Stripper Quote of The Day

Kiska comes into the office…

Tim I need to go home early

Tim asks why do you need to go hme early

Kiska replies:  Because my Uterus is falling out.

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Stripper Quote of The Day

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  1. That’s a highly intelligent statement considering the people I work with all day. One employee called to chew me out because her “fucking paycheck was getting smaller and smaller every week”, even though she “was working the same amount of hours” and she demanded to know why. She worked 40 hours the first week, 13 hours the second and 7 hours the third. Yeah, 40, 13 and 7 are EXACTLY THE SAME.

    Here’s the frightening part: this dillweed quit the company ….TO JOIN THE MILITARY! Here’s hoping some of the enemy forces are just as stupid.

  2. That’s disgusting. My ex-wife had a little rodent dog once (a toy poodle or something similarly K9 ridiculous) whose uterus fell out. It was a very unpleasant sight and now I’ve got a similar image in my head except, instead of a little, annoying, runt dog, it’s stripper, gyrating naked on stage with her uterus hanging out. Thanks for sharing. (not)

  3. Ok, JimmyD’s comment reminded me of a stripper toon I saw once. She was preggers, dancing on the pole and the baby was hanging out between her legs…LOL!

  4. Looks like she has been fisting too much. Actually, a uterus can fall out, but it would be pretty obvious if this stripper was dressed like strippers usually are when working. I would have immediately called an ambulance as someone with a prolapsed uterus needs immediate medical attention!

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