Why AB332 Is A Lock To Pass

I got the following email that was send to several bigwigs at AHF.  You can bet your ass it’s gonna be used to pass it.  now I know you may all say he shouldn’t have done that, she shouldn’t have done that blah blah blah BUT the one key point in here that hits home like a beacon is this part:

“It all happened because I decided that the porn industry’s testing procedure would keep me safe, even though I was just what they call a “civilian”. They claim that the diseases that come into their business are contracted by people like me but it’s not true.”

My name Peter. First, I would like to commend you on your fight to bring mandatory condoms to the Porn Industry. I would like to tell you my story. I am a married man for over 10 years. About one year ago my wife and I decided to take a break and see other people. This trial separation lasted only two weeks but it forever changed my life. I have a friend who works in the porn industry and he told me, don’t worry, I will take care of you. He booked me a girl through an agency called The Luxury Companion. The girl’s name was A… C…..  My friend paid for her to spend the night with me. I picked her up and we went out to dinner. We had a great time and ended up at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. My friend had apparently bought me a full package with Ms. Take A Chance so I decided to use it. That night we had sex. She told me she was a pornstar and regularly tested so I figured it would be safe to have sex without protection. I know I was clean because I had been married for the past 10 years and only been with my wife and have had regular physicals where I have been tested for all STD’s. Long story short, we had a full night of unprotected sex and said our goodbyes in the morning. I never expected to even think about that night again for as long as I lived. A few weeks later my wife and I reconciled and went to therapy to improve our marriage. A few months later my wife started developing a rash in her pubic region. I took her to the doctor to find out she had been infected with Herpes and Syphilis. I got tested also to find out that I had the same diagnosis. Our family was devastated. It all happened because I decided that the porn industry’s testing procedure would keep me safe, even though I was just what they call a “civilian”. They claim that the diseases that come into their business are contracted by people like me but it’s not true. This girl ruined my family’s life. I came clean to my wife about what had happened and she left me.

Please feel free to use my story however you see fit and good luck with AB332. You have a lot more support than you think.



75260cookie-checkWhy AB332 Is A Lock To Pass

Why AB332 Is A Lock To Pass

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  1. It’s a great story, and one sure to be held up. However, what the guy fails to mention is “what was the wife doing” during the seperation? What if the wife was out slutting it up, fucking random guys in bars and maybe getting into a drunken gangbang or whatever? His assumption is the flow was pornstar –> him — > her where it might have been something else.

    Further, let’s make it clear: A girl who says “it’s okay, I am tested” but is also being a paid escort isn’t safe, no matter how you feel about it. The girl wasn’t tested before their encounter, and may have had any number of clients before him. Pardon my english, but anyone stupid enough to have unprotected sex with a working girl gets all they deserve.

    The story in the end is flaky and silly, but the perfect way to pass the law.

  2. Derek, you got some girls that look good but got diseases like truck stop lot lizards.
    The vote is going to go through and Julie Meadows is full of shit.

  3. Let’s see, A.C at LA direct…..hmmmm who could that be Richard373…?

  4. Yeah, to sleep with anyone who says, “I’m safe because I was tested
    might not be the smartest thing to do unless that person actually shows the test and it’s no more than 24hrs old.

    I’m starting to believe the only STD many pornstars/escorts fear is HIV. Everything else just seems par for the course.

  5. Well gone have guess who that Riccomarin is becuase when work as body gaurd I sign non disclosure agreements who was body gaurding in porn seen. Which happens alot when body gaurding people in porn. This what happens alot to those hire porn escorts that do not work for Nevada Brothels. It big reason porn industry well not be welcome in Nevada. Blame wife for leaving after he gave her STD real has do his fucktardness. I have had lap dances with porn stars but never had sex with them for this very reason. What sad this happens so many times that there gone be more these type storys shooting down any thing ever thing porn industry can say against type stuff. Julie Meadows try save the porn industry she know love but I think to late in game to do that. For all name call fuzzy porn industry facts there way to much
    evidence that porn industry done nothing police self from this type events other thing been accused of. With define attitude towards change what need be done fine self where is today AB332 ready pass in law. Say indusrty safe becuase you all say so not being able prove that with hard facts is very reason where you are at today on this issue. Othere deicide fact when FSC hire republican stop city La condom ordnance you pissed off alot Democrats who run state. So really suprise they vote against indusrty. The biggiest nail in coffen on issue ever time there was STD event in indusrty would claim it had adequate measure stop next event from ever happing well Mr fucktard prove that those measures where worthless words on papper that did stop untill 3 months after fact.

  6. Alex “take a” Chance? Damn she is a chubby! One. I would have been pissed at the guy from the porn industry.

  7. I think this is a fake letter fabricated by the AHF like the disgruntle ex employee of Porno Dan who sent a anonymous letter to the AHF. The bill might pass but not because of this. I call bullshit on this story. I feel bad for the girl you called out. You posting her name without any proof is kind of slanderous you think?

  8. slander |?sland?r|
    the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person’s reputation: he is suing the TV network for slander. Compare with libel.
    • a false and malicious spoken statement: I’ve had just about all I can stomach of your slanders.
    verb [ with obj. ]
    make false and damaging statements about (someone): they were accused of slandering the head of state.

  9. I get faked stories all the time. The deal with this one is it came with enough info for me to verify it including contact info for the author..

  10. @Mike I got ya. But this story stinks. This reads like one of those religious pamphlets. “It all happened because I decided that the porn industry’s testing procedure would keep me safe” COME ON MAN!

  11. “They claim that the diseases that come into their business are contracted by people like me but it’s not true.” What does that even mean?

  12. But Billy, doesn’t your buddy Porno Dan go around and “slander” people on mean Gene’s website in past articles?

    It seems to be his industry image.

  13. @RiccoMarin he’s no Buddy of mine, and I have not seen any articles where PD is slandering anyone. Mind you I have not been looking.

  14. Hey folks! This Sean Tompkins texts me on a regular basis trying to get my goat. He harrasses me and posts lies about me and others online. He is a complete piece of shit and I don’t understand why a ten year old schoolyard bully (the best he could be) is commenting here! Go back to lib where you belong, and stop texting me to harrass me, asshole! Hey, Mike, if you want proof, I’ll email you the texts, k?
    Go away, Sean Tomkins! Nobody likes you and they shouldn’t!!!

  15. Ventura County passes law requiring condoms in porn shoots

    guess attack dog Mark Kernes will have something to say about this

    –on the web

    from http://www.latimes.com – Unincorporated areas of Ventura County are joining other communities that require actors in porn films to wear condoms.

    The County Board of Supervisors passed an ordinance Tuesday that takes effect immediately, according to the Ventura County Star, which reported that no one spoke out against or in favor of the law. The supervisors spoke only briefly about it, the newspaper reported.

    The ordinance would be enforced by the county’s public health department, which would send inspectors to film locations.

    Ventura County’s unincorporated communities will join Simi Valley and Los Angeles County, which have similar laws. The state Legislature is considering a bill to require porn movie actors to wear condoms.

    The L.A. County condom law is raising 1st Amendment issues in a federal lawsuit.

    “The big issue is free speech,” said Leroy Smith, chief legal counsel for the Ventura County Board of Supervisors.

    If the L.A. County law is upheld by in federal court, it would strengthen the constitutional case for the Ventura County ordinance, Smith told the Star.

    Even if it is struck down, he said, it would probably reduce the need for an ordinance in Ventura County because pornographic film productions would probably just return to L.A. instead of seeking locales to shoot in neighboring counties.

    The Ventura County supervisors’ actions followed complaints about noise from porn film shoots in Newbury Park.

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