Performers Beware A Scumbag Re-appears

Scumbag Rob Black
Scumbag Rob Black

Rob Black is one of the examples of how scummy and completely loathsome you have to be in order to flunk out of porn.  Apparently he has pimped out his girlfriend enough to come up with enough money to shoot a video, or at least enough to do everything but pay performers…NEVER EVER take a check from this douchebag, or Tom Byron.

Rob has been contacting agencies to book talent, proving that agents are becoming more responsible about whom they will provide talent for, many agencies refuse to book their talent with Black, Kudos to them.  That wont stop him from trying though I am sure.

It is also my understanding that Rob has no distribution for this project…Lets keep it that way.  Matter of fact any agency that does book talent with Rob and or any distributor that distributes his product will find themselves the subject of a headline here and they wont like it.  If you refuse to book for him or distribute him please let me know and I will include you in a headline here that you will like.

The project is called Asian Triple Anal Beauties and he IS trying to circumvent agents to book talent

if you get a call from a 323 area code and it ends in 5856 tell the person calling you to fuck off and die…or better yet tell him to call me,

I am pleased that people are starting to come together in this biz and say “NO MORE…YER OUT!”


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Performers Beware A Scumbag Re-appears

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35 Responses

  1. How many times does this idiot have to be knocked down before he will leave porn for good and go work in some factory somewhere assembling dildos and making $10 an hour? There are still checks of Rob’s bouncing all over Chatsworth that he wrote before going to prison — and that was six or seven years ago. I feel sorry for Tom Byron for getting wrapped up with this douchebag but you know what they say — lie with a teacup poodle that thinks he is a rottweiler and get fleas, ticks, possibly felony convictions and definitely rabies.

    BTW you might want to get agent e-mails and shoot them an e-mail about this, some of the newer agents may not have any idea who Rob Black even is, he has been under the radar (or a shit stain on a public toilet with a gloryhole drilled into the cubicle wall at that strip club he supposedly lives above) for about two years now. I hope his next move isn’t trying to be talent, I would feel sorry for the director and talent that had to deal with him (assuming he can even pass a VD test).

  2. I knew Matt would be the first one to chime in! lol. I can understand why industry people would care but still don’t get why do you.

    It’s no surprise he’s back. He has a better chance of making a buck in it than out of it trying to talk politics.

    Btw, Matt, you mentioned Black went off on you in one of his podcasts…do you happen to recall the date? I’d love to hear it for laughs.

  3. There is an old saying… “You can’t flunk out of porn”. Only a few people have been kicked out (Mr. Marcus, Donny Long, Raven Alexis) and it would not surprise me to see them back. Raven Alexis appears on the porn star escort sites so who knows if she is gonna try and make a comeback.

  4. I don’t recall the exact date but I don’t think his podcasts are still online anyway. The gist of it is that he called me a pedophile (of which I am not) for over a half hour because I posted here that he was a methhead and that (essentially) that we should move on from the Treptow pedophile speaking at an FSC dinner scandal when he wanted the industry news sources to only focus on that until (evidently) the second coming.

    As for me giving a fuck, I don’t like scumbags and I would prefer that talent actually get paid for their scenes. It is possible some noob would do her first scene with Rob, not get paid (or have her anal sphincter perforated from the anal scene), assume all producers are like him and leave the business — possibly robbing us of a good performer.

  5. @mharris127 – it would still be available in the archives of blogtalkradio. I’m going to try my luck.

    @Karmafan – if you consider camming a return to the industry, then welcome back Donny Long. He’s the uncredited male cam partner of Heather Deep who Donny apparently brought back from Thailand.

  6. Hop, it has been about three years since Rob the idiot went on his tirade. You could search under the word “Treptow” on here to narrow down the date range you would need to search to about three weeks. It was on his late evening show (about 1am ET). Also, Rob’s show was a video show and not a audio-based blog show in the literal sense so I don’t know if you would find his backlog on blogtalkradio.

    I remind everyone that Rob’s nasty accusations against me that night are false. If a woman is under age 21 I do not have any interest in fucking her (and I do not have interest in fucking men at all).

    As for Donkey Long I certainly hope he does not return to performing. That prick is the last thing we need in the industry.

  7. As always, mharris makes it a point to let everyone know that he doesn’t like dudes. If almost every post consists of him telling everyone he isn’t gay – then he is probably gay. (Wait for the retort where he reminds us once again)

    Personally, I feel too many years have passed without Extreme/Rob Black content. It is almost daily that I am confronted with popular culture and think, “Man, that would make a good Extreme title”.

    With eCigs being a thing now you know Rob would have made a movie where girls get the water vapor blown into their b-holes and then fart it out. He’d call the movie Vape and Gape or Vape that Gape. For the sake of America and freedom I feel such a film is necessary.

    Remember, the last thing terrorists want to see is Asians with 3 dicks inside of them or girls holding sparklers in front of an American flag blowing water vapor out of their butts while God Bless America is played on kazoos.

    Rob can make that all happen!

    What do we have now? doing Star Trek parodies? (Yeah, that’s happening…)

    I wish Rob the best. If he made a movie I would buy it and I haven’t purchased a title in years.

  8. @Mharris

    Is time is flying by like a blur for you? Trepnow stuff happened in the fall of 2013. Rob Black dragged you and others into the story he was trying to get up and walking. It didnt have legs cuz Rob Black wasn’t the right guy to be crying foul on FSC catering to a convicted pedophile.

  9. @Lurking
    “It didnt have legs cuz Rob Black wasn’t the right guy to be crying foul on FSC catering to a convicted pedophile.”

    Right guy? C’mon now.

    Who would have been the correct person?

    Would Larry Flynt have made an impact? Stagliano? Jules Jordan? Ron Jeremy? Mike South? Monica Foster? Fuck no.

    Remember, this is porn. No one fucking cares as long as they are paid and if it may stop them from getting paid they care less.

    Who would have given that story legs? Black jammed it down everyone’s throats and no one gave a shit. If you replace Black with someone else it would have had the same outcome.

  10. Not everyone wants to see extreme shit any more where the girls bodies get destroyed with gapes, double and triple penetrations and visits to the hospital for the poor girls. Many fans respect the talent a bit more then the producers that think you use talent and throw them away like a used tissue and get another. Of course there is always the misogynistic fan like CPanzram.

  11. I hope to God that triple anal is not literal. Any female performer who would agree to doing a triple anal scene needs to have her head examined. This is the kind of stuff that got Rob sent to jail the first time. Apparently, sticking his hand on a hot stuff was not a learning experience.

  12. More then one cock in a hole is just asking for trouble (damage to the female talents body)..

  13. C, I made my comment above about not liking children in that way because of the content of Rob’s accusations and because we all know what Hop can say when he gets on a roll (which he will if he actually finds that video). Also, only a small percentage of my posts even mention gays. What next — are you going to claim that Michael Payne is gay (he isn’t) because he wrote a couple of articles about how he disagrees with the practice?

    You do make one good point, though, mentioning that terrorists don’t want to see sex. I think we should torture all ISIS terrorists by tying them down to chairs and making them watch the folks at Intersec “play with” willing porn performers before actually physically beating the ISIS terrorists (and maybe shoving a broom handle up their asses).

  14. I like my extreme porn too, Karmafan but I agree that double and (especially) triple penetration is inappropriate for women to subject themselves to. As for CPan and how he can get off to a video of three dicks rubbing against each other in a woman’s orifice you will have to take that subject up with him directly. Kelly Divine (a mainly BDSM female performer with one hell of a body) was once asked about double penetration by YouTube video producer Vlad and she said (paraphrasing) that she thought men did it because they were secretly gay, ashamed of it and wanted to use a woman’s asshole to rub dicks with another guy and have it be acceptable.

  15. I think Rob likes the “fun” that only happens in the pen and secretly wants to go back for more. 🙂

    Seriously, I think Rob won’t be the only director going down the river on obscenity charges shortly (assuming the talk about triple anal isn’t just talk). Madeline at Kink is playing with that same fire with her satanic ritual porn (and possibly taking down Kink’s owner Peter with her). The current administration will put up with a lot but satanic anything in porn is enough to get the DOJ’s attention.

  16. Any Local/regional Mainstream journalist outside LA/LV who picked this up would have been the right guy to ask if Trepnow was the FSC anti-child porn/ 2257 advisor dujour….but of course they do care about getting paid.

  17. @mharris

    Going the Satanic route might actually be an effective end around DOJ on religious grounds.

  18. The socially inept virgins over at ADT loves them some triple anal. There are multiple threads there where they celebrate the act.

    I still can’t picture how it logistically happens but apparently there are some c and d-list performers willing to have softball-sized, leaky anuses in their 30s for a few extra bucks.

  19. I just figure its girls with low self esteem and a death wish willing to destroy their bodies in order to end their lives quicker. Kinda like a slow suicide. A DP might be pleasurable for the female talent but 2 and 3 cocks in your ass can’t feel good.

  20. Adrianna chechik seems to be the current girl who is going after triple anal as much as she can. Already has shot some and has more coming. Her asshole went from looking amazing and in less than 2 years she is prolapsing. She seems to be addicted to one-upping herself.

    The double anal craze was huge in 2000-2007 and it was everywhere. It died out for a while, but it is back with a vengeance here in 2015. LegalPorno is pumping them out like candy and the USA seems to be wanting to play catch up.

    Producers read ADT a lot; and most of the guys there are dedicated to the girls increasing the number of men they are with, the number of dicks inside them, how hard they are pounded, and so on and so forth . There are an astounding number of threads dedicated to women being hurt, injured, mentally broken, suffering, crying, you name it. A girl does an 8 man gangbang and her thread on the board then has guys asking for 12 guys or eating 40 creampies from the bottom of a toilet. It is easy for a producer or a porn chick to see that and think that is what the entire market wants.

    Some girls actually like a double anal (although most don’t and just do it because it pays more).; however as we all know repeated double anal does stretch you out to the point you will have permanent leakage issues later in life. When you got girls the age of Bonnie Rotten already having shredded assholes that will never be normal again, what can you say. The double anal veterans of the 2000-2007 era who did one or two dozen or more of them, can’t all be in great condition at this stage in their lives. Although some may have survived it intact, who knows.

    PS- With the ADT crowd, “Triple Anal Asian Beauties” would be a top seller. Not a bad idea for Mr.Black if you want to make a quick buck. If he were to film it in Thailand or Cambodia he would have no problem finding desperate bar girls to do the scenes for very cheap. The USA based asian talent would probably demand a very high rate for such a scene.

  21. Hop, I post over at ADT myself from time to time. There are a few that do ride the girls for sexual stunts like triple anal but most that mention it just do it for laughs. As for leaky assholes, I understand that can be fixed in an operating room but it is very expensive.

    Joe, I wonder how Bonnie Rotten will pay for her leaky asshole repair now that she has “retired” from porn (more likely the real reason she is “retiring” is that she can’t get a performing role because she is not attractive and that is the understatement of the year) and has so many jailhouse tattoos on every square inch of her body that no self-respecting real world business person will hire her for anything other than menial labor.

  22. As I previously stated without question the biggest gripe porn fans have about the girls is tattoos. Guys want to see beautiful women in these scenes free of ink or if they did have a tattoo its just one and small (like Dani Daniels shoulder tat).

  23. Someone like Bonnie can always roll in the cash. I don’t know what her escort rates have been while she was active, but she could (if she wanted to) keep that train rolling for years based on her name. There is always the sugar daddy route as well; there are plenty of older men with cash who just love the idea of having a former porn chick in their life. If she makes a clean break from all of that , yeah she will struggle financially as most ex porn girls do. However, there is always money to be made even if a girl has stopped filming scenes.

    As for the “asshole repair”; yeah, the girls can get it however I wonder how many actually do.

    Guys also get this idea that if they date a former porn girl they will get sex like it is in the movie. Doesn’t happen like that. After a long movie career and all the requisite ailments, not many of them still want to be anally pounded into oblivion or suck off all of your friends on poker night 🙂 I dated a former porn girl on two ocassions younger in my life, and the first time I was like “yeah!! Anal every day, she will bring chicks home for threesomes, whoo hoo!”…. doesn’t work that way unless you are paying them 🙂

  24. Yep, Donkey Long snags an impressionable young Thai girl and snakes her into doing cheapo porn. Donkey is the Charles Manson of Porn, victimizing the young and the weak.

  25. In theory that is true. However, finding a sympathetic judge willing to give his stamp of approval on satanic porn would be difficult, if Madeline happened to find one the DOJ would just appeal it to the SCOTUS where the conservative majority would come up with a way to ignore the “freedom of religion” clause in the Constitution because satanism is against their Christian beliefs.

  26. I guess Bonnie could attempt to escort if she wished to. Unfortunately the only people that would likely hire her to fuck them are the same people that would get a $20 blow job from a crack addict on Hollywood and Vine (essentially she looks like a product of the California state prison system, it won’t matter if her criminal record is actually clean or not people will judge her on her appearance). Bonnie would have to give a lot of blow jobs at that rate to get that anal sphincter repair surgery. It is too bad because at least from what I have read others say about her she isn’t a bad person — she just made a stupid decision to tat herself up to the extreme when she was 18-19 and it is biting her in the ass now.

  27. For sure the well to do guys paying 1-3 large per hour for a porn star escort want a girl that they can take out to nice places, something ya can’t do with Bonnie or Christy Mack.

  28. Short of making a snuff film there is bail which she could set up a beg fund which would be funded by folks who prefer she is making films than behind bars through the 10-12 years your theory supposes.

    As to the assumption that the current or recent SCOTUS is a Christian believing above all else decision making body ….hahahaha thank you a good belly laugh is good for the soul 🙂

    By the way what did Madeline do to piss you off? Musta been bad cuz you’re ranking her with Rob Black and that can’t be good

  29. mharris, you are welcome to your harsh opinion on girls with a lot of ink. You should be able to understand though, that a lot of people like that kind of stuff. She was very popular as a performer and that ink was a big part of it. She would have no problem charging solid escorting rates over the long term if she chose to continue doing that. Look at the kind of money rich dudes fork over to have orgies with some pretty trashy looking porn chicks.

    The money is there, ink and all.

  30. Joe, I did not mean to sound harsh. I actually feel sorry for Bonnie Rotten (and Christy Mack for that matter — even though she is unattractive to me I still think War Machine should be drawn and quartered for what he did to her). Unfortunately reality hurts and a woman tatting themselves up to the extreme like they have will bite them in the ass financially. I actually wish them well even though I can’t “get it up” watching them fuck.

    As it stands now (if she really wants to quit performing) I think Bonnie’s best bet is to use the connections she made doing porn, learn to operate a camera/set up lighting on a film set and pursue a career working behind the camera for a porn company. This is the same advice I posted for Christy Mack after her attacker tried to beat her to death and I was under the impression that she would never perform again due to the injuries (and she actually had the money to buy the equipment thanks to the GoFundMe campaign intended by whatever friend started it to pay her medical bills but her health insurance covered her expenses). Learning how to take still pictures would greatly help her in that regard. She could also learn how to edit movies and go that route (although most companies only need one editor, even a company the size of Kink only needs three or four so positions don’t come up that often).

  31. I am not “pissed off” at Madeline like I am at Rob Black. I do tell it as I see it, however and don’t like the fact that she is likely taking Peter down with her. I guess that sort of pisses me off but not like I am at Rob. Any moron knows there are some things you don’t do in porn if you value your freedom and making satanic porn is near the top of the list!

    It does also bother me that some women in porn think that they turn ugly on their 50th birthday and may as well tat themselves (in Madeline’s case with satanic imagery under her armpits). Madeline was actually still quite attractive at that point but the satanic tats would cause my dick to go limp if I tried to fuck her. Janine Lindemulder went the same route (although without satanic imagery) and tatted herself up to the extreme (imagine a 55 year old Bonnie Rotten and you will get the general idea). If I recall Janine was not even 50 yet when she went under the needle, tatting up every square inch of her skin other than her head. I can live with a couple of tats on a woman’s back but the convicted biker gang felon look is beyond the pale.

    Regarding SCOTUS religious beliefs I think you are referring to the gay marriage decision and I can drum that up to the Christian members of SCOTUS being from a more liberal denomination such as the Episcopalians (essentially the Anglican Church’s name in the US) or the Presbyterians. The Episcopalians in particular are very liberal regarding gay marriage and allow Bishops and lower-ranking ministers to perform them in their churches. For the record I think the US Government should get out of the marriage business completely and leave it to the churches. If we have to have government sanctioning of couples for taxation and guardianship reasons call it a civil union and call it a day. There is nothing in the Bible banning civil unions between gays and lesbians but there is regarding the Christian Sacrament of Marriage. However, even the most liberal Christians get pissed fast at satanic imagery in the entertainment industry (whether it be porn or not).

  32. @mharris

    “Any moron knows there are some things you don’t do in porn if you value your freedom and making satanic porn is near the top of the list!”

    Lol if Madeline is in a position to take Peter down he isn’t going without consent or unawares. Are yer knickers wadded cuz she moved onto a new genre without your consent or approval?

    Re SCOTUS opted for hahahaha vs ROFLMAO cuz you so missed the gentle reassurance that your beloved Peter and his kink factory aren’t threatened with Madeline’s defection to satanic genre. Moving into reality …Peter would welcome a DOJ prosecution for satanic porn produced under his kink umbrella. My bet is he or Madeline could get several prominent UU on board too. Iirc there are some from Polk county FL that head over to the woods of Volusia for sacred ceremonies they dare not try at home lest they get arrested for indecent exposure in public 🙂

  33. Legal Porno in Europe is shooting 2 and 3 cocks in the ass porn almost every week. Woodman has been hollaring about that for a while now.

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