Fishiest Catch

AHA! Next thing you know, we’ll find out the entire show has been faked up in a tv studio. Just like the Apollo moon landing….

You tell me this isn’t booooring! The kid spends $800 on a flatscreen and the old man doesn’t even scream, rant OR rave. Pfft. I almost wish he was MY old man.

Wow. I thought the “male drama” on Deadliest Catch was a snooze fest. I caught a few minutes of that “Girls Next Door” crap with Hef. The mother of the chick with the hideous monotone laugh was entertaining Hef and the other chicks, and she only had–GASP!!–three napkins and she needed FOUR!!! I haven’t seen anything that exciting on TV since Beaver got a paper route. The creepiest part of the show was when the chick intro’ed Hef to her grandpa… and they were the same age.

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Fishiest Catch

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