AdultFriendFinder/Penthouse Hacked Again This Time Its HUGE!

400 million accounts, even ‘closed’ accounts are still in their database, and apparently the passwords were mostly stored insecurely.

According to the site LeakedSource

A list of sites we have verified, how many affected accounts and a brief description are as follows:
339,774,493 users
62,668,630 users
7,176,877 users
1,423,192 users
1,135,731 users

Unknown domain
35,372 users<

Total: 412,214,295 affected users

If you ever signed up for one of these sites chances are your email,  login and password and other info is compromised.



142200cookie-checkAdultFriendFinder/Penthouse Hacked Again This Time Its HUGE!

AdultFriendFinder/Penthouse Hacked Again This Time Its HUGE!

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  1. AFF is a scam anyways. They used to use photos of porn stars on their site and claim they lived near you. Imagine my surprise to see Gianna Michaels, Cassandra Calogera and Jenna Doll all lived in my small, sleepy, New England town. Can’t believe they have 340 mil members.

  2. I love the AFF account total…. I believe they never, ever delete any account from all of their sites (they have many sites), so this is like the number of accounts in history. And the number of fakes must be exponential.

    I tried AFF and way back in the late 90s and It would say 33,000 or some crazy number in my city; and then if you look at last logged on there were about 20 that were on the last month… and pretty much all of them were fakes. They raped my wallet for 2 months I think and then I smartened up to the scam and that was that.

    It surprises me they have survived this long when they have been almost all fake accounts for 20 + years. AFF is one of those places where you never know anyone who actually met anyone on there if women were involved. Men to Men apparently was fine because , gay or straight, men seem to be most likely to pay for, and use, hookup sites.

    Can’t wait for the hack 🙂

  3. WordPress blogs have been hacked in the recent past but this site isn’t one of them. I am sure Mike keeps his server fully patched and locked down to make a hack extremely difficult. The only WordPress hacks I could find in a Google search are ransomware hacks where the web address is redirected to a malicious site which then attempts to lock your computer and take your data hostage demanding payment of (usually) Bitcoin in the equivalent of about $200 to get your data back, not data dumps like the AFF/Penthouse hack seems to be (I feel sorry for Kelly Holland who recently bought Penthouse and its associated entities, she has to be having sleepless nights right now). Out of date Silverlight, Adobe products, Flash, etc. are the prime culprits in these ransomware attacks. I would personally suggest keeping all web applications (and Windows/Mac/Linux, although they don’t seem to be implicated in the WordPress hacks they are in others — especially Windows) updated and be vigilant for redirects you are not expecting. Also, back up your data once every couple of days on an external hard drive that is disconnected from your computer when you aren’t actively backing up documents onto it, if you do that a ransomware hijack will just cost you time reinstalling your OS (make those backup DVDs now if you haven’t already) and documents from your backup. Never say never but I don’t have much concern over this site being hacked, Mike is pretty good at what he does and I am sure his servers are locked down from malicious takeover as well as they can be — and at least with the WordPress blogging software that access seems to be necessary to hack and hijack the site.

  4. “I am sure his servers are locked down from malicious takeover as well as they can be ”

    LOL! Far from it. [edited] Don’t ever make assumptions when it comes to security.

    Thanks for the heads up on the security issue man, if you see anything problematic ever please let me know….I put my hosting company on the issues you pointed out. For that I will comp you a month on southernbukkake or stripperfacials if you want it…shoot me an email! Thanks Man! South

  5. actually I rely on my hosting company for that….I keep wordpress up to date as well as the themes and such but any site can be vulnerable…ya just do what ya can

  6. oddly enough I could buy it since it wasnt JUST members anyone who ever gave them an email…and prolly any they purchased being a part of the hack I could see 7M same for AFF, which really had a lot of traffic when it first blew up…the good thing is a few porn girls sued AFF and settled so they made out ok.

  7. Unfortunately sometimes an exploit is not known to anyone other than some nefarious hacker until it is used once or twice so I have to agree there, Mike. I still trust this site more than I trust many others, though. Also, thanks to keepitreal for whatever info you gave Mike to help him further secure this site (if you would like a couple of sites to analyze for security and malware holes Donkey’s and Sean Tompkins’ sites are told to be security and malware nightmares with Google supposedly even flagging them as possible risks at one point). I was actually unaware (or had forgotten) that Mike was using a hosting company for this site, I thought he still had his own server in his home for his websites. Using a hosting company makes it a lot easier (and cheaper — business grade high-traffic server equipment and maintenance is expensive for one person’s or small company’s use along with the many multiple internet connections required to allow access, the city or county might also balk at having the streets torn up while the internet provider is running those otherwise unneeded internet lines into a residential neighborhood) to maintain websites but also puts a person at the mercy of that company’s security procedures. I guess it is a give or take situation, a person has more control over his own server assuming he has the skills to maintain it but for a company the size of Mike’s the costs of that control are astronomical in some cases.

    Enjoy that free month of Stripper Facials or Southern Bukkake, keepitreal. It sounds like you deserve it. Feel free to comment on articles, for the most part we are a decent and reasonable bunch here and unless a person is a complete ass or a world-class troll we will not flame someone that hard (although I like to needle those trolls — like Fake Ari or Fake Sean — from time to time, especially after an article has run its course and won’t likely be commented on further in a productive manner).

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