Photos From the 2016 XRCO Awards

Many thanks to Marco Pallotti for these pics.  If you need a good photog Marco is outstanding! I feel like I should have recognized more of these people….If you can fill in the blanks drop it in a comment or an email and I will update em…Thanks Y’all!

People tell me that this is the most fun awards show for two reasons, one it is laid back and more importantly it is industry only and free to attend. Kudos to XRCO for keepin it real, maybe next year I will be able to drop in.

His site is Here

135240cookie-checkPhotos From the 2016 XRCO Awards

Photos From the 2016 XRCO Awards

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  1. Thanks Mike. I couldn’t go because my eldest family member is in the ICU and I’m his caregiver. Maybe next year. It’s nice to see the pix and everybody looking happy. Hey Rusty! Fuck you! ROFLMAO

  2. Yeah, not that many that I can name either. But I did catch a few…
    xrco_2016_015 – Briana Banks
    xrco_2016_014 – Briana Banks
    xrco_2016_013 – Briana Banks
    xrco_2016_066 – Jessica Jaymes
    xrco_2016_067 – Jessica Jaymes & Briana Banks
    xrco_2016_016 – Tanya Tate & Briana Banks
    xrco_2016_180 – Tanya Tate
    xrco_2016_001 – Tanya Tate
    xrco_2016_080 – Bridgette B
    xrco_2016_025 – Shy Love (3rd from right)
    xrco_2016_027 – Shy Love (center)
    xrco_2016_117 – Phyllisha Anne (black dress)

  3. My thanks to South for recommending Marco to shoot the Red Carpet and Stage for us – Marco is great guy, very personable, and did a fine job for us – highly recommended! – Dirty Bob, XRCO

  4. Kiteh, may your family member get well soon. Hopefully you will be able to attend the XRCO next year.

  5. Considering he was in prison not that long ago I am not surprised. Max is also close to being a senior citizen now anyway, people don’t keep their youth forever.

    Also, I agree Marco did a good job taking these pictures.

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