2014 XRCO Exclusive Photos

2014 XRCO Exclusive Photos

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  1. These are great, Mike. Kayden looks lovely – you’d never know she just gave birth not too long ago. And, I am amazed at how good Amber Lynn looks – especially when you see the photo of Ginger and remember that they came up together. The years have not been kind to Ginger.

  2. They should really be giving awards to the hair & makeup departments. .. they seem to be REALLY good at their jobs…
    Or, the lighting departments…
    Or, something???

  3. Given how many of those people I recognize by name, I realized I spend way too much time watching porn. Gotta get a life.

  4. Never seen so many fucking phony ass people all in one spot in a long time. Manuel and James need to shave those beards, they look like LA homeless bums from studio city and Reseda,Calif.

    Will Ryder wised up and stopped Grecian the beard and shaved it off. Good choice. I see Jon Jon is back from Columbia Tranny and gay escorting fest and at OCM now performing and escorting for Sandra.

    Amber Lynn needs to leave the cocaine alone. That’s what killed her Brother Charles(Buck Adams) and she needs to retire. Nasty!
    Max Hardcore head for Bakersfield with that hat and hook up the Buckaroos.

    Brad Amrstong needs to spend more time at 24 hour fitness with David Lord and not chasing young man ass around the sauna in Woodland Hills.

    This should have been a support the Measure B and perfomers health ceremony that night. Anyway Me and Sean weren’t invited so fuck em all. Happy Easter and have a safe holiday weekend to all and don’t take no crap from anybody. Fuck you Joanne and the rest of the FSC

    Michael W.

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