A Model Talks About Her Experience With GirlsDoPorn

She posted this to her personal blog and to reddit,  I find it interesting because Ive heard so much about this behavior from those guys.  The GDP site was identified in the reddit post so that IS who she is referring to

I’m sure that over the past 2 weeks, most of you have already heard about/saw some pretty terrible stuff involving me. Even though it’s easier looking from the outside in and thinking the worst, the actual reality is much different from outside assumption. Writing this has not only been extremely painful, but also nearly impossible. However, I want to set the record straight so that everyone knows the truth and that I may begin healing and moving forward with my life.

Michael J Pratt owner of girls do porn
Michael J Pratt

The night before St. Patrick’s Day, I didn’t feel like doing homework anymore, so I started watching MTV. For some reason, the ridiculous and completely unrelatable shows inspired me to jokingly apply to casting calls for different TV series. After submitting photos and information to the America’s Next Top Model website, I decided to create my own portfolio and send it out to a handful of other agencies who were seeking new models around the world. Expecting to never hear back, I didn’t think much else about the spontaneous applications.

After more than a month passed, I had completely forgotten about my submissions. Until the day I received an email from the Australian modeling company I applied to on ModelMayhem. I was being offered a modeling contract for their quickly growing company’s base in San Diego, CA. It was a dream too good to be true. Still in disbelief, I researched the company’s name on Google. I couldn’t find the website I originally applied to, and began questioning my recruiter. He seemed so cool and immediately reassured me. He was so down to earth and completely open, even having one of the original models facetime me and add me on instagram. She showed me her modeling photos for the company and told me all about her amazing San Diego trip. I couldn’t wait to go. The company offered to fly out not only myself, but also a friend of my choice. Due to a last-minute exam, my plus 1 ended up staying in Morgantown, so I traveled to California alone. My recruiter and the original model comforted me throughout my solo trip and promised to fly out my friend the next time I came back. When I landed in Cali, my recruiter picked me up from the airport in a new BMW. It was the same guy I had been facetiming and texting, however, his seemingly warm charismatic personality was nowhere to be found. Instead, he was distant and icy, acting more annoyed with each word I said. He dropped me off at an incredible hotel and told me to be up early the next morning, well rested and ready for the makeup artist.

I did exactly as told and was totally ready by the time my makeup artist arrived at my room. She was a very stylish young MAC artist who knew exactly what to do to my face as soon as she entered the room. I told her I couldn’t wait to begin modeling and how blessed I felt to be chosen. She smiled and didn’t say much back. Within a few minutes, my recruiter arrived with 2 other large intimidating men to take me to the photo shoot. I was a little nervous but mainly felt excited. The makeup artist said goodbye and watched as we got in a black Land Rover and drove off. The 3 Australian men talked and joked around amongst each other without saying much to me. They played really hard house music and talked about women they were bringing to a dinner party later that night. We were in the car for around 30 minutes before arriving to an incredible five-star resort. We were buzzed in at the front gate and navigated through the compound until we arrived at a secluded villa overlooking a large private pool. The men unpacked lights and cameras and other devices I was unsure of from the car. I assumed the shoot would take place outside, but instead, was lead inside the building. It was then when I was made aware that the photo shoot wasn’t at all on anyone’s agenda but my own. My recruiter half smiled and pulled a manila envelope from the folder he was carrying. He opened the envelope and flashed a thick stack of all $100 bills. My confusion immediately turned to terror the second the words, “adult film” were mouthed by the muscular youngest man in the group. He laughed and started moving towards me. Right away, I began hysterically crying and saying “no” over and over. It was the only word I seemed to remember how to say. My mind was in total –panic but my body was like a deer in headlights. I couldn’t move my legs to run, causing my sobbing to intensify. The men were furious with my hysterical response and immediately began screaming at me. Each man verbally attacked me differently, breaking me from all angles. I was told how incredibly ugly I was and that I was the farthest thing from what a modeling agency wants, that I was just another easily forgotten slut, and was called every disgusting/degrading name out there. I was told how insignificant my existence was and that no one wanted to come with me for a reason. My “recruiter” began screaming just inches from my face, demanding I pay back every dollar he wasted on me for my plane ticket and hotel room. I was told I could not leave until all of my expenses were paid back. He stood in between me and the door and repetitively shouted over and over, “where is my money!” Having literally only $0.30 to my name and borrowing money just for gas to drive to the airport, I felt as if there was no way out. Honestly, I do not know why I didn’t think to call 911 on my cell or scream for help. I was way past terrified and had no idea if these men were going to beat me or even kill me. They had broken me.

I was handed a pile of poorly stapled papers and was told to fill every blank. It was a contract that required my initials and/or signature every 10 words or so. Everything these people advertised on ModelMayhem was a lie. I had no idea what the men’s’ names were in the room, what the company’s was actually called, what country these people even came from, let alone what the hell I was signing my name on. I attempted reading through the documents, but was yelled at and told to “shut up” because “the recordings will never even be distributed in America” if I lingered too long on a page. I was given bullshit lines to say to the camera and had to appear genuinely excited for porn and realistically turned on by the terrifying naked stranger in front of me. Every time that I either started crying, winced, or moved away in pain, I was belittled like a dog that just peed on the floor and forced to start the take again from the top. The entire process, I was screamed at for not being hot enough, not taking it like I should, and for being “a dumb bitch”. I wasn’t even a human being anymore; I was an item. My body gave up. I had never felt so much physical/emotional pain in my entire life, yet was forced to pretend that I loved every second of it.

After the trip itself was over, the real nightmare was only beginning. I had never felt more alone than I did during that time. I was so disgusted and ashamed of myself, feeling like no one could ever possibly understand yet alone help. I couldn’t sleep at night and would get panic attacks so severe that I was unable to breathe. I hated myself more and more each day. The biggest reminder of my worthless existence was when I lied to the people around me, pretending that my craziest dreams came true. I blew through the pay of about $5,000 in less than 1 month, spending disgusting amounts on alcohol or clothes I’d later ruin/loose. One night, I even drunkenly tipped a random taxi driver $300 for no reason whatsoever. Even though I was months behind on rent, I was repulsed by the cash and couldn’t put it towards anything responsible. I literally wanted nothing to do with it. I was constantly blacked out and wanted to be as far away from reality as possible. My “recruiter” never stopped texting me, promising to keep my video a secret if I brought him my friends. I played along for some time, even telling my friends that I could get them jobs. I despised myself for lying to the people I loved, but promised to never trap them in the hell I was in. Even though I offered my friends jobs, I never followed through and set up dates with the “recruiter”.

Eventually I couldn’t do it anymore and stopped responding to his texts. He exploited me and leaked the video the day after I stopped answering. The morals I strived so hard to adhere to each day were for absolutely nothing. The kind, loyal, honest, and selfless woman I watched myself mature into had died right in front of my eyes. I was unable to shower for some time, knowing that my own naked body has been observed and judged by everyone that I knew. My once overly-confident and carefree soul has turned into someone scared of their own shadow. I miss myself every day.

At first, I was angry at myself. I felt entirely at fault for a very long time. I wanted to take all of my loved ones’ pain away and keep it for my own. It wasn’t until I began therapy when I realized that I am not the bad guy. The men that lied and stripped me of my humanity are the real monsters. What type of heartless creature was able to destroy another human’s sense of self and go on with their life? My hatred towards these people began my search to getting the answers I deserved. After countless searches, I came across a page that filled all of my voids and helped me realize that what happened to me has happened to thousands of women around the world. Surprisingly, my nightmare ended more fortunately than most others. I am truly blessed to have returned home alive and in one piece. My story is just a small piece of a huge global issue that puts every woman and child at risk. I was illegally trafficked across the country for sex and was made to participate in pornography by force, fraud and coercion. What happened to me could happen to absolutely anyone. I hope that my story is able to raise awareness and better protect women from the dangers of sex trafficking. I am attending weekly individual and group therapy sessions and am meeting with a rape crisis specialist this week to discuss my legal options. I want to catch those illegal immigrant wastes of life and exploit them, just like how they exploited me. Each day brings new challenges, but I get a little bit stronger every day. God gave me the best support system ever. I’m beyond thankful for my incredible family and friends who hold my hand every step of recovery and have made me feel like I matter again. You can take what you wish from my story. Those who know the real me will support me throughout my journey and keep me in their hearts. Those who think less of me or wish to continue judging me are entitled to do so, but have obviously never met the real me and will never get the chance to.

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A Model Talks About Her Experience With GirlsDoPorn

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  1. Some fine fiction here. Speaking of fine fiction Mike, check out @IndigoAugustine tweets.

  2. That kind of stuff isn’t fiction Billy. It happens every day in the porn industry with all these “modelling” ads. Don’t be naive. There are plenty of quality porn producers out there , and plenty of money for the girls to make, so I won’t throw the industry under the bus over this kind of story. But, to think these types of stories are fiction is really blind.

  3. Joe I’m sure you have your captain save a hoe cape on really tight buddy. Stop pretending that these girls are victims. She could have walked out of that room at anytime. Mike do you have a name for this tart, so I can look her up on TLC?

  4. She’s got excuses for everything. No self-respecting young lady would fly out ALONE(uh, my friend had an exam) to a bunch of strangers.

    1. She gets tired of homework so she tries to make easy money applying for “modeling” jobs. Ho’s know what modelmayhem means.
    2. She can’t find the original website. In this day in age? Plus she seems to be on the Internet 24/7 instead of doing her homework. Another excuse.
    3. She “literally” had 30 cents on her. Really? 30 cents?
    4. She blows through money like there’s no tomorrow. A drunken sailor at Port Bangkok would be proud.
    5. She cries, she screams, she pouts. Emotional problems.
    6. She took the money and stayed in touch. Yeah, until she got frustrated and realized she didn’t have what it takes to get her more stable friends to dip into hoeing.
    7. She got trafficked across the country. Welp, she originated the contact with some hard to pronounce/find website. She took the free plane ticket. She took the BMW ride. She gleefully accepted her 4 1/2 star accommodations(so she could brag to her friends and everyone on the planet via the internet). She signed the contract(with an Uzi pointed at her head while her best friend was right beside her trying to talk her out of it wink! wink!). She fucked on film. She took the mo-freaking money! She spent all the money on shit(because she’s an unstable hoeerrrr). She promised to stay in touch. She failed at recruiting her best friends(because they aint’ ho-easy). And in the end she’s out of money so she cries on the Internet that she’s a victim and that she was TRAFFICKED!

    Oh yeah, she flunked out of college and the dean told her not to return.

    Nope, this gal doesn’t seem like a Ho Ho Ho to me!

  5. This would be easier to verify if we knew who the young lady is. Otherwise its just fiction.

  6. Hm…perhaps Billy and Schlermy should try a day in porn valley as a new girl, this happens everyday. I’ve heard way, way worse too. No need to verify. I only worked in the industry for a short time too, and behind the camera.

  7. It’s fairly apparent that this girl isn’t taking responsibility for anything that happened, but none of us were there, so we’re all just speculating based on our own preconceived notions.

    Certainly I don’t think it’s necessary to judge her or GDP without knowing more.

    I am curious, Mike: you mentioned at the beginning of the post that you’ve heard of this sort of scenario happening before with GDP. Could you either elaborate or maybe ask the people you know if they’d share their experience?

    I’m fascinated because I actually respond to most of the content on GDP and, although I’m not naive about the workings of the industry, I’d hate to think that they produce content based on coercion. I always envisioned it as more of a Girls Gone Wild scenario where “normal” girls just kind of do something they never thought they’d do. I’d be curious to hear from other GDP talent as to whether it was a positive or negative experience.

  8. She was paid 5 grand for that one scene? No wonder Girlsdoporn get the most prettiest, youngest, newest girls for that site.

    They advertise all the time on craigslist as bubble gum casting. They specify exactly what their casting for, an adult film..

  9. If she took responsibility for her own actions it would read as follows:
    1. I was failing my Community College course in Hair Styling.
    2. Instead of fucking guys who drive Honda Civics I felt I should get paid more.
    3. I applied to SEVERAL porn agencies, eventually one of them contacted me.
    4. I wanted the money so bad I flew out ALONE to fuck on camera.
    5. I got to ride in a BMW instead of a Honda Civic for once!
    6. I got to stay in a 4 1/2 Star Hotel. I took pictures and sent them to all my jealous friends on Instagram!
    8. It was a tough gig but they made it easier by giving me pills and booze.
    9. I spent that 5 Grand like the ho that I am!
    10. Now I’m broke, out of school. It’s everybody’s fault but mine.

  10. Because your involvement in the industry is made up just like this girls fictional story. Lol

  11. I don’t believe she was paid five grand either. The going rate for a scene with a b/g anal is only about a grand or so, with b/g BDSM about $1200. If they paid five grand for a scene every chick in porn and half of Los Angeles would be knocking down their studio door to do a scene with them.

    Unfortunately I do believe they are tricking talent not familiar with porn and not from California to do anal scenes with them and probably for $500, not $5000. Scumbags like them are what gives the porn industry a bad name and after that experience these women are soured on porn whereas if they would have entered the biz through legitimate means they would probably have done more scenes and had a good experience.

  12. @mharris127 : sites like GDP and BRCC (BackroomCastingCouch) do pay more for attractive first time models. As an example, ‘Daisy’ was paid $2500 for her scene with BRCC. I know of another model for GDP (can’t recall which one) was paid at least $3000, but this involved 2 scenes, one of which included anal. Having said that, I’ve never heard GDP paying $5000 for a single scene.

  13. If she came back to do additional scenes, then there can be no truth to her story about being forced to do porn.

  14. Not going to the reddit thread since it would likely do little to clear up how much of this is truth and what’s been dramatized by an adventurous collegian who regretted her porn debut.

    The trafficking dynamics are troubling…from her willingness to subject her friends to the trauma she laments to the expectations that she or someone in the situation described has the fortitude to say fuck you I’m leaving and go.

  15. There’s a lot that seems sketchy about this story. But then there are some real scumbags in the adult industry. My guess is there is some truth to it, but she is exaggerating/embellishing. Will have to go check out GDP and see what their style is. I am rather tired of the whole ‘Watch us fuck over/exploit the dumb hot girl’ genre, and there is a tremendous amount of that shit being put out. The reddit thread is heavily edited, but interesting.

  16. This case has taken on a life of its own with now more than 15 girls coming forward with similar, horrific stories. So I don’t know how much exaggerating/embellishing there was because some of the other stories are far far far worse than this one.

  17. A beautiful young woman who worked for me at a legitamate business in San Diego, both before and after her experience with GDP, said she was assaulted and coersed into doing things she never would have done had she known the true nature of what she was getting herself into and intent of the individuals involved. Just one of the many disgusting terms found buried in the verbiage of her GDP contract, were her 2 (NSFW) options for how the shoot was going to end that she HAD to choose from.

    Lets give these girls a break on how much they were paid because that fact makes little or no difference to the reality of the situation and lends the allusion of credibility to GDP claims of innocence. I will say though that the young lady I know was handed a stack of bills and told there was $5000 but after counting found that there was just over $3000, which sure fits these individuals m.o. and afford her story the attention it deserves.

    Model Mayhem has helped many young ladies and men launch sucessful mainstream modeling careers. Business models like GDP and other less savory characters in the industry try and piggy back on their more respectable peers giving everyone a bad reputation, rightfully deserved or not.

    Forget about GDP for a moment. Why not address the underlying socioeconomic factors that bring these young people into the industry in the first place? Don’t get me wrong, EVERYONE should have the inherent right to do what ever they want to their body, but lets at least make damn sure its under their own power and not someones elses direction.

  18. Pornography is a cancer. Those that fund it and back it are part of what is known as a “secret combination”. One day soon, they will all be exposed for what they really are, and one day soon they will all be destroyed. I look forward to that day.

  19. I see my last comments were not posted, and these will not be posted either, but I will say it anyway. Pornography is a cancer and one day it along with all that back it will most certainly be destroyed. Laugh and mock. It will happen.

  20. The story details bear similarity to what has been written in a New York Times article from last year entitled, “22 Women Say They Were Exploited by Porn Producers”:


    The producers in question are the ones behind Girls Do Porn. Another article of note is the following, highlighting the same outfit:


    In the second link, we are told there were over a dozen women involved in a June of 2016 lawsuit. (I wonder what the verdict was, assuming the case went to trial?)

    There are certainly times when some women look upon themselves as victims and can exaggerate the tales of what has happened to them, as several commenters here have mocked. Yet there can never be an excuse for the ways in which the woman who has written what is above to have been terrorized, and to be coerced. (She may have agreed, but it is a prerogative for a woman to change her mind, when it comes to sex.)

    It is easy to believe how they can be lied to by the sleazebags in charge, as with the promise of the video never being distributed on the Internet (although even if released on DVD, these women were not bright enough to figure what is on a DVD could easily be put on the internet by others), and then there is the trauma of having been “outed” by the patrons who are obsessed, as the second link describes.

    The second link provided an additional story about the 2016 lawsuit:


    In the comments section, one of the affected girls provided her thoughts. An anonymous coward with the handle of “Lana Ednos” (Based on his Facebook page, apparently some punk kid from Germany into video games) berated her, ending with this third comment:

    “Melissa King i mean, by the time we talking here, i just saved all of your new facebook pictures, and made a copy of your friendslist. maybe i will send your good friends some links to your video. you are so smart melissa.”

    As we may see, the degree of evil is not only limited to the producers of some porn outfits.

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