Rape, Drugs and Theft: The Passions of Scottie Ohanian

It dawned on me today that our readers have never been given a breakdown of the criminal past of unlicensed talent agency owner Scottie (a.k.a. Scotty) J. Ohanian a.k.a. Scottie Platinum, nor shown precisely what this recidivist looks like. After digging deep to find some photos, it’s clear why Scottie keeps a such low profile.

Without further ado, here’s Scottie. . .

Plush Talent's Scottie Ohanian - Scotty Ohanian - Scottie Platinum

The gorilla and the ape
Scottie Ohanian with his next victim


The Ohanians go to Atlantic City; sexual assault rates rise.


Now, these pics are a few years old, and I hear Scottie is actually heavier now. His old Facebook profile lists some of his favorite things

‘Nuff said.

Old habits

Anyway, as readers are probably aware, Scottie has been a bad boy for a very long time. (And by readers, I mean visitors who didn’t swallow this post by AmDazed’s favorite author who always did his research, which falsely states that Ohanian’s “agency”, Plush Talent, was legally licensed.)

We all know about Scottie’s most recent arrest, in Los Angeles, reputedly for kidnapping, drug possession and possession child porn . . .

. . . but he has quite the rap sheet going back to his time in Allentown and Schnecksville, PA.

Nice, right? That’s DEFINITELY the guy I’d trust with my personal information.

This report, from 2011, concerns Ohanian’s alleged practices when he operated the now-defunct Diamond Girls LLC:

Scott Ohanian contacted me through Facebook [and] we exchanged phone numbers after numerous emails back and fourth. He claimed he could help my modeling career and get me in Penthouse magazine. . . . Prior to meeting him he told me via telephone that he was a cousin of Kim Kardashian . . .  He also told me he worked for Playboy and was a very good friend of Arney Freytag, a well known playboy photographer.

I know bulls**t when I see it and this man has so many desperate girls who want to model so badly he sells them dreams and they sign [their] lives away on this “casting application”. The application was more of a contract/model release stating that he would have ALL rights to the pictures and that he would be able to use them for  promotional use on any websites that are in his name. It also stated that I would be required to be measured nude by Scott Ohanian and that it would be recorded and that I would be required to shoot nude the same day. . . My main interest was in Penthouse which he claimed he had connects to. I only agreed to shoot nude for a test shoot with Penthouse not with Scott or his rental photographers.

I was very irrate that I traveled very far all to discover that this man is not even a agent and had never worked with Playboy ever in his whole life. The photographers that were present were sleazy and they didnt even have proper equipment. The whole thing with this man is that he is a con artist and is scamming young girls. Once he gets the rights to the pictures he will sell them to every porn site you can think of! He is not to be trusted and I urge every model who reads this to stay away from his nothing good will come out of it.

The Diamond Girls website is gone, but thanks to the marvel that is Wayback Machine, we can still catch a glimpse of Scottie’s brainchild and bangtail lure.


“Top photographers”


Diamond Girls is also listed on this publicly available summary of his Schnecksville address:


Ohanian Still on the Make

Then there’s the more recent claims of fraud, sexual assault, attempted sexual assault, drug abuse, bad debts, etc…  These accusations come from different women and businesses, over a span of years, from different areas of the country.

Take this bad check from 2016 which first popped up over at TRPWL:

Rape, Drugs and Theft: The Passions of Scottie Ohanian

And, of course, there’s a lengthy list of public accusations by models and starlets.

Here’s a small sample:

Rape, Drugs and Theft: The Passions of Scottie Ohanian


Fortunately for the adult business, Plush Talent has gone the way of the dodo, but since he’s a slave to his “passions”, somehow I doubt we’ve heard the last of “Scottie Platinum”.

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Rape, Drugs and Theft: The Passions of Scottie Ohanian

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8 Responses

  1. If Scottie is a rapist and a kidnapper he needs nightly torture for the rest of his life. I am not one to knock on misdemeanants because there are so many that are governmental overreach or an unintentional mistake but this guy sure had a lot of them and writing bad checks is a doozy — 99% of the time you know if you have the money to cover a check you write (garnishments are an issue with some people but a person usually knows if he is one of them and doesn’t keep a checking account if he is), he has bad checks in several years just from what is in this article so even if that is the case he certainly knew of the situation after the first round of rubber checks (oh shit, one of his rubber checks just flew in my direction, I had to duck to keep it from cutting my head off 🙂 ). Someone also knows if his account is either closed or at risk of closure and if he has any brains at all doesn’t write checks off of such an account. I strongly suspect Scottie is a dick, a shyster, probably both a cocksucker and a catcher for the “five bubba club” team now that he has been in jail with “five bubba clubs” and from the looks of things an idiot.

    I also re-read the linked article, I will let others start arguments about it but one of Mike’s comments stated that he talked to someone in California (I would assume someone from the state) and he was told that Plush’s license was then “in transfer”. I wonder if he was licensed in PA, tried to transfer the license to CA, the license was truly in transfer status at the time of the article (knocking it off of the PA database and obviously not placing it on the CA one at the time) and his transfer was later denied due to his criminal history. His criminal history dates back to at least 2008 just from the information in this article, Mike’s article was published several years later — assuming all of the information is correct his attempted license transfer took place between 2009 (the last PA criminal charge listed here) and the date of Mike’s article. I can’t speak first-hand to that situation but I can see where something like that could have happened. California has pretty strict laws on who can have a modeling talent license, I think a misdemeanor within five years of application is a disqualifier — he could have had some within that time frame that didn’t show up on Voice’s PA criminal records check, maybe one or more misdemeanors from other states. That would explain my theory on what happened with Mike’s article.

  2. Why yes, Cliff.


    Scottie Ohanian, a.k.a. Scottie Platinum (among other aliases) … is now best known as the denture-wearing, drug abusing, multiple fraud-committing, ex-long-term boyfriend of adult performer Gia Paige.

    (Yes, amazing isn’t it: the same Gia Paige who runs around pretending to advocate for the well-being and fair treatment of women in porn was in a relationship with a known abuser and convicted criminal who has been accused of sexual assault and other sexual improprieties by many adult performers.)

  3. Isn’t Gia Page either married to or in a romantic and sexual relationship with Riley Reynolds of Hussey Models? That chick sure knows how to attach herself to scumbags, doesn’t she?

  4. Some have a talent for finding douchebags. Gia’s boyfriends seem to be even worse — they sound like at minimum shitbags. Scottie Platinum-Ohanian sounds even worse, he sounds like a nuke bomb in a bag with a timer set to detonate it in thirty seconds and there are a bunch of vats full of Syria’s chemical weapon mix next to it!

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