The Reuben Sturman Award

I dont want to take away anything from anyone who has to sit in a federal courtroom, as a defendant, in this biz but to put 5 Star Video and J.M. Productions in the same class with Rondee Kamins is just wrong.

What Rondee did for this business, with no help from the self aggrandizing retards at the Free Speech Coalition, who didn’t so much as file an Amicus Brief, was a stellar accomplishment.

She took on 2257, with her own money, and she WON, and she won big for the entire industry. She never once whined about how she needed more money to accomplish this, she didn’t win it only for members of GVA Cleveland, she went out and did what was right and we all benefitted.

Not just porn but everyone in this country.  2257 was probably the single most egregious attack that our government has attempted to perpetrate on our constitutional rights to free speech, freedom from illegal search and seizure and due process.

We all owe Rondee a debt of gratitude and she should stand alone for her outstanding valor in standing up to our government for what is right.

Now what do you want to bet that when presented with this award the presenter will be some flunky from the worthless Free Speech Coalition who will continue to try to glom on to her success.

I can hear here it now:

“To present the Reuben Sturman Award we now present Jeffery Douglas”

Who will in turn say:

“For her efforts in continuing the work of the Free Speech Coalition….”

God I could just vomit thinking about this.

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The Reuben Sturman Award

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  1. Mike, I agree 100% on your Reuben Sturman Award editorial.

    The entire industry should thank Rondee Kamins! Great job.

    And, how about Mr. Lou Sirkin getting some appreciation for all he has done for the industry.


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