Just trying to do my part….

Ok, here’s an update from moi:

Mike, get well soon, and ‘percocet’ only has an ‘s’ in it when you’ve taken too many.

27910cookie-checkJust trying to do my part….

Just trying to do my part….

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  1. Gee Goddess I hope you didn’t burn up too much of your day writing that epic post LOL

    and I stand correctec Percocet….whatever …it makes my mouth dry I know that but if I am correct opium based painkillers work by sucking all the moisture out of the nerve stems making them unable to conduct the electricity that flows to signal pain

    OK so I can spell it…I know how it do what it do…I also know that unless ya wanna end up like Elvis (and maybe Jacko) ya better take laxatives after a few days on heavy doses….

  2. I was so exhausted after I wrote that, I had to take a nap. Course that might have been from the Jack Daniels I was drinking to encourage my muse.

  3. WIsh she’d write more, with or without the JD. She’s one funny fucking bi… woman.

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