It was a blast!

The Awards show on Monday night ( It’s 6AM tues and I havent been to bed yet) was a blast. Paul and Tracy Aleen and the folks at Nightmoves did a great job. Tera was emcee for part two fo the show and was cordial and nice to everyone, she took a thinly veiled verbal shot at Jewel DeNyle but to her credit Jewel did not retaliate verbally. When Cali Cox won best new starlet (way to go Cali) Tera had to make a point of how she had won it twice…I’m not trying to turn this into a bash Tera site but this is NOT the same sweet humble girl who started in this business….I love ya Adella but maybe Tera shouldn’t be allowed to read your press releases for a while.

I got an award that was basically recognition for being present at the show all these years and it means a lot to me, Paul and Tracy are like family to me and I appreciate that they chose to acknowledge my help.

My guys Beater and Chris did a bang up job of helping out and I am thrilled to report that Felicia Fox won Miss Congeniality, Fifi yer the bomb baby!

I want to thank everyone who gave me props onstage and that’s a LONG list, you guys have no idea how good you all made me feel.

Steve from OZ, my Brother Isaac, Hailey, Samantha Silk, Cori Love, Beater, Sammie Sparks, Hymie You guys are ALL the coolest and if I left anyone off it was not intentional.

More later Y’all!

4910cookie-checkIt was a blast!

It was a blast!

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