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After years of being in tv news, the bread and milk runs are due to the Atlanta weather folks 1993 royal screw up. In March 93, they were saying only a small snow flurry, and some light rain. It turned into 3 feet and days of people being stuck home. Since then the tv stations go into “Storm Alert!!!!” whenever it looks like a single snowflake may possibly fall somewhere in the southeast area.

Some of the weather guys actually got death threats from folks pissed off about being stuck at home. It was the only snow out of a NASCAR race ever. And that is why they go so full throttle on any type of weather.

And now you know the rest of the story.


“The trouble with TV news is when there is no news, we deliver it with the same emphasis as if there were.” ~ David Brinkley

I remember that…I believe it was called “Snow Jam” or some such…Anyhow it doesn’t explain what they DO with the milk and bread, I mean why milk and bread? And hey I guess every cloud has a silver lining….A NASCAR event cancelled, glory….If I want to watch people drive fast and idiotic in a circle I can put a lawn chair on the side of I-285 ( Atlanta’s Perimeter freeway)

6230cookie-checkRichard sends an answer…sort of:

Richard sends an answer…sort of:

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