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Little update on Mike

Mike’s mom said he had a procedure done at this hospital today but due to strict HIPAA laws, I can’t say exactly what that was. Let’s just say it rhymes

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Since South encouraged me…

…to talk about cops, I guess I should. I was reading an article about a uniformed Portland cop who was kicked out of a coffee shop. Thank goodness the officer

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Cards, Anyone?

Awww, I’m touched by the comment South posted when he asked me to update this weekend: “we only want you to be you. Feel free to write about cops. We

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The Birthday Boy

May all your wet dreams cum true, South. (I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to slap some cheesy girly clip art on your site;) Happy Birthday, Mikey Pooh.

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Fishiest Catch

AHA! Next thing you know, we’ll find out the entire show has been faked up in a tv studio. Just like the Apollo moon landing…. You tell me this isn’t

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Three hundred sixty-five degrees

South thinks I’m not smart enough to figure out the REAL reason he’s suddenly hired all of these “contributors.” He told me it’s because they’re talented writers. At first, I

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Deadliest (and dirtiest) Catch

South tricked me into watching that stupid “Deadliest Catch” by telling me the guys looked like cops. I. Don’t. Think. So. Cops are handsome and sexy and most importantly, THEY

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Say ‘hello’ to my little friend

Wow. The topics are getting so heavy lately. Thank God I’m self-absorbed or I might feel bad talking about my vibrator problems. Yes, in between stroking my gun, clinging to

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They say it’s your birthday

Hey, all, it’s Goddess. I got on the computer long enough Christmas Day to check my email, glance at my stats and to get hoodwinked into writing South’s update for

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Man, I feel like a woman!

This morning when I was working on my Blonde Intuition blog, I thought about my Hott Cops blog. Not going anywhere with this, just squeezing out two more free ads

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