Vivid In Trouble Financially?

I doubt it, but they have been battling the same downturn that  everyone else in porn valley has.  They released all their contract girls and, I’m told, sold their big trade show booth.  Now it could be they just wanted a new booth or whatever but if they do show up at adult expo what do you want to bet it’s in a much smaller booth?

I do wonder what would happen though if one of these “million” dollar offers Hirsch makes as a publicity stunt got accepted….my bet is he would either withddraw for some lame reason or claim that the million dollars is over a period of 5 years and 50 movies or something similarly retarded.

Gotta love porners

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Vivid In Trouble Financially?

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  1. Someone should do this to the porn industry enemy Traci Lords. Offer her a million bucks to come back and insert in the contract that it is for a year and 500 hard-core no-condom anal scenes with Marc Wallice. I would like to see her cry and scream when she thinks she is in the money and finds out she has to fuck her ass raw and get AIDS to get the million dollars! That is what she gets for just about completely ruining porn in the mid 80’s!

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