Trinity St. Clair crimes

Trinity St. Clair’s House Gets Raided by the LAPD – AGAIN!

If there was ever a dumb ass of the day award in porn, Trinity St. Clair would win it.

You would think that someone like Trinity St. Clair would want to lay low considering all the trouble she’s had lately.

Trinity St Clair
Trinity St Clair

But what does she do instead?

Well even though it’s been proven her mother’s medical expenses are covered by health insurance, she still goes forward with a GoFundMe campaign claiming to raise money for her mom’s medical expenses. And then after raising over $20,000 what does Trinity do?

Buys herself a Bently of course. Sure’s it not new, but it’s still expensive as hell. But not to worry, rumor has it, she had $20,000 to put down on the car. LOL

I mean if her mother needs money so bad that she has to start a GoFundMe, then why is she buying a Bentley after getting $20,000 of that money from GoFundMe?

That’s so fucking unbelievable I don’t even have words for it!

But that isn’t quite enough for Trinity St. Clair. Trinity next is in the news for getting sued by two different talent agents. That’s okay, I hear she’s got a good deal on legal services. I mean it’s not like Trinity St. Clair would do anything shady, to get a discount on legal services, right? LOL

I did some digging on the rumor about her facing potential legal troubles, ie: criminal charges as implied by the rumor in the previous article about Trinity.

My source says, “It’s absolutely a possibility. While our department  doesn’t have the funds really to pursue a lengthy investigation on its own, anything uncovered during a civil lawsuit could be used against her for a criminal matter.

He went on to say they are quite interested in any evidence that she has been illegally booking shoots as in the state that is considered a crime. What specific charges she may be facing will depend on the specifics of the case. I asked him if he could give me a hint at what kind of charges she might be facing but he said at this time it just wouldn’t be possible to even speculate.

But he wanted to be clear that they do take these matters seriously and will not hesitate to prosecute.

So you would think Trinity St. Clair would behave, considering all she has going, right? You would be wrong!

No more than 24 hours after the news broke about Trinity’s legal troubles, her house gets raided by the LAPD yet again for another illegal shoot.

Trinity is running around making numerous claims about who might have called in the report which triggered the raid. Apparently, she has so many enemies they can’t seem to pinpoint who the source of the leak is.

I mean it’s obvious who it is. Your house is being watched. Count your blessing it’s just the LAPD Film Enforcement and not CalOsha because that Cal-Osha fine could easily be $80,000!

  • Stop blaming the adult industry.
  • You are bringing heat on the entire adult industry yourself.

You have multiple neighbors who have issues with you. Not just one, but multiple. And just because you ask if they called, you think they are going to say yes?

Newsflash Trinity, maybe you should look at yourself when it comes to who got busted and not multiple in the industry.

Our suggestion is you use that attorney of yours to order a police incident report and you’ll find out exactly who it is. In the mean time stop blaming innocent people.

I wonder just how many times Trinity St. Clair’s house has been raided in the last 18 months? I’ve heard various numbers from different people but still, you would think that after a handful of times, someone would be smart enough not to shoot there.

I mean dang, is it really worth the money you save to risk having big fines, and your equipment seized?

The law on this matter is simple …. a temporary use (filming) permit is required for all on-location filming of a commercial nature, conducted in both public and private property, within the city’s jurisdiction.

A person who has been busted as many times as Trinity St. Clair should know that by now. But then again, I guess she just doesn’t care.

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  1. LurkingReader

    “My source says, “It’s absolutely a possibility. While our department  doesn’t have the funds really to pursue a lengthy investigation on its own, anything uncovered during a civil lawsuit could be used against her for a criminal matter.”

    He went on to say they are quite interested in any evidence that she has been illegally booking shoots as in the state that is considered a crime”

    So this is a situation where a victim filing a criminal report could expect sourced agency to use all that’s available including facts found via civil processes and police are responding to calls from fed up neighbors without spending resources to wait & watch.

    Police are saying same thing OSHA is bound by…they must have a complaint before they can act. Same is true for DIR (Director Industrial Relations) who govern Talent Agents; Lawyers who break bogus contracts with reminders of TAA (California Talent Agent Act); and many more watchdogs with big teeth.

  2. mharris127

    I don’t agree with LA County’s filming regulations but since they are there and the police are evidently watching Trinity like a hawk she should have enough sense not to use that house for any illegal activity.

    I wonder if she is desperate for money and can’t make the house payments without the income from filming activity and (possibly) hooking. I wouldn’t shed too many tears if she ended up in prison for something but if she is smart she would quit using that house for anything other than a legal residence, let it go into foreclosure if she can’t make the payments without the filming and (possibly) hooking income and get her expenses in line with her legitimate income. If she doesn’t do so she will be getting an extended “five bubba guard club” experience at Valley Women’s Prison or LA County Jail (if she already hasn’t bought herself that “experience”).

    I know if I lived next door to her and had all that (rumored) prostitution traffic with its likely drunk and/or high drivers barrelling down that residential street every 20 minutes I would probably call the cops on her, too. If the hooking rumors are true it is just a matter of time before some little kid is mowed down while playing on that residential street — the picture in another article on this site shows a nice, residential neighborhood likely with families living in it.

    As far as that Bentley she just bought, she needs to shove that monstrosity up her ass — who spends $100K on a car anyway in porn other than Jeff Steward and at least he had the money to pay cash for it (before his Bentley, Jeff had a Lamborghini which probably cost him $250K or more even in the mid 2000’s when he bought it).

    Trinity (evidently) knows Richard Nanula, maybe she should seduce and marry his rich ass instead of her (rumored) being a pimp to keep her ass out of prison. At least she is likely the cutest pimp in town — most pimps are ugly, gangbanger, drugged up men.

  3. schlermy

    Trinity is probably one of those criminal ho’s that always gets away with their crimes. She might do a day or two in jail but nothing more. Plus, anytime she wants she can marry some rich schlub, have a kid, and she’ll be set for life.

    She knows this!

  4. Skeet Jizzle

    One of Trinity’s Neighbors homes is up for sale proli because of all the ciaos and used condoms and syringes left out front of that gate and a half a block down the street after “johns” leave and discard the remnants of their deeds.

    Just curious, does the realtor representing the seller have to disclose that the house next door is a trap house and cops more likely on to their neighbor’s criminality and insidious activities. What if after the sale the buyer finds out later that Trinity’s trap house is driving down property values and new buyers was duped.

  5. Karmafan

    I don’t even think realtors even tell a new home buyer the house they just bought had a murder in it, doubt they are gonna disclose the trap house.

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