Sundays In Dayton

Are a break. Every night when Tim’s club is open (Flamingo Showclub on North Dixie) I’m there, all night. I don’t want to miss anything.

Tim’s lovely dancers (Secretia, Nausea, Smegma, Clitoria, Gyna-Lotramin and Klamidia) always keep me amused, not with sex but with whatever happens to come out of their mouths,  Pearls of wisdom like “It’s psychologically challenging being a stripper” or “Tim are we open til we close tonight?”

Then theres the bar staff…one guy got cut off by the bartender everyone calls the “Beer Nazi” the guy was appealing his case to Tim saying he really wasn’t drunk and that he shouldn’t be cut off. Tim asks what he had to drink, he said “two cokes and a Red Bull”

Then there was seeing a stripper get tazered in the parking lot by a sheriffs deputy…good times….You can’t go wrong coming to this club, they even play all rock and roll….no rap, no tekno, no soul ,no R&B just good old rock n roll

And that’s what a strip club oughtta be.

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Sundays In Dayton

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