Beware of So Called “Talent Scouts”



UPDATE  It turns out Keli Roberts also had Michael Snoreen on her radar and she has a lot more info…you can read it here:


MichaelSnoreenThis happens so often that I normally don’t mention it much because most girls now know better but this one is at another level. His name is Michael Snoreen and he has dozens of twitter accounts and for some odd reason he has targeted Plush Models.

He contacted me wanting me to do a hit piece on them but as soon as I started talking to Michael it became obvious that he is really just another stalker.  As soon as I asked what he does in the biz his answer was “Talent Scout”,  When asked who he worked for he told  me DDF Network, when I contacted them their answer was no he doesn’t and that they do not now nor have they ever used “talent scouts”.  Which makes sense because lets face it, there is no such thing as a “Talent Scout” in porn.

Michael targets the girls at Plush for some reason and when I told him I had checked out Plush and that they are, in fact, licensed and legit and that what he was doing was actionable on a civil level and unethical on every level.  I ended up having to block him from my social media accounts after telling him that nobody will have much issue if he finds girls and sends them to legit agents, instead of targeting girls, already under contract, It of course, fell on deaf ears.

I talked to Scottie at Plush who gave me a lot more info on the guy and said that the only thing he was doing was annoying the girls, which is true, I talked to a few that said he contacted them unsolicited and tried to convince them to break the contract with Plush, he also represents himself as a member of the Entertainment Adult Union, I contacted the Union and was told that was not true, that he had spoken to some Union supporters but does not qualify for membership.

So ladies, once again beware of social media stalkers, anyone who solicits you like this is up to no good, do your homework and stay away from social media stalkers.

If you ever have a question about anyone feel free to ask me about them, I will shoot straight with you.

[Further Update]  Michael now claims to work for Hussie Models…word to Hussie, If that is true I would be very careful, he is potentially dangerous to your company and your reputation.  He claims that Plush can’t sue him because he is certified mentally disabled, that of course is not true, but if he is in the employ of Hussie it makes Hussie Liable for acts committed by him

and here is a bit from keli’s story:

if you are contacted by this person, RUN THE OTHER WAY. We know that to date he has contacted at least 7 performers and with 5 of them have attempted to befriend them and when they share any sort of personal information with him, he them exposes it including their real names, addresses, the family’s information and copies of medical tests. With two different performers who contacted their family and attempted to send copies of their porn to them.

If you are remotely nice to him in any way, even by just befriending him on twitter or Facebook he becomes very aggressive, contacting one performer 23 times in a three hour period. When she didn’t respond, he began to message every friend on her Facebook page and harassing them.

I know he has also contacted at least three agents in the past 30 to 45 days saying he represents the International Adult Entertainment Union and as such needed to get a copy of their license for the unions records.

Bottom Line y’all….stay FAR away from this guy


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Beware of So Called “Talent Scouts”

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  1. Thank-you Mike South.
    It lowers my blood pressure just knowing you’re out there somewhere.
    I read so many things you write, and I am always too busy to give you a hug so here’s UR hug: -= HUG =-

    Guys, be like Mike South. Be a Hero.

    If in doubt about “someone from IEAU” ask @ientertainadult before you wander off into the park with them. The Real Union won’t ever steer you wrong.
    Did you know: a lot of Cops are Teamsters? It’s true.

  2. There is no end to shitbums that hang onto the porn industry and try to pass themselves off as agents or producers in order to get laid. Every industry has their crackpots and ne’erdowells but the porn industry seems to attract the most.

  3. There was once a story warning people about this guy on revealing girls personal information but I just checked and it’s now gone. It seems Sean Tompkins deleted it once he got his hands on the site. It’s almost as if Sean Tompkins wants girls to get scammed by a weirdo like this.

  4. Mike: Plush talent is not licensed. If you check the California talent agency database here: and run their license number they list on their site, nothing comes up. So it appears that at least they are not licensed in California. If they’ve supposedly been licensed in another state that could maybe explain it, but they aren’t licensed in CA.

  5. Side note: I checked the Pennsylvania database as well (they list a Philly address on their site), and it didn’t come up in there either.

  6. According to the person I spoke with in Cali their license is in fact in transfer, but the truth is even if Plush is not licensed the bigger threat here is clearly Michael Snoreen, I have spoken to girls at Plush and they are happy and have no complaints, they all complained about Michael. Stalker behavior is a HUGE red flag look at Ari Bass /Uncle Peg, its how he started as well…

  7. LOL I hate to judge a book by its cover but that dude looks like a rapist about to get his mug shot taken.

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  9. It would be nice to see LIB and TRPWL change hands but I don’t expect the state of Texas to wade into that political quagmire. It would be a damned if they did and damned if they didn’t situation because they would be seizing the sites to sell and conservatives would be bitching because the state didn’t do their bidding and shut the sites down instead. If they did seize them using state debts and shut them down the feds would be on them for seizure under false pretenses unless they completely paid off his past due state debts or could prove that they would only get a certain amount out of them in an auction (good luck with that without an actual auction) and paid that amount toward those debts. If the baby mothers want the sites seized and sold to pay child support they will have to get attorneys and do it on their own, if the child support is due to the state in exchange for welfare benefits (I don’t know the answer to that but with five baby mothers likely one was on assistance at some point in their children’s childhoods) they don’t get anything out of it anyway so why would they bother?

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