Whats wrong with asking the question Mikestabile, its a simple yes or no answer,,,why wont the fsc answer a simple question? Dont performers have a right to know where the money that they spend, that should legally be covered by their employers(like Kink does) is goiing. Performers spend money on testing, and now we find out that half of that money is going into unknown pockets in the form of commisions. you really dont see a problem here Mike? Really?

  21. The link on the PASS website to STD Status doesn’t have an affiliate tracking code on it.

    And if you read the actual text on the screengrab from the STD Status site posted above they are using customized links rather than HTTP_REFERER to track incoming traffic from affiliates.

    “Simply add one of our customized links or banners to your site and get paid every time one of your visitors purchases our 100% FDA-approved STD testing”

    So no FSC doesn’t appear to make money by sending traffic to STD Status at all. A one minute check would have told you that…

  22. @mikestabile

    Since I personally saw SEVEN not one tests that looked just like the one posted I’m very curious.

    And since when does curiosity rise to the level of your accusations?

    Lastly maybe these questions wouldn’t be such an issue if FSC were half as transparent as other NPO that they like to criticize using the publicly available info.

  23. @parttime

    A specialized link is not required if they give affiliate income for every test reported to PASS..the performers number would be just like a specialized link which is why I said …with or without PASS its possible to get the revenue.

  24. do performers have a right to know who is getting a share of the money that performers put out for testing? I say yes, how about you?
    Does anyone who is in any way associated with Kink have any connection, financially, with the SC doctor, either directly or through this affiliate program? Simple questions.
    Does Kink pay up front for performers tests, or do they reimburse them afterwards?

  25. Thats’s not how the program works according to the screengrabs in the original post…

  26. there are many ways to track referals and Im sure that even the idiots at the FSC arent THAT blatent about it particularly when they claim no income from testing. Id be more inclined to believe them if they were a bit more transparent instead of refusing to answer valid questions…

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