Top 10 List;

How to Tell That Tim Case is Leaving Porn & Going Back to His Country Roots


10. Tim Case has applied for farm subsidies; citing 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 birds, and “assorted rugrats.”

9. Tim has used Felicia Fox’s costume luggage to build a guest house.

8. Tim has begun referring to the back yard as “the back ¼ (acre)”

7. Tim spends most of his time herding cattle on-stage at the Flamingo Showclub.

6. Felicia isn’t the only one in the family in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant looking.

5. More of Felicia’s costumes are showing up on eBay.

4. Tim has convinced look-a-like Willie Nelson to do a concert named “Tim Aid.”

3. Tim has bronzed and donated his knee pads to the Stripper Hall of Fame. (No more picking up dollars)

2. Tim spends time at the feed store expounding that chickens and children should be raised free-range.


1. Now that his vasectomy is reversed, Tim’s been leering at the cattle, making them feel “uncomfortable.”  


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Top 10 List;

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