The Republicans Wept Today:

As Al Gore announced that he would not seek the Democratic Nomination, there is still hope that Hillary might do so though. Tod Hunter was unavailable for comment.

The BBC has announced:

That scientists have uncovered the “fear” gene. The “Jackass” gene is still at large. Gene Ross on the other hand has faded into well deserved obscurity.

Speaking of Obscurity:

Evan Seinfeld has yet to make any statements other than all us gossip sites are “fourth rate” and getting it all wrong. I guess he is just another punk ass, blowhard, suitcase pimp boyfriend who is all mouth. Hey he isn’t really a badass he just plays one on TV. Speak up Evan, or better yet don’t Tera’s asshole should be seen and not heard.

6410cookie-checkThe Republicans Wept Today:

The Republicans Wept Today:

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