What does Gregg Dodson and Mercedes Carrera have in common?

Birds of a Feather Flock Together and Apparently, so do Sex Offenders

Gregg Dodson lived with a man named Shaun Patrick Reilly, which was reported on this site, We wrote about in 2015. This man was a convicted rapist and on the sex offender registry.

According to sources close to Gregg Dodson, who spoke at the time he wrote the original article, they said that this man Shaun introduced himself as Gregg to some people, most likely because Shaun was a registered sex offender.

Ever notice how Gregg Dodson never puts anything in his own name?

  • He put Skyn Talent in the name of Isis Love.
  • He put HelpUBookHer2 (now Porn Companions) in Trinity’s name.
  • The now defunct Adult Verified Video was put in someone else’s name, again Isis Love.
  • Who knows who he has GFE Dating, his latest venture in.

And let’s not forget his business venture from 2015, Nookie Chat where he worked with Mercedes Carrera.

I found this little gem on AVN, the first real link between the two but it’s not the last. In fact, Mercedes Carrera and Gregg Dodson have a long history of working together. Here she is on his escorting website HelpUBookHer2


So I guess it really is true, birds of a feather do flock together.


360610cookie-checkWhat does Gregg Dodson and Mercedes Carrera have in common?

What does Gregg Dodson and Mercedes Carrera have in common?

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3 Responses

  1. You forgot to mention the time they tried to pass off two gay performers as new male talent. Rome Twins. Memba that?

  2. It seems to be difficult to keep track of Gregg’s crimes and shitty ways. There are so many accounts.
    Mike South should hire a criminal sketch artist to mock up the old Sean Patrick Reilly’s last Mug shot and factor in the advanced aging processing of Gregg and see if we got em.

  3. What does Gregg and this woman he pimped out on his numerous human trafficking and fronts web sites with his partners you mean ?
    The answer is Meth

    Gregg was rumored selling poor unsuspecting Rikki Six I believe her name was way back when, was that Gregg got her hooked on Meth and ruined Rikki’s life. Many insiders new it was just not a rumor. Gregg sold her Meth transported by Fed Ex packages from his now infamous Las Vegas home and Hub to Rikki who lived near Mercedes in the Victorville Rancho Cucamonga California area.

    Is Rikki still Alive ?

    Last time Rikki posted selfies she seem barley alive
    Anyone speaking to LE should mention Gregg who from several post on this site and elsewhere had a Sex offender living in his home and now this. Anyone surprised ?

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