PHOTOS: Adult Star Nova Cane Accuses Brad Knight of Assault; Knight Jailed

Nova Cane tweets gruesome photos of injuries she says were caused by drunken Brad Knight.

Knight taken into police custody; his agent has dropped him as a client

Adult star Nova Cane this morning accused fellow performer Brad Knight of a vicious assault outside a T.G.I. Friday’s restaurant in the San Fernando Valley.

Talent agent Robert Moran of 101 Modeling, Cane’s former agent, had to pick up the distraught and bloody model from the parking lot of T.G.I. Friday’s at approximately 1:30 this morning.

101 Modeling has dropped Knight over the incident.

Knight, 30, was arrested for (felony level battery or domestic battery) at 12:45 am shortly after the altercation with Nova Cane, 22, and currently sits in a cell at the Van Nuys jail, held on $50,000 bail.

Nova Cane and Brad Knight attended last night’s AVN House Party, after performing a show together for CherryPimps.

According to a source close to Cane, she and Knight ended up at the T.G.I. Friday’s in Woodland Hills followin the AVN House Party, and Knight raised the prospect of shooting content with Cane.

When Cane inquired who the content would be for, he allegedly snapped and began shoving and hitting her.

Cane threatened to call the police, whereupon Knight allegedly smashed her cell phone.

Police did arrive however and took Knight into custody after Cane pressed charges.


On porn Twitter, the response to Nova Cane’s tweet came swiftly:

Kendra Lynn Alex Harper Bobbi Dylan

Sadie Holmes Megan Marx Chad White

We have heard that Knight may have a prior criminal record (the felony level charge Monday night supports this thesis), however the only cases located thus far involve traffic incidents and minor drug charges in Florida,

UPDATE: Brad Knight was released from jail on bond at 1:09 p.m., and he has posted this claim of innocence on his Twitter account.

He is due back in North Valley Superior Court on August 20 at 8:30 am.

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PHOTOS: Adult Star Nova Cane Accuses Brad Knight of Assault; Knight Jailed

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  1. What a fucking creep! I get that people argue but Brad really fucked Nova up badly! That arm would looks like he tore her arm to the muscle, meaning that Nova will have months of recuperation because of this asshat. I guess stranger things have happened but this is obviously malicious damage that he did to her arm, not rough horseplay or even BDSM activity. With an arrest and without evidence to the contrary I have to assume that Nova (and as far as she is able to ascertain, Sam) are telling the truth here. Since directors can’t shoot her with that big, gaping wound on her arm she is likely out of work for at least six months (assuming it is as severe as it appears in the pictures), is Brad going to give her $60K to reimburse her for the lost work? I thought not. Assuming Brad is guilty (it is too bad I have to say that but with the Leigh “Skank” Raven and Stills By Allan situations I have to preface my comment) I hope he gets time in San Quentin or Soledad and gets tortured nightly by the Crips, the Bloods and the Latin Kings, being made their bitch and ass fuck toy. I would hope he wasn’t bailed out but some scumbag will bail his ass out for sure.

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