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Tiim Case Responds

TC: my miracle child, the most special thing that’s ever happened to us, the baby we paid thousands of dollars to have, looks like…a baby TC: nice TC: lol Hey

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Skeeters Family Tree Must Not Fork

Over on a lesser site Skeeter says this ” Skeeter was shocked to learn that his mother’s brother, Hans Vorhauer, murdered 33 people.” Then This “They finally caught him- he

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Goddess Writes:

You haven’t said word one about that new baby. Sigh. Tim and Fifi have a new baby, It looks like….a baby.   I really don’t get chicks….

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Sundays In Dayton

Are a break. Every night when Tim’s club is open (Flamingo Showclub on North Dixie) I’m there, all night. I don’t want to miss anything. Tim’s lovely dancers (Secretia, Nausea,

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