A Stripper Quote

Ok It’s been a bit too serious here of late so this post should lighten things up.

Tim and I were discussing the common denominators that girls in the adult industry all seem to share, the main one being that somewhere they all seem to have “daddy issues”.

Pixie is a cute blonde dancer who is listening to our conversation and she feels the nee to set the record straight.

“I don’t know why all you guys think that all dancers have daddy issues, I do not have daddy issues, it wouldn’t be possible for me to have daddy issues because he left my mom and I when I was three and I never even knew him.”

Solid Gold


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A Stripper Quote

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  1. I think women’s submissive kinkiness and daddy issues come hand in hand lately. Matt Williams over at Intersec has several “actresses” that call him “daddy” in their scenes now. It is sort of funny but I sincerely hope it is an act and these girls don’t really have that severe of “daddy” issues.

  2. That’s funny.
    Rapture Adult Entertainment company in the Valley went under last week after only back in business for 5 months. casualties of the shutdowns that cause some of the business to crash.

  3. Rick, Mike has a small book of stripper quotes and other porn incidents in a Kindle book called Stripper Quotes. I just bought it this week and it is very entertaining. Some of the articles inside have been posted on here but many have not. Kindle is available for Android and Windows now, the Windows version of Kindle installs easily but it took a bit to install the Android version on my tablet. Once you have Kindle installed you then go and purchase whatever e-book you want (I understand there is quite a selection), the books are actually kept in a cloud server that uses Kindle to access. There is a link on this site for Stripper Quotes that will take you to the Amazon website, the Kindle app is available there as well as the e-book.

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