Closing time every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end

I was really shocked when I logged on toMike South’s site and he was giving one last “adios”.  I guess we all move on to other things. I, for instance, didn’t log onto his site nearly that much over the last few years because quite frankly, I don’t even know who is IN porn anymore.  Yeah, boring story: grew up, got a real job and lost sight of a lot of the fun stuff.

I’m going to miss the fact that South just won’t be here like we’ve come to expect him to be over the years.  He’s kind of like your favorite grandma. Always there. Always listening. Always willing to point out the many ways in which you’ve fucked up. (Sorry, grandma issues.)  Life would throw him a curve ball and he’d be right back at it, reliable and steady.

I will miss the good old days of this site. I remember when Robert F. would slap South’s head on a penguin or a turkey gif and we’d laugh for hours.  I remember when I razzed South endlessly over his “flavor of the week” (sometimes “hour”)–Quirky Love…ha!  I remember beating him game after game of online Scrabble. (For someone so smart, he’s always playing those three letter words. Oy. Buy a dictionary.) I remember telling him I needed to pay him for hosting my site and he’d say, “forget it, it doesn’t cost that much…” which led to about five YEARS of me never paying him.

You presented me with a lot of great opportunities, Mike, and I, for one, will be forever grateful. I got to interview some of the best in the industry and out of the industry (MOM!) and you always encouraged me further.  I got to meet your readers, who always welcomed me so graciously.  Putting up a pink background when I went through my endometrial cancer surgery? Made me cry. Class acts all the way.

I had a FUN & FABULOUS time stalking you over the years. But seriously you did ask for it when you said, “do keep in touch” in your first email. I mean, what were you thinking there?! Never tell a woman to “keep in touch”. Hell, you might as well just give her the key to your condo. Which you did, btw, and thanks cuz I had a blast staying there when you went South (pun intended) to slaughter innocent marine life.  I enjoyed schlepping my 16 offspring up and down the East Coast to hole up and write at your place.  I remember well how your neighbors enjoyed that temporary influx of (damn) Yankees into their hood. (And once again, war’s over. WE WON.) I wish you and all your readers the VERY BEST!


145330cookie-checkClosing time every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end

Closing time every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end

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  1. @Goddess

    Some time ago was stuck in bed, usually not a bad place unless dance partner is IV tether and the ouch is another titanium chip… anyway what I remember most about that week was ROFLMAO reading archives of your posts. Threatening to call Mike South mom is a classic! 🙂

  2. Lurk, this might have already been said but since I don’t recall when you were in bed on an IV I hope you are feeling better now. Hope you don’t need any more IVs for a while.

    As for Goddess threatening to call Mike’s mom I don’t think that is much of an issue. I am sure Mike’s mom knows all about his porn production career by now and anything that Goddess can tell her she knew ten years ago.

    Off subject, I have an idea for Southern Bukkake. I think you should bukkake an Ivanka Trump look alike. Maybe add a Chelsea Clinton look alike, have them kneeling side by side and have 10 guys each spew the “special sauce” that only comes from the tube all over their faces after two Secret Service agent actors wearing suits fuck them in the ass and throat. There have to be look alikes for both of them in Georgia that you can convince to take sperm on their pretty faces. You found a Lindsay Lohan look-alike (although they don’t look alike today because Lohan decided to snort coke and meth, fucking her appearance up greatly while Lindsay Lovehands probably hasn’t even seen cocaine or meth up close in her life), the state of Georgia should be able to produce Ivanka and Chelsea look-alikes, too. If you can find a local Donald Trump look-alike you can have lots of fun with him and the Chelsea look-alike (Evan Stone usually plays Trump in Chatsworth-based companies parodies but it would cost big to fly him out to Georgia, put him up in a hotel room and have him play the role for you, the idea is to make money — not pay big bucks out to one of the highest paid male performers in porn and take a big loss on the scene).

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