There are just no words ….

Someone sent this to us. All I can say is wow, just wow.

Guess it’s true what they say, a picture is worth a 1,000 words.


226270cookie-checkThere are just no words ….

There are just no words ….

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6 Responses

  1. I think the wrong picture was posted. I have this article displayed on a 32 inch monitor making the picture close to actual size. I can’t see any ringworm on her. Could someone please post the right picture so we can see for ourselves?

  2. OMG…..Danny Mountain was not even addressing Adriana Chechik in his public service announcement tweet at all. For sure the half cocked STD host who is so predisposed to popping off once again on the vast many, including but not limited August Aims BTW. Only this time outing herself. LMFAO
    Just for once the minions and likely suspects themselves commandos of hers remains silent. Wonder why ? maybe the public service announcement also resonated with them too.Just they played it smart and shut the fuck up and wait it out for the ointment to work on the ring worm patch huh ?

    #Dumb Ass

  3. Plus, he is British, Cunt is a pretty equal-opportunity “term of endearment” over there 🙂

  4. Chechik just needs to STFU. She runs her mouth and makes herself look like a gigantic fool. She should have said nothing. I’m pretty sure she’s illiterate.

    Mountain is making a valid point. He’s saying “if you know you have it and come to set…”. If you come to set with ringworm or anything contagious or that can spread, you are a cunt (which means asshole in England).

  5. Cosmo, we call women like those that spread ringworm on porn sets cunts (and stronger) in the States as well. If this is true Adriana is a cunt, a potlicker, a bitch, a cocksucker, an asshole, a whore and probably 20 other terms. There was also a rumor (from multiple sources) that she was having men over to her house for “pussy parties” where she (evidently) fucked a bunch of guys in one night for fun, caught gonorrhea, went to work and almost caused a VD epidemic in the industry as a result. Adriana also harassed Lana Rhodes and the late August Ames mercilessly (that is confirmed and not rumor). Assuming all of this is true, Adriana’s cunt needs to be closed for business and sewn shut — I don’t care if she is an A list performer and a money draw, I wouldn’t even hire her to mop up the squirt and splooge from the floors after a scene is done. Who the fuck else has she harassed without cause that we don’t know about?

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