Sex Workers: ‘Progressive’ Activists Like Victoria Pannell Think You Are Trash

This infuriated me.

Actress Victoria Pannell is a darling of the socially conscious left. A Democrat, “activist” and SAG/AFTRA National Boated Member.

A youth organizer for the Women’s March.

In 2011, Victoria Pannell was named the first national leader for Youth Move, a 47-city network of kids which was an offshoot of the Rev. Al Sharpton‘s “civil rights group”.

But like many of her colleagues in the spheres of feminist activism, politics and mainstream entertainment, she’s also a whore-hating piece of human garbage.

Like every authoritarian before her, Pannell dresses you her hatred in the noblest of causes: in her case (as it is with many of her ilk), protecting children.

However, the U.S. Department of Justice has stated that the new FOSTA law is unconstitutional, many actual trafficking victims opposed it, and prosecutors have said it will make nabbing and convicting actual traffickers more difficult.

Think of the children

Author Maggie McNeill wrote in 2010

As in the Victorian Era we have become shockingly hypocritical about sex and grant our governments tremendous power to suppress it while simultaneously spending tremendous amounts of time and money on it (Victorian London had the largest number of prostitutes per capita of any place and time in history).  We have revived Victorian ideas of government-enforced temperance and “social progress”, and the Victorian “Cult of the Child” has returned with a vengeance.

But dig a little deeper and it’s easy to see that something even more insidious is going on:

Sex Workers: 'Progressive' Activists Like Victoria Pannell Think You Are Trash

The argument made by … humans … like Pannella is premised on derogatory assumptions about the lifestyles of sex workers, and a perception that their income is “ill-gotten”.

As any student of history can tell you, this is how the extermination of undesirables begins.

I am reminded of Adolf Hitler’s move to disarm German citizens based on their group identities. The intent was to render these enemies (Jews, in particular) defenseless so that their “ill-gotten” property could be redistributed.

Stark went on to ask Pannell,

Who do you [think] is most susceptible to coercion and exploitation? Sex workers… women are now dead and it’s your fault. Worst of all, you’ve done nothing to [end] traffic[k]ing. You just made it more dangerous for actual victims.

The vileness of such a remark, the evil of it, cannot be understated. Sex workers are “less than” people like her; people who agree with her agenda.

To people like Pannell, the livelihoods, and thus the lives, of the marginalized sex worker community constitute acceptable losses in the pursuit of their agenda. This is the DEFINITION of fanaticism.

The war on sex work is a war on sex workers, because the elimination of sex work means, by definition, the eradication of sex workers.

History shows us the endgame of all identity politics. The disfavored are expendable at best, and marked for elimination at worst.

This is serious, people. Use the time you have left to stop fanatics like Victoria Pannell.




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Sex Workers: ‘Progressive’ Activists Like Victoria Pannell Think You Are Trash

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  1. It’s just sad that one woman can be so cruel to another. Victoria Pannell thinks she’s better than a sex worker and is ignorant to confuse human trafficking with sex work. Human traffacking is a small piece of the pie of this legislation that’s a not so thinly guise at taking down sex workers. This woman should be ashamed of herself.

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