The Sleep of Reason: Online White Knighting and Trial By Twitter Will Destroy Us If We Don’t Take a Stand

El sueño de la razón produce monstruos. (The sleep of reason produces monsters — Inscription on one of Los Caprichos, a set of satirical prints in aquatint and etching created by the great Spanish artist Francisco Goya in 1797 and 1798.)

Pop quiz: You feel like you might be in physical danger at your current place of residence. Do you:

A) Call the police;

B) Call a friend to come get you and give you a place to stay;

C) Tweet your predicament to porn gossip bloggers.

It’s a serious question.

It seems like every day that another performer turns to Twitter to seek consolation, pity and support from fans and peers, hoping to ignite a firestorm of outrage: an outpouring of support and indignation that will elevate their status, and grant them greater cachet and leverage in today’s victimhood culture.

And we media have been complicit.

Here’s perennial victim Leigh Raven — a woman who falsely accused an African American performer of rape and assault — playing to the suckers on Twitter this week (after announcing she had been “bullied”out of the adult business):

Virtually every cell phone on the market has a camera on it, yet we have to take the word of a proven liar about mystery packages and slashed tires.

And for all her repeated threats of leaving the spotlight over the past year, Ms. Raven has proven that as long as the SJW crowd and intersectionalist zealots are willing to pat her on the head, she’s not likely to go anywhere.

Save me

Then there’s Lily Adams. Last year she took to Twitter to make claims about an adult director and got an obscene amount of ink over it, despite having no evidence to back up her story. She took great care to conflate a date with a business appointment — a ‘go-see’ — that in actuality occurred a year earlier in a transparent attempt to try to squeeze a settlement out of porn goliath Gamma Entertainment.

She hardly works now (for good reason), and in the time since she made those first allegations online she has threatened suicide more times than some of us have had hot meals.

The perpetual martyr, she tweets a lot of stuff like this:

Adams is like a toddler, except instead of throwing a tantrum when she doesn’t get her way, she threatens suicide. If she doesn’t get enough birthday presents — suicide. If she doesn’t get favorable media coverage — suicide. If performers refuse to blackball the people she accuses — suicide.

The suicide attempts never happen, of course; these are empty threats. But after the tragic death of August Ames, people are too scared to call her on it . . . and she knows it.

Charlotte Cross

Cross purposes

Then there’s Charlotte Cross, a woman who somehow finds herself embroiled in every single scandal the adult business has seen. And if there is no scandal, she’ll manufacture one — such as a staged disappearance — for attention. Always for attention.

The one net positive of her latest debacle was that adult media are now being far more cautious in the reporting of alleged crimes in the absence of s police report or other documentation.

Sing a Sad Song

Thus morning brought a series of tweets from starlet Saya Song. I don’t know Ms. Song, and I certainly have nothing against her, but as I wrote on Twitter today:

Here’s what Ms. Song posted:

The Sleep of Reason: Online White Knighting and Trial By Twitter Will Destroy Us

Now, I wasn’t there, at the scene of this more than one-month-old allegation or during the alleged confrontation today. And neither were you. We don’t know what was done or what was said. But what I do know is that a coupe of things are quite odd in Ms. Song’s account, and her approach.

First, this guy is her roommate, and for all we know they might be dating, yet she is going out of her way to portray their relationship as a professional one — i.e., that there has been impropriety on a shoot, and that he is a director and she a performer. Shades of Lily Adams.

She also states that the ugly event occurred on July 20, yet she moved in with him one week later. Maybe it means nothing, but it seems odd.

Second, there’s this tweet:

Here was my response on Twitter:

Welcome to 2019, where we are asked to monitor people’s personal relationships. No thanks, I’ll let adults be adults and mind my own damn business. How about you? Who would YOU declare qualified to police your personal relationships?

And third, Ms. Song’s appeal was not made to the authorities, but to porn bloggers.

Obviously her goal is to smear him in the adult press. Again, she might be 100% truthful here. But the 2019 outrage culture tactic is troubling to say the least. Now, had he written porn gossip sites to attack her and she were defending herself, it would make perfect sense. But that’s not the case.

If we value our freedoms — what is left of them — then we must think critically. Use logic, not emotion. Don’t take things on faith. Faith and emotion are the enemies of logic and reason. And the sleep of reason does produce monsters.

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The sleep of reason
The sleep of reason produces monsters.


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The Sleep of Reason: Online White Knighting and Trial By Twitter Will Destroy Us If We Don’t Take a Stand

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  1. Some girls ask their fanbois for a month long Birthday celebration. A birthday is one day but some girls have announced a whole month to celebrate their birthday and want their fans to supply them with gifts from their Amazon wish list all month long. Stuff like this makes the girls feel entitled.

    The girls whip their fanbois up into a frenzy. When they are outraged over something they announce it on their TW/IG and the fanbois go nuts.

  2. There is a place for discussing your problems on social media. However, it has been so abused that people now don’t believe porn performers when they do. Leigh “Skankledum” Raven and Nikki “Skankledee” Hearts saw to that. Charlotte Cross has also contributed to this, either she is the most problem prone performer since Janine Lindemulder or she is lying at least half of the time. As for Lily Adams, Gamma owner Bree Mills should be allowed to make her life a living hell.

  3. I agree, and I’m not suggesting that people should censor themselves so as to not discuss their problems; the issue here is dog whistling and the way in which we the readers/viewers of their stuff respond.

    People can lose their reputations and livelihoods over mere allegations that have no factual basis. That’s terrifying.

    And cancel culture has gone so far that people across the spectrum from Piers Morgan to Dave Chapelle agree that soon we won’t have any celebrities left.

  4. Remember Haley Reed, too. But at least she admitted that she had made a mistake. The constant crying and begging on twitter is pathetic. Especially from the girls who proclaim their independence from agents yet cry when they don’t receive legitimate work.

  5. Too many progressives/SJWs have infiltrated the porn industry. They’re goal is to destroy it and turn it into a g/g only industry.

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