Just who is the infamous Twitter troll known as Omid18097499?

Mike, did you hear that AVN found the identity of the Instagram troll? I wrote in asked who it was since they won’t post it on their own site and Peter Warren told me his Twitter and Instagram handle was @itx_paindu. What do u think? It this really the guy?

He appears to be a Muslim living in Austin, Texas who states that his date of birth is September 12, 1996, who interestingly enough, seems to have a thing for former porn star Mia Khalifa.

For those of you wondering what our reader is talking about, Peter Warren from AVN posted n article which states they found out who the guy was getting all the porn stars Instagram accounts disabled. However, he didn’t want to publish the guy’s information, and would only offer it up to porn stars who had been a victim of this troll using the twitter handle @Omid18097499.

We aren’t sure why AVN didn’t want to out the piece of shit, but we have no problem doing so.

AVN was contacted last week by a source wishing to remain anonymous who claimed to have discovered the true identity of “Omid,” the notorious anti-porn “troll” responsible for effecting the disablement of more than 500 Instagram accounts to date belonging to adult performers and other adult-related personalities and entities.

In a subsequent meeting with AVN, the source shared a detailed breakdown of findings tracing the accounts with which “Omid” openly harasses adult performers to multiple personal accounts across several social media platforms, as well as documents revealing the online antagonist’s legal name, location and more.

AVN confirms that these findings appear to be valid, but due to certain sensitivity concerns is opting not to publish them here. However, any known adult industry performer or other individual holding an adult-related Instagram account may email [email protected] to privately obtain the personal account handle of the person who goes by “Omid.” It is recommended that this person be blocked from all adult-related accounts and/or reported to Instagram for harassment.

Is AVN’s source correct?  Is Omid also “@itx_paindu” on both Twitter and Instagram?

Scrolling through his twitter feed, the guy seems really sexually repressed and has made more than a few off-hand remarks about sexually related things including female breast sizes and of course quite a  few Mia Khalifa tweets which we mentioned earlier.

It’s weird. He says how he hates born and then brags when a porn company likes his tweet. He seems very insecure and conflicted with his sexual desires.

472970cookie-checkJust who is the infamous Twitter troll known as Omid18097499?

Just who is the infamous Twitter troll known as Omid18097499?

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8 Responses

  1. Typical hypocrite that loves porn and looks down his nose at the performers at the same time.

  2. Sounds like a familiar destructive combo. Hope he can resolve it in his own mind.

  3. I hope now that he is outed that his campaign against porn performers not named Mia Khalifa stops. What a asinine human being!

  4. I can’t imagine Sean doing this to that many people, if it were him and word got out his news site would be done for. As for Bosco, this would not surprise me coming from him.

    Also, why would someone name himself after pizza in a breadstick? They don’t even taste that great. I think he needs to GTFO of porn and not come back to Michigan after doing so. I think Bosco is more suited to Compton or Harlem anyway.

  5. MHarris you are fucking hilarious. I still think it’s one or both of those ass clowns.

  6. I just realized that readers from outside the US don’t likely know what a Bosco stick is. Here is a link: https://amzn.to/2VTvLjY . They are mainly sold to institutional customers for use in school lunchrooms but in Michigan they can be bought in quantity for personal use from Gordon Food Service (and if you live in a same day delivery city, Amazon).

    Jeffrey, I think if it is one of those “ass clowns” it would be Bosco. Mr. TRPWL doing something like this would make him lose the cooperation of performers necessary to run his website (admittedly I haven’t read his site in a couple of years). I also don’t see TRPWL’s owner and main journalist wanting to fuck a Lebanese girl, I had him pegged as only fucking cute white chicks nowadays. I guess it is possible but I just don’t see it. This is right up Bosco Stick’s alley, though. Trinity St. Whore (excuse me, Clair) would be another possible defendant in this one. So would Shelley Lubben except she is as dead as Ron Jeremy’s dick after his heart attack (even before that performers said his dick was only good for “sucky sucky” and didn’t get hard enough for “fucky fucky”).

    Now that I think of it, maybe Mx. Lubben is doing all of this from Hell in between sessions fucking Satan’s pitchforked and extra sharp dick (emitting caustic and cunt wall eating cum along with a guaranteed AIDS infection along with snotty cunt and crabs with extra sharp pincers) and sucking his razor blade lined balls. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Hey Jeffrey,

    Matthew Harris worked for Sean at one time so he’d certainly know if Sean was Omid.

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