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Dear Mr. South…

I got this Instant Message from Lenny today, and thought you’d get a kick out of it.

LSB: don’t want to offend you, but I really don’t know the answer to this
LSB: what’s a suitcase pimp, and are you considered one?

TimCase: Lenny, a “Suitcase Pimp” is the industry term for any boyfriend or husband of a porn chick. They are often, but not always, jobless (Skeeter Kerkove, patron saint of all aspiring suitcase pimps, makes mad money with his business and I, for example, have a lucrative career writing for
Suitcase Pimps can usually be seen carrying the bags of the actresses when they arrive on a set (hence the term Suitcase)…and they are often to be found on the cell phone handling the business affairs of the girls (i.e. “pimping” them out to whichever producer will pay the most money for a scene). This activity takes place much to the consternation of various film producers and directors, who would MUCH rather deal with the porno chicks themselves, for various reasons.
I do consider myself a suitcase pimp, having been dubbed with an official SCP nickname — “TimCase” — by none other than Mike Quasar himself while on the set of Metro’s “Getting Even”, in which my girlfriend Felicia Fox was violated by Bobby Vitale.
Is the term Suitcase Pimp ever derogatory? Of course not…

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Bringing us to the King and the Crown Prince:

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