More On Gregg Dodson and Shaun Patrick Reilly

It was interesting to me that the barley owner Gregg Dodson of adult verified video chat and Skyn talent shared an address with a convicted rapist.  The photo of the rapist was easy to find but I had no idea if it was Gregg Dodson or not.

What was interesting was that I had people swearing it was him, I had others saying they didn’t think it was.  One girl who has been to that address said “if that isn’t Gregg it is his twin brother“.

Finally it all came together when I got a call from someone who could identify them BOTH. Now it makes some degree of sense.  The caller told me that the guy in the photo had been introduced to him by a different name but that he was WITH Gregg and Gregg introduced him as a business associate or partner.  Now it makes sense why they use the same address at 7944 Nookfield Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89147.

It is possible that Shaun has introduced himself as Gregg to some people.  I have always felt like the name Gregg Dodson was a fake to begin with, I’m digging more on that, but while Gregg is not the guy in the picture they are known business associates so ya might wanna keep that in mind when doing business with Gregg, who DOES own Skyn Talent, adult verified video chat and helpyoubookher2 (more info on that coming as well).

For some reason though Gregg Dodson likes to pick random girls to say or pretend to be the owner of his various operations. He likes having a front and it’s almost always a female talent.

As for any lawsuit from any attorneys, I have yet to be notified, served or even gotten the email that the lesser sites claim, when I do I will post it.

Gregg Dodson
Gregg Dodson Pimp and con artist receiving the profits of prostitutes


Iron fist Gregg is known for being a loved starved low level Pimp who promises unsuspecting prostitutes joint ownership in what he referees to as his empire. His Empire as he defines it includes but not limited to, Skyn Talent, HelpUBookHer2 Adult Verified Video and a brothel located 7944 Nookfield Drive Las Vegas at which appears to be a total rip off of Adult Verified chat.



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More On Gregg Dodson and Shaun Patrick Reilly

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27 Responses

  1. Tell Karen to take that letter and go wipe her
    Fat ass with it. Who and the fuck does she think
    She is? Fuck her and her troll stocking crew.
    Intimindate people on Twitter. She’s through!
    She sits all day and slanders, hacks and tries to intimidate people a

  2. Very early during my association with AIM both Mitch and Laurie Holmes told me that one day I would regret my association with the adult industry, “Everybody does” Mitch said. I have a feeling that sometime this year Karen Tynan will live to regret the day she picked up that phone and took her first meeting with representatives of FSC.

  3. What I find crazy is Karen not only represents FSC, Mark Schecter, Barrette Blade but now Greg. Look at the group of people she represents. I think she is an ambulance chaser. She putting herself in a whole leap of trouble. I don’t know anything about Greg so I can’t speak about him.
    FSC as been known to hide a lot of lies. Look at what they do when it comes to HIV outbreaks. The Mr. Marcus situation and Alex Gonz situation.
    Mark Schecter who has filed more than one bankruptcy and has massive judgments and liens on him. (this is based on a previous article Mike South wrote)
    Barrette talks about drugs and escorting and not breaking the law but look at who he socializes with. David Lord aka David Crawford. A Director known for purgers and suspicion of operating illegal brothels.
    Then there is Michael aka Ari Bass been arrested for beating up women more than once. These are a group of men i would not want to be connected to in my opinion.

  4. @mikesouth

    Have you gotten a copy of Karen Tynan’s NYE temper tantrum in the guise of legal representation for Gregg Dodson yet?

    Literally ROFLMAO reading that gem.

  5. Where is cindi spiegler today? Up very early as usual and stalking and other slanderous activities earlier than usual. Must be a very busy Monday.

  6. I think Pyscho Michael is all smoked out and on a roll.
    Tomorrow big day in Henderson. Big day.

  7. How did Karen Tynan get involved with the industry???? Jeffery Douglas did a google search of “OSHA Lawyers” and her name came up, and the FSC gave her a call. Might as well looked on Craigslist. You get what you pay for. Love that letter, saying Mike has nothing of value to be sued for,yet here she is threatening a lawsuit and EMAILING her letter.She gave Mike 24 hours. Times up Karen.

    PS. Karen, what was AIM paying you for with all that performer money? APAC, has anyone ever asked Karen what she did with all of YOUR perfrormer money? LOL

    PSS,,,,,Karen, did you know that the same peoplewho hacked my and AHF emails years ago also hacked Mitch’s AIM email accounts, and a few other AIM employee emails. I’ sure theres some pretty interesting things there. LOL

  8. So it looks like the same people that hacked your emails @Jilted are with Karen Tynan. That would be Tompkins and Bass. They are have
    been slandering and hacking and bullying along with Tynan for some time now. Looks like some people are going to get into some big shit.

  9. What it looks like the the so called Free Speech Coalition is trying to surpress your free speech people. And that folks to wrong. Time to look at cleaning house in 2015, Hard!

  10. Now wait until Common Sense comes and knocks out a really wild and crazy comment about this activity. Everybody has seen it all get played out and are scared of those fools. People in porn don’t really care about themselves. Its all about trying to be the next Jenna Jamison and
    the next super male pornstars like Evan Stone and Lee Stone.

    There is no where to run and hide anymore.


  11. I discussed this in another thread but if Dr. Tynan were correct about Mike’s assets he wouldn’t be able to film scenes for his websites and clips for sale site. Using LA or SF prices (I don’t have any knowledge of Georgia prices but I would guess the costs would actually increase a bit there as talent, camera crew, gaffer and editor are likely harder to find as there isn’t a large movie making industry there, he may actually have to fly in these people from LA, SF or NYC) it costs at least $3600 to film a bukkake scene when you add in camera man — if local $500 a day; at two scenes a day $250 per scene, gaffer (essentially a production assistant to do all of those mundane things that need to be done on a set while the director is filming a scene) — probably $100 a day or so, location rental (my figure assumes using a cut-rate $100 hotel room and two scenes filmed in it with out of town talent using the same room to sleep in overnight which isn’t appropriate for all scenes, this can go as high as $1500 a day but that would be a house/mansion where five or six scenes could be filmed in 2-3 days, Mike has said he films in bursts — likely filming scenes for a couple of weeks and then taking a couple of weeks off to go fishing out on his yacht), paying talent (a female costs about $800, a male about $500, a gang bang scene requires at least five males and one female — a bukkake scene at least one male and one female), flying in talent from whereever he can find someone (Mike said he uses the same small talent pool for his scenes but did not say they all lived in the Atlanta area, if he uses local talent this isn’t a factor but figure at least when filming gangbangs in my estimation at least two males would have to be brought in from outside Atlanta) — $1000 or so airfare, HIV testing (as I understand it Mike uses Talent Testing pre-scene as well as an Ora Quick HIV test on set) — $250 per person minimum. Mike also said he pays someone to be on set with a working knowledge of OSHA rules in whatever state he is filming in (most LA based companies do not do this) — probably adding around $300 a day to filming costs although this is a wild assed guess as no one else in the industry does so to have a cost basis for this, assuming two scenes a day that is $150 a scene. Add in amortized costs of a professional camera which alone costs about $4K and may last for 200 scenes — $20 a scene at minimum, still camera/lenses — about $3K but will last with good care for years, so about $10 a scene, lighting equipment which varies with the scene but for a complete kit about $10K, the specialized light bulbs burn out regularly and those aren’t cheap either — let’s say about $100 a scene, SD cards for filming — $10 or so per day’s filming, odds and ends like a tripod, cases for camera, etc. — amortized at $10 per scene, editor services — $100 a scene or so assuming the person edits three scenes a day, craft services which can range from a few pizzas, Mike’s fishing cooler full of ice and a few two-liter bottles of Diet Coke ($80 or so) to a full catered meal ($400 plus), I will assume the former in my computation. Add in Workman’s Comp at $100 a scene (maybe more, I am not familiar with Georgia Workman’s Comp issues) and I come up with $2610 just in the above costs for a bukkake scene and you can probably add $1000 in other costs depending on the scene that vary for a total of about $3600. For a gangbang I come up with $5850, adding $240 for pizzas, $1000 for flying in two male talent and $2000 for four extra males, add in the $1000 in variable costs and you get $6850 total and that is assuming filming as cheap as humanly possible. For gangbangs likely a hotel foom won’t work too well so $6850 is really low-balling that type of scene, maybe a hotel suite would work better adding $500 or so to the day, $250 to a scene or renting a house which goes up to $1500 or so a day, $750 a scene assuming two scenes a day. My figures also assume Mike or the film cameraman take the still shots, most LA based companies use a separate still shot photographer.

    To reiterate my estimate of a bukkake scene is about $3650 bare minimum, a gangbang about $6850-$7100, again bare minimum. This is per scene, not per movie. Depending on how fancy Mike does business or if costs are higher in Georgia than in LA or SF it could be much more. I think this justifies me thinking something is wrong in Dr. Tynan’s assumptions in the letter Dr. Flip Flop claims was e-mailed to Mike. As I said in my other post, just because someone drives a “used” car (one of Dr. Tynan’s assertions) doesn’t mean he is broke. Mike may not be a multi-millionaire, I don’t know but I doubt he is as poor as his detractors claim. Mike’s detractors also always have a picture of the same condo all the way back to Donny Long’s attempts to slam him in 2008-2009 so he likely owns the condo as well, most renters don’t live in the same place that long. Dr. Tynan needs to do more basic common-sense research before she writes her letters and allows her friends to make them public. Libel and slander are strange things, they can get an attorney in a lot of hot water with his/her state’s Bar Association. Attempting to embarrass someone with obvious false claims (libel) just because a friend doesn’t like that someone and others (like me although I think Lurking Reader, Danny Davis, one of the two Jamies or Jilted would have chimed in with a post like this shortly if I hadn’t) being able to use just what is public about that someone and a bit of common sense to refute those libelous claims can make libelling someone backfire on him/her. I get defending your friends, Dr. Tynan. I would defend mine as well. Just don’t risk your Bar Card doing so next time, please.

  12. Rob Black doesn’t talk about this industry anymore. So I doubt he’s the target of some “agenda”

    And judging from some of the bizarre statements and accusations she makes on Twitter.. Monica Foster it appears has some serious issues which knocks her credibility therefore making her an easy target…

    And judging from some bizarre shit I have heard Madrid say .. It appears he has serious issues as well… EASY TARGETS.

    It’s like the pot calling the kettle black..

    And the other thing I find odd? Instead of fighting with them on Twitter ..Why hasn’t Madrid and foster reported these people for harassment?

    That’s what we in the public would like to know.

  13. Sean Tompkins and Sean Matthew Tompkins are now considered to be working with Cindi Spiegler? Are you implying these are two different people? Considered to be working with her.. He is.. It’s a fake account. Some people think it’s MW…

  14. LOL I am a long way from rich but I keep the bills paid and gas in the boat and bait in the cooler so I am happy. As for Karens comments they were just cheap shots..any car you own is a used car the minute you drive it off the lot but unlike Uncle Peg i do have a car that i own and ya its paid for. As for shooting here some things cost more, some less, southernbukkake is a very expensive site to shoot for but its a niche that most people cant shoot and turn a profit so Im doing alright. It also helps that this site is actually operating in the black…just barely but its in the black

  15. And finally should they actually choose to go the legal route, I would expect to get it dismissed with an anti slaap and greg would have to pay my legal fees….a neat trick considering im told he is 9K in arrears with the last lawyer he put on me…

  16. @MikeSouth

    The critiques missed my favorite laugh…the first sentence. Seriously ROFLMAO cuz she makes it all about her …we never met but you talk about me. Wah wah wah.

    Re-read it stifled the laughter and still have no clue if she is mad cuz you aren’t talking nicey nicey about her or repping a client…as jilted would say…only in porn

    BTW did it show in today’s mail? If you ever get it my guess is that the postmark will reflect the professionalism shown throughout the letter …still LMAO

  17. “Very early during my association with AIM both Mitch And Laurie Holmes told me that one day I would regret my association with the adult industry, “Everybody does.”

    I am not surprised they would tell you that.

  18. Actually with the stupidity Dr. Tynan has shown regarding this issue I would hope she would be required to kick in for the SLAAP judgement when you and your attorney wipe their case all over their faces in court. I don’t know too many attorneys that would outright libel/slander someone in a letter and then allow her friend to make it public. We all screw up sometimes as it is only human but not like Dr. Tynan has here. We can chuckle but this is really serious, if you were to attempt to get investors for your porn company to expand it her remarks could have seriously affected you. It is one thing for someone in the general public to libel someone (which if not persistent would more than likely be ignored) but for a Bar-card carrying attorney to do so is quite another, at least in the part of the country where I am from — two types of people that are taken very seriously regarding libel are journalists and attorneys as you already know being a journalist yourself. Therefore someone in Dr. Tynan’s position needs to make doubly sure she isn’t outright lying about someone’s character — especially on her law firm’s letterhead.

    As for Dr. Flip Flop (if Gregg sues you his accusations might come up), with his past publicly available criminal record and him needing a public defender for at least two of his recent criminal cases you have all the proof you need that you did not libel Flippy about his economic status right there. A person actually has to be quite low-income (certainly for a family of two less than $50K a year income for his type of case which is a low-level felony at worst, if it were a murder or rape rap he were fighting the income ceiling would be much higher due to the excessive cost of fighting such a case) to be allowed to dip into the public trough for a publicly-funded criminal defense attorney. Proof that he does not own a car could be obtained through the Nevada and California Departments of Motor Vehicles (the two states he has lived in within the past five years or so) with a subpoena from a court (you may already have that proof in your possession as you have already considered legal action against him). Also, Flippy being a journalist himself he could be in a bind here as well with the content of some of his articles lately but we will save that for another day in another post.

  19. Danny, what I want to know is if Mark Spiegler got married and if so why he hasn’t been to any porn functions with his ball and chain. All we want is to see if his taste in wives is as good as his taste in clients at his adult film talent agency. 🙂

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