The FSC Chose Poorly On Wednesday

I got this yesterday from Joe Camicia, A lobbyist in California, maybe the FSC should consider hiring him or something, assuming he would work for them.


Interesting hearing. As I mentioned Hall’s, office found a a couple of pro-condom actors/models to testify at the hearing. One was a young woman from Brazil that told a horror story about catching herpes in conjunction with glass dildo shattering in a very tender spot. As she was talking I could see Republican Jeff Gorrell was going to vote Yes on the bill. That did it for him.

There were about a dozen people outside the hearing room yesterday wearing big red and white “No on AB 332” buttons. Most looked like they had stepped out of a Tim Burton movie. The Republicans looked pretty well horrified when they caught sight of them. Nor did they have much in common with the Democrats. I’m not sure it was the best move to turn-out this group of anti-condom, Goth activists.

Hall and his Chief Of Staff Terry Schanz  obviously both think the bill sails through the Legislature but it’s not clear to me or them how the Governor will view this bill. He (Jerry Brown)  is insanely unpredictable. Hall has not talked to him about 332. If Duke were smart, she’d forget the rest of these hearings and focus her Board Of Directors (not yesterday’s  Goth activists) on the Governor’s Legislative Director Gareth Elliott.

Hall is well-liked Democrat and its hard to beat any Democrat’s bill up here these days. To do it you have to start early, stick to your message and work hard. Not clear the FSC has done any one of those three things. All I can figure is Diane Duke must be hamstrung by her Board Of Directors for some reason I don’t see. I thought this was a lucrative business? No? Duke’s had no impact at all with the scant tools she’s deployed.

Joe Camicia

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75000cookie-checkThe FSC Chose Poorly On Wednesday

The FSC Chose Poorly On Wednesday

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  1. Time and again the FSC has demonstrated that the only thing they know how to do is issue press releases to industry publications. When it comes to getting a message out to the general public, legislators, or whoever it may be outside the adult industry they don’t have a clue. They don’t even have enough sense to realize they have no clue and hire a PR firm that does. Once again I can sum up their efforts with one word, INEFFECTIVE.

  2. Do you think the people in the Porn industry are upset with us now?
    We mean business and they’re are five porn producers on my hit list.
    Who do you think they might be? based in Van Nuys and the Valley.

    (Note from Mike South. I did an Ip lookup on this poster and it is assigned to the City of Burbank so I followed up with a call to Assemblyman Isadore Hall’s office. I spoke with Mr. Terry Schanz, Assemblyman Hall’s Chief of Staff who told me that this comment was NOT made by Assemblyman Hall, therefor I would not consider this to be anything more than an imposter)

  3. The article mentions “a young woman from Brazil that told a horror story about catching herpes in conjunction with glass dildo shattering in a very tender spot.” The woman being referred to is probably Jessie Rogers. The thing is that this incident does not have anything to with a guy using or not using a condom. No where is it mentioned that a guy was wearing a glass dildo on his penis. She should have realized the obvious risk of using a glass dildo. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that glass can break if you are not careful enough. Just like in mainstream Hollywood, there are going to people who are less responsible then others. A hellicopter crashed and killed actors on the Twilight Zone movie set. When I worked at Blockbuster Video, Beatrice Ring (the Zombi 3 actress) was a customer. Beatrice told me that during the making of Zombi 3, she was choked for real and that birds were abused. I don’t think Lucio Fulci represented mainstream film directors in general. When it comes to porn, detractors will bring up extreme bad examples and act like it is the norm. Jessie Rogers is another example of a ex-porn actress who has bitten the hand that fed her. Long before Traci Lords, Andrea True criticized the x-rated industry after she became successful with her musical career.

  4. With AB 332 Opposition in Tatters, Is The Adult Industry Making Its Pitch for Las Vegas?

    –Gene Ross

    The Wagnerian music you heard coming out of Sacramento this week is the fat lady singing. AB 332 is going to pass, the question of whether it gets signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown is another thing. [Brown may have smoked dope in the Sixties, but it’s not politically smart for any politician to be on the side of porn.]

    Either way, the industry knows the handwriting’s on the wall, so it isn’t surprising to see a luncheon that’s been set up in Las Vegas for this Saturday, April 27th

    Julie Meadows, Diane Duke, Christian Mann and Marc Randazza are the panel, and their topic is “Individual Liberty and the Adult Entertainment Industry”. Which sounds like a polite way of saying the industry is making its pitch for the minds and hearts of Las Vegasians.

    Randazza, an attorney, has been very vocal in his support of an industry move to Sin City which isn’t surprising because Randazza’s practice is headquartered out of there.

  5. I personally think that it’s almost like they want to lose just so that the industry can move to Vegas. How do you just tell pornstars, directors, and crews, ok pack up we are moving to Vegas (no condom law)… you probably don’t or get a lot of resistance. If they ‘had’ to move to Vegas to keep their jobs that would be another story. The traffic is also a lot better then in CA. What a great way to get everyone to move to a tax free state when business can make more money. Maybe the adult companies can make up business costs lost to piracy by moving to a better business climate.

    AHF… ha! I would like to see them try to throw their weight around in Nevada. Ain’t going to happen. Between the Casinos, Miners, and the existing adult service industry – they’ve been there done that and aren’t pushovers like CA. The state political climate isn’t perfect, but it’s better than CA.

    Having the adult industry in Nevada make sense. Porn stars can dance on the side. Clubs are everywhere. It’s great for the Casinos. Tons of locations. Nearly tax free. CA is over the top and… unnecessary.

    Las Vegas the new home of the adult industry. Welcome to Nevada! We welcome you with open… legs.

  6. And the porn industry had some guy tell his sob story about his sick kid and how much of a burden it will be for him if porn goes out of town. Exactly what does that have to do with using condoms, and the thousands of stds that were documented by AIM.

  7. The Vegas idea will never last. Not because producers would get busted but because the culture is completely different over there and frankly not attractive for most talent…

    The Industry would just start using condoms and call it a day.

  8. Condoms don’t work. If you seriously think that a condom industry is appealing to porn viewers then, I really don’t know what to say.

    If Nevada is put into a position where the industry needs a new home the laws prevent that, they will cater to the industry by legalizing filming. Actually, I believe filming would have to become legal in Clark County – prostitution is legal outside of Clark County.

    Adult performers will go where the money pays the most. If adult production companies start moving to Nevada and that’s where the work is located then that’s where the talent will go. Business 101. I personally know over 20 software engineers who moved to SF because of the amount of tech companies located there. Not because they wanted to live in SF but because that is where the jobs are located.

    I agree with you that Nevada is different then CA. So is Miami and all the other places that adult productions are produced in the US. Adult stars are in Vegas every weekend. They are all over the place. It’s a great place to get more publicity then you would in CA where you are competing with other industries in the spotlight. Casinos embrace adult performers unlike many places in CA. It’s Sin City after all.

    Location shooting will only last so long. LF said he will start shooting in locations not in CA. That’s one way to avoid the condom law. But when the bills start adding up flying everyone to the new location, moving the company will be the smartest business option. In the business to make money, not porn.

    The adult production companies which take a view of “oh well, we lost, strap on the condom” will fail… and they know that. Name the most successful all condom based adult production company which ‘volunteers to have performers wear condoms’. Name the affiliate program which is the all condom affiliate… how many signups are they getting?

    AHF isn’t going to back down. The only State which wouldn’t be ‘stunned’ by the AHF is Nevada. Any other location it would be political suicide to go against the AHF. Nevada already has a thriving adult industry. Staying in CA is a doomed proposition IMHO.

  9. Harry Reid???? He is a US Senator, he has NOTHING to do with STATE politics. Sure, he is powerful, but has NOTHING to do with local STATE LAW. If anyone thinks otherwise, they are misguided. State legislators have their own agenda and often it doesn’t have anything to do with Harry Reid. Harry Reid knows his place and it isn’t in state politics.

    Black is WAY OFF when he is trying to associate any of his arguments with Reid.

    “Think abhout this- Harry Reid is taking the flunky, outcast disease spreaders of California and is wrapping his arms around them and bringing them to Nevada? Yeah, that looks good. Real fucking smart.” People already think that Las Vegas is full of hookers… so what’s the point? National opinion of Las Vegas is exactly that hookers, drugs, and gambling. Las Vegas and Nevada would sure look good if they made the adult industry a fine tuned money machine.

    Prostitution and pandering only apply to Clark County. The laws are different and regulated outside of Clark County. Nevada has very successfully ran legal prostitution in the state for a number of years. They have a pretty nice lobby and they would support the adult industry if it moved to the state.

    “He almost lost his seat to a radical Tea Party crazy fuck in Nevada. And this crazy broad, and I say broad because I disrespect her, she went after Harry Reid and said horrible things and basically almost ousted him but Harry Reid won. Harry Reid decided to put out a bill where he was going to let porn legally make movies there. But that Tea Party movement you don’t think they’re going to be up his ass?” Reid almost lost because of decisions he made on the NATIONAL LEVEL. If Reid was the man who brought tons of jobs into the state people wouldn’t care. The fact that the state was in one of the worst economic times is the ONLY reason he almost lost.

    “Black said it’s inconceivable that Reid would allow porn and HIV people and syphilis people into Nevada.” We considering the track record of adult industry testing, he wouldn’t be. Has Black visited Nevada recently? There are already those people there just like any other major metropolitan area in the United States.

    Nevada is in desperate need of MONEY. They are looking at various ways to get cash into the state. The educational system is broke. Having a cash cow industry set up shop in the state would be a welcome change from having to cut various programs.

    Unions? Really. Where are the Unions going to play a factor? Union Porn Stars? Union Strippers? The only area I can think that a Union would be involved is crews for film shoots and maybe staff at the film production companies. But considering that most companies probably hire freelance crews for various jobs, have mostly tech people running their sites and such; I really don’t see where unions would be up in arms about non-union jobs. Unions only care about major sector jobs in Nevada. They aren’t going to go after the adult industry. Very doubtful.

    People are also forgetting the biggest factor – Nevada hates CA. Anyway they can screw them over, they will. If Nevada can steal and industry and bring billions of dollars into the State, they will. The residents of Nevada are liberal minded people. I highly doubt anyone would be ‘surprised’ if the politicians welcomed the industry into the state. There would be no picketing… no yelling… no church protests… only cash for a state which is looking for additional revenue sources.

  10. REGULATED prostitution is legal outside in sanctioned regions–it does not automatically allow adult film production like Freeman does in CA. Don’t forget the hazard of potential obscenity prosecution. Some people say they have contacted various police departments and have received the go-ahead to film. Whatever. Caveat Emptor.

    NV isn’t a good place to engage in sex work. I don’t know how to explain it. The desert is sleazy, depressing and the majority of performers won’t go for all-out relocation at the current rates. Remember, performers want to be “stars” not lumped into the hooking culture that surrounds the casinos.

    As for your assertion that condom-porn intrinsically does not sell–I call it bull. Refrain from logical fallacies as just because no company is currently condom-only in the US doesn’t mean it’s unprofitable. Every studio is different and there are many aspects that can be controlled to maximize profitability.

    I honestly believe AB 332 is going to help the adult industry “bottom-out” as it would finally shift the focus back to content ownership and inventory. People are going to realize their bareback content from 8 years ago is actually still quite valuable. The tube sites will seem less lucrative.

  11. How about filming in Mexico? That is outside California and yet is close to Los Angeles county.

  12. Apart from the hassles of going across the border Mexico is just as good a place as NV to film but not to set up shop. Then again, it’s not advisable to film in a foreign countries were the laws are even more uncertain than in most US States, Caveat emptor iterum.

    And before someone mentions the Mann Act please show me the long lists of agents who were federally indicted for booking scenes for performers in different states/countries. The Mann Act is typically reserved for human traffickers and “real pimps”–not pornographers.

  13. Do you think the Fereales and the rest of the law abiding organizations in Mexico are just going to let the proners come in and do their thing. adult companies right now cant even afford to have Taco Bell lunch on a set, what makes you think they could afford the payoffs necessary to film in Mexico, let alone the physical danger youre life is in the moment you cross the border. AInt gonna happen on any large scale, if at all.

  14. I think police corruption works in the porn industry’s favor when it comes to Mexico. Cops can be paid to look the other way. I don’t think companies should move to Mexico. I’m just suggesting that the actual making of the movies be done in Mexico. There have been movies made in Brazil and Mexico is so much closer.

  15. Physical danger is hyperbolic…Several high profile studios have filmed in Cabo recently. It’s almost as cheap as going to NV but it’s a better climate with the sea-side scenery.

    The reality is that many studios will be forced to film outside CA but I suspect few will pack up and move.

  16. Reid: The Time Has Come To Outlaw Prostitution

    The Associated Press
    Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid, R-Nev., gestures during a news conference Tuesday on Capitol Hill in Washington.

    While addressing the Nevada State Legislature Nevada Senator Harry Reid discusses how to make Nevada competitive in a 21st Century economy.

    One idea tossed around, outlawing prostitution.

    “We should do everything we can to make sure the world holds Nevada in the same high regard you and I do. If we want to attract business to Nevada that puts people back to work, the time has come for us to outlaw prostitution,” says Reid.

    His reasoning behind the controversial suggestion is so Nevada can be known as the first place for innovation and investment-not as the place where prostitution is still legal.

    “When the nation thinks about Nevada, it should think about the world’s newest ideas and newest careers – not about its oldest profession,” says Reid.

    But those in the business today shot back at Reid today, saying his assertion that legal prostitution has is harming economic development in Nevada is “outrageous.”

    Dennis Hoff, owner of the Moonlight Bunny Ranch in Lyon County, said shutting down Nevada’s brothels would have its own negative impact on the small rural communities where they operate.

    A legal industry in Nevada since the middle of the 19th Century, all legal brothels are required to pay federal income tax and local fees. In 2005, brothel owners lobbied to be taxed more, but the legislature declined.

    George Flint with the Nevada Brothel Owner’s Association said in 2010 that for the last ten years, the association has volunteered and offered to pay some sort of state fee, much like the gaming and mining industries.

    Flint says at the height of the market, some 500,000 customers would come to legal brothels. Had the fee been imposed, some $2.5 million could have been raised that is much needed for the current budget shortfall.

    Retired state archivist Guy Rocha says this is the first time he can recall where Sen. Reid has ever taken such a stance on legalized prostitution in Nevada.

    As of 2009, prostitution is illegal under state law in Clark County and under county or municipal law in Washoe County, Carson City (an independent city), Douglas County, and Lincoln County. The other 12 Nevada counties permit licensed brothels in certain specified areas or cities, with the exception of Eureka County, which has no law on the books either permitting or prohibiting licensed brothels.

  17. It is true that Harry Reid does not have a specific role in state politics. At least not with regard to passing legislation in the state. But candidates like Sharon Engle, the Tea Party candidate Rob Black was referring to, come out of state politics.

    It is also true that Nevada has a developed prostitution industry. But remember, it is condom only and highly-regulated. That was Black’s larger point. Why would Nevada require sex workers in brothels to use condoms and be tested regularly and not require the same from the adult film industry? I don’t think the argument that, well, prostitutes have sex with the public but adult film workers only have sex with one another flies since adult film stars already put in stints at Nevada brothels. Move the California sex industry to Nevada, and don’t you think you’ll see more X-rated film stars putting in time at the brothels, having sex with civilians?

  18. When the adult film industry is COMPLETELY SHUT DOWN IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, the adult film companies will have nobody to blame except themselves! Oh, so many chances to step up to the plate and be legitimate but instead all they do is make absolutely everybody mad beyond belief! Diane Duke is a headache with absolutely no abilities except to further piss everybody off! And The attitude the adult film companies are displaying right now is beligerence combined with transparent lies, and like I already said, they will have nobody except themselves to blame when they are shut down entirely!

  19. In Nevada the prostitutes report to the brother where they are tested for stds. They are tested every week for gonnoreah and chlamydia, and once a month for HIV. They stay at the brothel as long as they are working. If they leave the brothel grounds they must be tested again before being alllowed to work, even if they leave for just a few minutes.
    IF, and thats a BIG IF. the industry thinks that Nevada is just goint to
    let them move in lock stock and barrel without institutuing some type of health regulations they are all as dumb as Dianne Duke. And if they think the APHSS system will pass muster in Nevada, well thats just about the funniest thing anyone could even think might happen.

  20. jilted, joe know, the general, Tim Tritch, it’s been an honor conversing with you over the years. I’m afraid porn is like weed and will grow in even the most oppressive of circumstances. I pray that we as a society moves away from pornography and lust as it is ruining our lives by promoting infidelity, emotional insecurity, disease, and even emotional and physical abuse.
    Lust is unquenchable. There is no amount of porn, sex, or praises and compliments from men or women that would ever be enough to satisfy.
    Sex workers are empowered by their jobs. There is real power in being sexually alluring (and real money too). But sex workers are also all victims–subject to all types of degradation (even if they can’t see it).
    Real power comes from asking for forgiveness and accepting the Living God into your heart. When you do so, you will feel the fire of the Holy Spirit enter and your desires will change. Sometimes slowly, sometimes immediately. You may not like it–your mind may think the changes are boring or uncool but if there are people out there who are desperate for a change they will be set free if they keep moving forward.
    The Power of God is a lot greater than being great in bed or indulging sexual pleasures. Through you, He would be able to do exceedingly great things that you don’t even think is possible. All one has to do is humble themselves and let the power of God given by speaking the Blood of Jesus Christ rule in your life. You will see the rewards.

    I’m done playing an armchair analyst on these forums/blogs. Take care everyone. I hope you all consider choosing love over lust. Take care.

  21. Hmmm… Mexico. I do like Tequila. But I don’t like getting shot at. With all the negative publicity surrounding Mexico it would be hard for the “new girl from the Idaho” to just show up in Mexico. It would be a lot easier to get a bus ticket to a destination in the US.

  22. Condom laws for brothels work. I agree there should be condom use in that niche industry. Adult films are different in a way. Making an adult film is protected as free speech.

    Why would Nevada require sex workers in brothels to use condoms and be tested regularly and not require the same from the adult film industry?

    Because of MONEY. The amount of money that the adult industry would bring into the state would get them the free pass. After all, the whole point of moving to the state would be to not use condoms. So, if using condoms would be a must, the industry probably wouldn’t move.

    Your throwing two different industries into one – adult films and brothels. I don’t think that’s fair. The are completely different. Sure they both have sex for money, but that’s the only comparison. It would be like saying making cars and making planes is the same thing. They both transport people. Last time I checked I could drive in my car with a knife.

  23. Well maybe it’s time the Nevada creates the new system for the adult world. They’ve done it for casinos. Casinos are popping up everywhere in the country mainly led by the model created in Nevada.

    There should be some kind of testing system that works. Diseases are and can become a problem. Having a working system that is done right might make the industry better as a whole. If the model works you will see more and more other areas adopting the model. This might be great for the nation.

  24. Loving God is a great thing! I agree. I think the CA legislator should NOT REQUIRE CONDOMS because using birth control is a SIN! Totally with you on this one.

  25. Well Jimmy here is issue a lot porn stars work paid escorts on side wich polite way say there paid hookers. Alot there custmer are not test for STD there not fucking same people in line work that have been test for STD. Have issue Jimmy that when porn stars leave are counrty do porn work there no requirement for STD testing in other counrtys which been disaster for industry. Beside as soon STD start happen in porn industry in Las Vegas they would kick indusrty out Las Vegas fast they could. Jimmy I remember crack down in Las Vegas on street protrusion strip clubs when HIV dease hit the world there.

  26. Jimmy: You make good points. And, certainly the adult industry keeps making the freedom of expression/First Amendment issue. However, there is a common denominator between brothel work and adult film work, which is the health and safety of the workers, and the safety of the public. Remember that in mainstream film, the sex and action are faked. In porn, that double anal with a double facial and swallow are real; when a gal squirts in the mouth of another gal or guy, the squirt – whatever it is – is a real bodily fluid.

    Porn likes to characterize performers as sexual athletes, but real athletes are required to wear protection.

    There is no First Amendment right to put the health and safety of your employees at preventable risk if there is a reasonable and forseeable way to keep them healthy. The First Amendment is not absolute – it comes with responsibility. An individual cannot yell fire in a crowded theater. A business cannot make claims that are untrue. A newspaper – or even you and me standing on the street corner – can’t tell lies about our neighbors. And, even when it comes to the creation of art, film producers cannot knowingly put their performers at risk. No camera rolls in Hollywood unless the production company in charge of the shoot can obtain liability insurance. No insurer will provide insurance if the producer is not managing a safe work environment – that includes even the most outrageous stunts. It’s the reason that many stars are not permitted to perform their own stunts even when they want to – paying off their salaries if they are injured is a huge financial liability that an insurer is unwilling to cover. If the same rules applied to porn that apply to mainstream television, theater or film, you’d have condoms, just like stunt men wear helmets and seatbelts.

    I will bet a year’s salary that if the First Amendment issue ever makes it to the Supreme Court, it will get shot down. Remember, in the crazy Miller case, the Supreme Court allowed communities to regulate and even outlaw the sale of pornography based on “community standards.” The Supreme Court is not the industry’s friend on this.

  27. I just read the lawsuit filed by Kayden Kross et al. What I find most interesting is that while it begins as a First Amendment lawsuit, the First Amendment is barely mentioned in the complaint. Moreover, they never really explain how the First Amendment is compromised. The complaint says that adult entertainment has been upheld as constitutionally protected speech. That ignores Miller, but whatever. How is the First Amendment compromised? The bill inhibits expression by requiring condoms during vaginal and anal sex. You can still have vaginal and anal sex wearing a condom, so, the only real First Amendment argument is: Yes, but I want to express unprotected sex in order to realize my vision. That’s the only real argument – as an artist, the vision I want to express is the joys of unprotected sex and I am inhibited by the use of condoms. That’s it. They also argue that the performers are consenting adults. But, again, by that argument, boxers could consent to fight without gloves while wearing nail-spiked brass knuckles and razor blades. However, the law doesn’t allow them to do that.

    Their second argument is that Los Angeles doesn’t have the right to require condoms. Only the state can do that. But, the state has already said that state laws require condoms.

    Their last argument is that the bill requires that porners get permits to film, that they display the permits and that people working on the set to get trained in the handling of blood-born pathogens. Hey, you have to get a permit to remodel your kitchen. I don’t get it. I may be a hassle to have someone take a class – my understanding is that just getting a porn performer to the set on time is a challenge – and it may impose start up costs, but you’re not requiring them to get bachelor’s degrees. Business are required to have employees trained all the time.

    I read the lawsuit and what it says to me is: Hey, we’re renegades and outlaws and we have a legal right to operate as renegades and outlaws.

    It seems pretty weak to me.

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