Hey FSC….Where’s The Money?

Twitter was abuzz this weekend with porn people asking “where’s the money” meaning the money they were promised to be re-reimbursed for their testing. Seems none of them saw any of it. I mean its only a month late.

Gee imagine that, The FSC gets 50K a month from Fabian and it disappears down a black hole. Currently thats $100,000.00 that is unaccounted for or diverted from its stated use.

ten to one the FSC will say they spent it on the preventative Penicillin shots….but wait that was supposedly paid for by Fabian and Evil Angel and a few others……so where is that money?

And more importantly, Is ANYONE surprised?

66790cookie-checkHey FSC….Where’s The Money?

Hey FSC….Where’s The Money?

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3 Responses

  1. If any one thought they where gone get money back from testing with FSC. Should think find new job becuase your to stupid work in porn. Am I suprise buy this no after all porn indusrty turn self in who can screw with in owen indusrty. This kind action prove that more than words.

  2. Yeah DWB it is $50K per month. Of course $40K of it goes up Diane Duke’s nose, I think she uses high-grade crystal meth mixed with pure cocaine. If she is lucky she may be able to make her Cadillac payment out of that as well. At least that is the only explanation I can come up with for the missing $80K plus (she says there is some left over and checks will be issued so this amount is a guess).

    I had heard that Fabian and Peter Acworth had paid for the penicillin shots and Zithromax pills. I could be wrong but I doubt that even with professional fees from administering those 300 shots in the ass ($40 for the nurse and $4 for the shot or pills themselves) I come up with $14,400 maximum for the cost of their ineptitude. I would suspect Diane got them for another $10K or so but that still does not explain the missing $80K plus.

    Oh yeah, Princess Donna said her shot hurt like hell. Diane can expect a complaint any day now if it hasn’t been lodged already.:)

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