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Compliments of the lovely and talented Kayden Kross

“What the fuck is a Rooster Cogburn.”


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Stripper Quote O’ The Day

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  1. Mike… I’m greatly disappointed that you haven’t introduced that young lady to the Duke. Next time she’s down south, we’ll schedule a John Wayne/Clint Eastwood educational marathon. Complete with guest commentary (from me)

    Honestly, I hated hearing about this remake, thinking of course, that they would slaughter yet another classic. After watching the trailer and recognizing almost every line and action from the original, I’m a little more optimistic about seeing it.

    If you get the part of Rooster and need some tech support on the “drunken, over-the-hill, shooter”, just give me a call. Got loads of experience you can draw from… lol

  2. I was with Hunter on this my theory is if you can’t do it better than the guy that made it famous don’t bother and “True Grit” is tough one to improve on, but after seeing the trailer and the dark edge that seems to be put on the movie this one has promise….and Johnny Cash in the trailer hooked me…..

  3. Hey Tony… I like Rooster’s reply to Bruce Dern’s comment better… “Fill your hands, you sons of bitches”. Of course, then he killed em all.

  4. “…but after seeing the trailer and the dark edge that seems to be put on the movie this one has promise”…”

    In other words: “Because I’ve made a living out of giving a perfectly healthy and morally pure activity (sex) a ‘dark edge’ – by having it associated with anything other than simply an extreme expression of respect – I find it reassuring (ie: relieving) that people who operate on a broader level of the human experience than I do are willing to pervert even more than just sex. If I can find proof that even heroic figures like John Wayne have clay feet, then having to live with what I do to human sexuality doesn’t feel quite as painful. That is the promise I sense might be met, and that is why I think I might find this film appealing.”

  5. Dantes…Me thinks you don’t understand the terminology.

    When used to describe a book or a film the term dark means gloomy, cheerless, dismal, sullen. Which this version of “True Grit” certainly appears to be.

    I don’t make blue (when applied to movies means of or having to do with sex or other “moral” matters, usually portrayed in a comedic manner) movies that could be even remotely described as dark. My adult videos are fun, funny, happy, ribald, and extraordinarily well acted.

    Now you’d think someone who adopted the root moniker of the worlds darkest dark comedies would know this.

  6. A “gloomy, cheerless, dismal, sullen” fictional hero is a contradiction in terms. Such a character is an anti-hero, and a movie featuring one is making a statement about the world in general. Namely, that heroes do not exist. This modern version of “True Grit” is most likely such a film. Given the state of the culture is wouldn’t surprise me. They may hide behind the excuse that because in the past many hereos were so happy go lucky that they could not taken seriously, but that being true does not change the fact that seriousness (when appropriate) and “happy-go-luckiness” when appropriate are not mutually exclusive. An anti-hero film, on the other hand, fails to provide those glimpes joy then they should be presented.

    Similarly, a “funny, happy, ribald” pornography film is a contradiction terms – for the very same reasons. A film who’s central feature and primary purpose is the viewer’s vicarious sexual gratification is, by it’s mere existence, making a statement about the world in general. It is saying, implicitly, that fulfillment – real, genuine, actual personal fulfillment (which is what the sexual act is meant to express) – cannot be achieved. It is saying that this – a substitute – is the best we can hope for. You may hide behind the excuse that because in the past many people have associated sex with shame, or depravity, or other negative feeling, that what you’re doing when you present it as “happy” is protecting it’s essence, but you being right that that is it’s essence does not change the fact that fantasy and make believe are only appropriate in some of life’s areas; sex not being one of them.

    Again, the reason why you expect to find a “dark” version of a hero film appealing is because it confirms for you a view of existence that your own work depends upon: that perfection – whether it be becoming immensely courageous and skilled and thus a genuine hero, or becoming personally fulfilled, connected with another, and thus in the throes of genuine love and sexual passion – is silly, naive, and pointless notion.

    (And it’s Edmond Dantes, not Dante’s Inferno)

  7. Ya know, I read this crap from Dantes (I guess you finally decided the name “Goodwill” was just too hypocritical). I thought about making an intelligent response, then realized, there’s no intelligent response to idiocy.

    I do have to wonder about your motives, Dantes. You’re obviously educated, yet you waste incredible amounts of time composing these inane comments that any intelligent (there’s a great difference between intelligence and education) human would realize is absolutely fruitless. Mike South isn’t going to stop producing porn because you made him feel bad. The fact is, I doubt very seriously you bother him at all. No current or future porn producers or actors are going to change their course of action in any way based on your pointless ramblings, regardless of how many books it proves you’ve read. So obviously, you do this for yourself. You immerse yourself in a world that you pretend to despise, simply for your own gratification. That’s just scary, dude.

    Bottom line… The only control over porn you have (or should EVER have) is the ability to turn it off. That’s your right, you should exercise it, and find some peace within yourself.

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