Vivid Tells Affiliates to Bend Over

Vivid sent out a letter to all affiliates prohibiting the use of any trademarks in your advertising of their site, specifically:

“It has been a long standing policy of Vivid Entertainment, LLC to protect its trademarks. Vivid Entertainment, LLC. does not allow the use of it’s trademark’s to be engaged in any marketing by way of pay-per-click, sponsored links, search engines; keywords, AdWords or similar promotion which utilizes any of its brands, marks or logos, including, but not limited to Vivid, Vivid Video, Vivid Entertainment,, Vivid Girls , (collectively “Vivid Marks”) and any variations or words that contain Vivid Marks. ”

note search engines and keywords….

anything you use to get traffic to your affiliate link for Vivid must not contain the words listed as “Vivid marks”

The punishment….you won’t get paid.

How exactly do you promote the Vivid website without using the “Vivid marks”?

This is a legal way to fuck you out of your money.

You have been warned

30560cookie-checkVivid Tells Affiliates to Bend Over

Vivid Tells Affiliates to Bend Over

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2 Responses

  1. I don’t think Vivid will survive this current economic environment to be honest. I’m still a newb to the industry but I don’t see any profitability in their big budget productions. In addition, personally, I don’t even find them worth of masturbating to and isn’t that the point of pornography?

    If I had to bet, I’d bet they’re having significant financial issues right now that they’re not disclosing. Maybe I’m wrong but that’s how I see it.

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