Sorry XRCO I Am Not For Sale

To fully understand this you need to know the back story.

A few weeks back I was contacted by my friend Dirty Bob, who told me that I was going to be inducted into the XRCO Hall of Fame if I would accept the induction in person on April 12 at the awards.  I kicked it around, intending to go, I had even asked a particular young lady if she would do me the honor of attending with me and she graciously accepted.  I asked Tim Case and Felicia Fox to come along as well and we all started making arrangements.

Last week I had an MRI and saw my neurosurgeon who told me that while it wouldn’t kill me to make that trip I would almost certainly regret it.  My orthopedic surgeon agreed saying that while my recovery has been very good I probably wasn’t yet ready for that.

So I cancelled, telling Dirty Bob I appreciated the honor but I couldn’t do it.  He suggested maybe next year.

Good thing I didn’t go, because I would have walked out had I gotten there and learned what I learned today.

XRCO has sold it’s soul and probably for a mere pittance.  The show is being sponsored by .XXX.

Now I may be a whore (not that prostitution is a bad thing, as a profession I hold it rather noble.) but I am not THAT kind of a whore.  I will not sell my principles for a pile of money, much less a piece of plastic.  I’d rather be remembered for standing on principle than for laying down for the award.

I am not supporting or attending XRCO this year, or any year that .XXX is a sponsor are you?


59410cookie-checkSorry XRCO I Am Not For Sale

Sorry XRCO I Am Not For Sale

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3 Responses

  1. Now the court case is settled and you know who is in cahoots with them, it’s only a matter of time before everyone has to kneel before Zod.

  2. Wow I took money well just was smart enough know where money was come from that excuse been used abuse . Some would say that just dumb enough only happen some one in porn who been caught with there hand in cookie jar. Ops loves this part it was not intentional that took money from .XXX. I just did got caught buy my friend Mike. Hey Mike what ever happen adults used run porn seen that where smatter than 5 grader??? He states I kept there money not gone have zero effect on award show but they have had effect on alot people in porn seen attend awards show buy pissing them off. Dirty Bob here question for you if ever guy in porn had suck cock stay in porn seen would be frist person in line sallow???? Need less say I can not harp to bad on Dirty Bob on this just for fact there whole line up porn companys people ready welling get assf@#k buy Mawin with out lube that more than happy about it.

  3. I have no problem with Bob and his explanation. In fact, he is trying to continue the XRCO Awards which is one of the great traditions in the adult movie business and needs money in order to accomplish that end. Many companies are hurting financially these days and as the great Paul Fishbein once told me, “If you don’t like me taking ads from certain companies I would be happy to replace their ad with yours.”

    So with that I say lighten up a little bit and I applaud Dirty Bob for working to make the show happen again this year. We are all intelligent adults and I do not think a sponsor be they good or bad speaks for us as an industry just because their banner is up on a wall or their name is in the program. We live in a country of diminishing free speech but we can disagree on principle yet still allow the opposition a voice.

    Also kudos to Mike South for voicing his shared displeasure at .XXX and thank God we still live in a country where we have a right to speak our minds and others do too.

    I plan on being at the XRCO Awards at the Highlands on April 12th with a beer in one hand and a pretty girl in the other.

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