Hollywood Hypocrites Judd Apatow and Chelsea Handler Can Go F@ck Themselves #StigmaKills

Porn star shamers Judd Apatow and Chelsea Handler are emblematic of allegedly ‘liberal’ Hollywood elites who ignored and protected sexual predation by Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and others, but instead degrade adults who engage in consensual sex


On Twitter yesterday, February 10, 2018, celebrities Judd Apatow and Chelsea Handler, while attacking President Donald Trump, felt it necessary to share their opinion that porn stars were morally comparable to abusers, perverts, haters and criminals.

Here’s what they wrote

Hollywood Hypocrites Judd Apatow and Chelsea Handler Can Go Fuck Themselves #StigmaKills

Bear in mind,  Apatow has made a fortune creating vulgar sex comedies, and has worked with Stormy Daniels. (He’s also, as we can see, a propagandist who refers to gun control bans as “gun safety”, but that’s a point for another day.)

It wasn’t long before members of the porn business, the sex worker community, their fans and allies made their disgust known at the pair’s hypocrisy. Here’s a sampling:

“We (pornstars) provide legal entertainment that comedians have cashed in on for decades”, wrote performer Mickey Mod, who added that shame and stigma about sex work equaled complicity in “the deaths of those we have lost. Your shame is our death.”

Porn star Stormy Daniels with Steve Carell in the Apatow-directed “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”

Seeing Chelsea Handler, who freely politicized a church shooting,  and body shamed Sarah Huckabee Sanders, write of a “moral obligation” is absolutely gag-inducing. This is the woman who makes racist jokes but condemns others for making them.

There’s one rule for these people, and one for the rest of us.


Even retired porn legend Jenna Jameson was pissed off

Jenna Jameson rips Chelsea Handler

Apatow tried to weasel out of his remark, but no one was having it:

He later apologized for his phrasing, but the anger and hurt feelings remain.

Once again, two wealthy entertainers who enjoy the benefits of the First Amendment, one of whom considers herself a feminist, attack the members of a field where women earn far more than their male counterparts. More of the same tired old Hollywood hypocrisy from distressingly illiberal activists.

#StigmaKills  #NeverForget  #FuckYall

216250cookie-checkHollywood Hypocrites Judd Apatow and Chelsea Handler Can Go F@ck Themselves #StigmaKills

Hollywood Hypocrites Judd Apatow and Chelsea Handler Can Go F@ck Themselves #StigmaKills

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9 Responses

  1. Only porn stars/sex workers (and their fanbois) think they should be treated as equals to actresses, musicians, or sports personalities. To the rest of the world porn is still a fringe profession.

  2. @karmafan: There’s a big difference between wanting to at the same level as actresses and sports personalities and NOT wanting to be listed with child molesters and wife-beaters

    Technically, Chelsea Handler’s statement was listing things that CHILDREN would remember first….putting porn stars on a bad list for children is OK, putting them on the WORST list, is NOT. Porn stars, in persona, might be (possibly) lascivious and lewd, but those other persons’ acts represent evil, and should occupy their own list, even for children.

  3. I think Chelsea Handler needs to be shagged by five big dicked black dudes in a gangbang (yes, I know her appearance has deteriorated drastically over the past ten or so years but I bet she could still find some to fuck). Maybe she could fuck her drug dealers, she did a show on Netflix where she shows herself getting fucked up on drugs 7-8 times and talks about her very extensive drug history so she definitely has a few in her Rolodex. As for her putting porn performers on the same list as child fuckers and (unconsensual) wife beaters, she can go fuck herself. She has proven that she is one fucked up cocksucking bitch! I bet Chelsea tried to fuck Jacky St. James the night she was on the Chelsea show that she hosted for a while, though (the episode was never released or shown but Jacky posted pictures of she and her on set at the taping), the sacrilegious and hypocritical douche bag. I think if Sumner Redstone offered her a new TV show on MTV if she sucked his dick once a week for the next ten years she would both suck it and swallow his 95 year old cum every time. I would have loved to see the look on her face if she did try to get in Jacky’s pants and she told her to go take Michael Weinfuck’s (or some 5th Street hobo’s) AIDS infested dick and cum up her ass.

  4. Matt,

    Why do you get so angry? Someone in your condition shouldn’t get himself so worked up.

  5. Me, angry? No, not me. Tell you what, Hop. Let me fuck Chelsea around the world for a while — of course with her hands (voluntarily) tied behind her back. Maybe then she will be less hypocritical about adult entertainment. It might not work, though. Chelsea might have fried her brain from taking all of those drugs over the years and her comment was an example of her not being able to think straight. She might have even been high on some hard illegal drug when she wrote it. I wonder if she has a candy bowl full of Percocet, a bowl full of Adderall and another full of powdered cocaine on her kitchen table as I type. 🙂

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